KISU Shares Christmas Gifts With Hope For Katanga Kids Project

Hope for Katanga Kids Project, a local non-government organization that strives to provide basic necessities, education, and family empowerment to underprivileged kids in and around Katanga slum, was hosted by Kampala International School Uganda (KISU) and received Christmas gifts.

“Today we were lucky enough to host the children from Hope4Katanga Kids Project, an NGO providing the basic necessities for street children in Kampala. Hope4Katanga Kids Project is our KISU CAS project,” KISU said on social media.

“Our year 5/6 children enjoyed playing and learning with the children today, as well as giving them filled shoeboxes as a way of sharing Christmas spirit with children less fortunate than themselves. It was a wonderful day and we were very proud of all of our children,” the school added.

Hope for Katanga Kids Project aims to assist, empower and educate the underprivileged youth in Katanga Slum. Located in one of Kampala’s most prominent slums, Hope for Katanga Kids Project sets out to give kids an alternative to the risks of growing up in a slum.

Hope for Katanga Kids Project is a multi-faceted organization that addresses many problems that face the youth in Katanga slum including education, diseases, sports, skills development, and crime prevention.

“Our goals are to empower the youth to overcome these obstacles and instill hope for a better tomorrow,” the organization says on their social media pages.

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