Nakayiza Market: Feeding Uganda & Beyond

An aerial view of Nakayiza Market in Kisenyi An aerial view of Nakayiza Market in Kisenyi

Under normal circumstances, man has to eat food and drink water to survive and in cases of not accessing food, such a person falls sick, weakens and eventually dies. This makes food an important aspect in a man’s life. While it is easy for rural dwellers to access food as they have farms and gardens, people in urban centers have to rely on markets.

One such market is Nakayiza Market Kisenyi, an agro produce market, located at Kafumbe Mukasa Rd. The complex with over 600 shops is owned by Haruna Sentongo's real estate company called Haruna Enterprise.

Speaking to this news website in an exclusive interview, Isaac Newton, a property manager at Haruna enterprises said they specialized in farm and agro produce so that people who buy and sell farm produce could have a place they call home.

“Our tenants only deal in farm produce. They sell all types of food which they buy from different parts of the country,” Newton said. “Many of them have milling machines in Kisenyi where they process foods like maize and other flours.”

At Nakayiza, you can get rice, beans, soya, maize flour, millet and sorghum, cereals and other which they buy locally. Some food items are imported into the country. These are sold locally while some is shipped for export to other parts of the world.

Newton said some of the people who come to Nakayiza to buy farm produce include international humanitarian organization like UN, WFP and others. Others are large companies like schools, hospitals among others.

As a market, Nakayiza complex has enough toilets, constant water supply, electricity and standby generators, waste management, security, parking and commercial bank which save money for traders.  


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