IGG Concludes Bagyenda Investigations

The office of Inspector General of Government (IGG) last sanctioned investigation into allegations of illicit accumulation of wealth by the former Bank of Uganda executive director, Justin bagyenda.

Many Ugandans have been waiting for the results of the investigation and now it looks the wait is soon coming to an end after the deputy inspector general of government, George Bamugemereire, said investigations are complete.

It remains when the findings will be made public or when. Bagyenda

In August last year, a ‘concerned’ Ugandan citizen, Dick Kimeze, through his lawyers Denis Nyombi & Co. Advocates, petitioned the IGG to investigate how Bagyenda accumulated her vast wealth. Bagyenda, it has been established owns an assortment of real estate property in plush Kampala suburbs.

Also, Denis Nyombi a lawyer from Denis Nyombi & Co. Advocates was quoted by the media saying he was privy to information that Bagyenda under declared her assets and liabilities to the IGG, contrary the Leadership Code Act, 2002.

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