Developers Introduce Live Vote Polling And Tallying Software Ahead Of 2021 Elections

Brothers Intelligence LLC Chief Technology Officer  Kasaija Nuwagaba reveals that the App is built around artificial intelligence and deep machine learning. COURTESY PHOTO Brothers Intelligence LLC Chief Technology Officer Kasaija Nuwagaba reveals that the App is built around artificial intelligence and deep machine learning.

Data, research, media and business consulting firm Brothers Intelligence LLC has introduced the first-ever live-polling, tallying and reporting software in the country ahead of the 2021 General elections.

In an exclusive interview, Donald Wasake, the team leader of Brothers Intelligence LLC, reveals that the software will be a game-changer in Uganda's elections. As this E-polling Application will tally accurately, and report election results in real-time for the candidates.

“Various candidates and political parties will be able to track their results in real time as the tallying and summation of the final results happens from across all the country’s polling stations,” he said.  This should at the very least reduce incidences of vote rigging with an advance in technology, he added.

Whether it is at the constituency level for Members of Parliament, District level for District Chairmen and at the National level for the presidential elections, candidates using this software and platform will be able to get their results in real time, as they come in.

The application's lead developer and the firm’s Chief Technology Officer Kasaija Nuwagaba emphasized that this exclusive service built around artificial intelligence and deep machine learning will make election monitoring which has been complicated by the Covid-19 pandemic much easier as it can be done remotely and efficiently by all candidates in the election process.

 This service is designed for candidates, political parties and other entities that are looking at staying a step ahead in the final and most critical phase/third of the election which is the tallying, reporting and announcing of election results Nuwagaba added.

Using this state of the art technology, candidates standing will also be able to gauge their strength on the ground with real time polling done using the firm's data research expertise and foot soldiers on the ground.

Independent regular monthly opinion polls will also be done by the firm for various constituencies and levels to keep both candidates and the electorate updated too.

“Here various acceptable research methods of proper sampling, pre-testing and flexible research tools shall be used. These range from on-ground interviews targeted calls of voters, online survey questionnaires to the general public and psychographic analysis of the electorate done to weigh a candidate’s strength’s or weaknesses” Wasake says.

Based on this, a candidate can then be guided on where to improve and which weaknesses to deal with so as to increase their chances of winning the election.

However, in order to better prepare candidates and make them compete more favourably against their rivals in the forthcoming elections, the firm is offering a number of other exclusive campaign management services to candidates in their pursuit of victory.

Michael Kanaabi the firm's Senior Analyst in charge of the Political, media and digital desk says the firm has created a special campaign service which politicians can use to reach their electorates more effectively and affordably during these scientific campaigns.

“This service built on advanced artificial intelligence software includes access to contacts of voters in a candidate’s particular constituency, well mapped and targeted advertising focusing on the candidate’s constituency through various social media, customised voice and text messages all aimed at ensuring the candidate communicates directly and effectively with his electorate.

Other services that include strategy and message formulation in conjunction with the candidate’s campaign team to ensure all connects with the needs of the voters plus image management and adjustment of candidates to suit the preference of the voters.

High-quality branding and communication materials plus stakeholder engagement and media monitoring are also offered by the firm to ensure a candidate's chances of victory are almost certain Kanaabi concludes.

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