Bank Of Uganda Can’t Escape Scrutiny, Kadaga Tells M7

The speaker of parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga reportedly told President Yoweri Museveni that the Bank of Uganda cannot escape scrutiny from parliament and public because the Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises’s (Cosase) is carrying out delegated work of the House.

In an interview with Daily Monitor, the Speaker also wants opposition politicians who are up in arms with her for extending the chairmanship of Abdul Katuntu as chair of Cosase to ‘look at the work of Parliament as the work of the people of Uganda’.

“We are the ones who assigned them that work; in particular, the issue of the banks was a very difficult one because some of these people involved went to the President asking not to be investigated,” Kadaga narrates in the interview.

Adding: “I said, “you know your Excellency, this Bank of Uganda was established by Act of Parliament, they cannot escape scrutiny.” What Cosase is doing is to really better our banking regime.”

“I want to appeal to the members of the Opposition that it is just a few weeks. I want to appeal to them to put the interest of Uganda before the need to just change.

“Because now if we change, I don’t know if the new team will want to hear the evidence again, they want to re-open some of the inquiry, so do we allow them to start again, and have another six month on issues that were discussed? My strategy is let them report to the House and we can make the changes.”

Asked if extending Katuntu’s tenure at Cosase because of unfinished business won’t set a bad precedent, Kadaga said ‘no there are other committees that have got work but they segmented it and they had not started on it.’

“This is a special one because it has run over (met) different stake holders, now they are going to meet owners of the banks, you know, so how do you stop them from meeting the owners?

This work is for Uganda, it is not for NRM, not for FDC, it is not for the Opposition or anybody, it is for the people of Uganda, it is to improve our governance in this country.”

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