Nakalema Starts Investigating IGG Mulyagonja’s Office

IGG Irene Mulyagonja IGG Irene Mulyagonja

The State House Anti-corruption unit under Col. Edith Nakalema has kicked off investigations into the office of the Inspector General of Government following a petition by a whistle blower saying the ombudsman’s office is a beehive of corruption and abuse of office.

The unnamed whistle blowers says IGG has instilled fear among workers while others hold office illegally. The whistle blower notes that Inspectorate of Government (IG) staff can't freely express themselves anymore hence the decision to petition Nakalema.

The whistleblower urges Nakalema to reign on Irene Mulyagonja’s office. And Lt. Col. Nakalema has heeded to the petitioners call and commenced investigations in Mulyagonja’s office and operations on Wednesday, April 11.

The not named petitioner says allegations of bribery among IG staff are real. “This is because the environment here at IG is that every man for himself,” the whistleblower said.

“Everything is wrong from the formation of the work plan for the budget to the procurement of service provider for construction of IG headquarters, to the training of staff, to handling complaints and also prosecution,” the whistleblower adds.

“Without mentioning names, some staff are currently receiving bribes of cases not registered from the accused persons, bribes going as high as Shs350, 000,000 per allegation. That is partly why the IG is not performing.”

“The Inspectorate of Government requires new leadership as soon as possible. The current leadership besides Mariam Wangadya, are already operating like they have left and do not care about the issues of the staff. We beg the president to force her resignation if possible,” the petition says.

During the 2018 State of the Nation Address, President Yoweri Museveni hit at IGG Mulyagonja’s office for failing to fight corruption and subsequently, named a new three man’s committee headed by James Tweheyo to handle corruption-related cases.

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