The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Side Of The Tugende Mukikade Concert 2018

The day and the moment for Afrigo Band’s highly publicized Tugende Mukikade Concert finally came on Saturday, 5th May 2018. By 6:30pm, everything was good to go and not even the entrance fee of UGX 100,000 and the VVIP UGX 300,000 could deter the oldies’ lovers from thronging the venue.

Uganda’s number one beer, Nile Special, had already set the bar high, by sponsoring the oldest music band in the land, alongside the legendary Chance Nalubega, Lord Fred Ssebata, Sam and Sophie Gombya. The lighting was up to the mark, the sounds were perfect and the day’s DJ Alberto didn’t disappoint.

The setting: To people who love and cherish the sweet old times, venues mean a lot and that is you will hear people in their evening years talking fondly about places like Suzanna, La Bella Bar and White Nile. Kampala Serena Hotel was the perfect choice for the Kikade Concert; convenient enough for the A-List to mix with the social climbers without the usual chaos associated with bivulus in Kampala. Security was well regulated the staff was on top of their game.

Emcees: It was a Kikadde concert that could have been pulled off by old timers who have been there, seen it and done it all. The nights emcees, Kyamagero and Flavia Namulindwa lost it with their jokes that weren’t relatable with the crowd.

Kyamagero started losing it once he started cracking jokes about Jack Pemba’s sex tapes, Fameica’s Kutama video and Geo Steady’s Owooma song to a crowd comprising of old timers like Prof Wavamunno, Justice Wambuzi, Justice Egonda. For heaven’s sake this was a Kikade concert that needed an emcee who was well conversant with the 80s and 90s.

This was a non partisan show and any sober organizer would have played it safe by steering away from politics and concentrated on entertainment. But the emcee spent too much time attacking the personality of the president, his dress code and decision to import Cubans, something that left many guests uncomfortable. More experienced emcees like Abbey Mukiibi or Meddy Nsereko could have done a better job.

Then came the auction nightmare: Chance Nalubega pulled off one of the greatest stunts and marketed her CDs and DVDs midway her powerful performance. She rode on her energy to sell and didn’t force anyone to buy. By the end of her performance, all her items had sold out, and the stage was now set for Afrigo Band.

Then came the emcees with their amateurism. In an attempt to auction Afrigo Band’s first Kikadde Concert portrait, Flavia and Kyamagero singled out Prof Wavamunno to say state his price for the portrait. Feeling a little embarrassed, Wavamunno hit back at the emcee and told him that he doesn’t speak at night.

That would have been enough signal to Kyamagero and Flavia that the old tycoon was not ready be part of the auction. But then emcees insisted that he had to say something, and that’s when the nonsensical Consul asked the emcees how they have managed to maintain their poverty.

He lashed out at them for attempting to squeeze money out people yet they had charged them highly to enter, and there was no need for auctioning because they had generated enough from gate collections.

Afrigo performing late: The idea of having dance interludes between performances was really great but it had a negative effect on time. Only Lord Fred Sebatta and Alice Nabatta seemed to be time conscious with their three songs and skits. Chance Nalubega, Sam and Sophie Gombya seemed like they never wanted to leave “the podium.” By the time the Afrigo Band hit the stage, it was past mid night and people were tired.









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