How Computers Are Aiding Learning At Kampala Parents’ School

Kampala Parents School students in a classroom Kampala Parents School students in a classroom

In this digital era, schools are increasing deploying computers as tools to facilitate their students learning. And schools like Kampala Parents’ School have done this precisely and have seen the positive results it can yield.

The School’s computer - child ratio, estimated at 2-1, provides an opportunity for children to acquire independence and competence, which can be applied across the whole curriculum. The School’s Principal Daphne Kato explains that science activities in early grades of school are what lay groundwork for student’s learning.

“At Kampala Parents’ School, we believe that a good computing capability is an essential skill for life. Our aim is to develop, maintain and stimulate pupils’ curiosity, interest and enjoyment in Computing and to encourage pupils to have open, inquiring minds and to perceive Computing in the context of a wider body of knowledge.

“Our computer suite uses dual-boot computers so children can learn Windows. Children also learn how to best use the internet for learning, at the same time as keeping themselves safe. Our aim is to create digitally literate citizens as well as highly skilled users of technology,” the Principal said.

Daphne Kato explains that young children learn by being actively involved in the process, through exploring and experimenting, through copying and acting out.

Kampala Parents’ School believes that hands-on research through laboratory experimentation is the best way to introduce pupils to scientific inquiry- the process of asking questions and conducting experiments – as a way to understand the natural world, which is the foundation of science education.

While they advance the use of technology to deliver their education, the school has not withdrawn the traditional methods of teaching. The school’s emphasis on neat handwriting and reading are some of the basic skills they are deploying in classrooms.

“We help our pupils in writing improvement and ensure that they have lots of opportunities to read in lots of different contexts. We train the pupils to be proactive and fast thinkers so that they can handle this ever demanding and fast changing world.

With state of art learning facilities, your child has plenty of options to attain skills, ranging from computer and science lab. Our Admission are ongoing bring your child to register today.” Daphne Kato stated.

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