Victoria University Sets Up Modern Student’s Cafeteria

Acting Vice Chancellor Joseph Nyakana cuts the tape to launch Victoria Cafe at Victoria University COURTESY Acting Vice Chancellor Joseph Nyakana cuts the tape to launch Victoria Cafe at Victoria University

Students of Victoria University will no longer leave campus premises in search for restaurants to get food, snacks and drinks during meal breaks. The management of the Jinja Road based University gifted them with a modern well equipped cafeteria.

The cafeteria (called Victoria Café), which was officially launched last weekend at a glamorous event, was one of the demands tabled by students as a way of improving their social life at campus. The cafeteria was, according to Guild President Keith Mugabi, one of the pledges they made during elections.

“The cafeteria is an idea that has been going around for a very long time. The promoter (Rajiv Ruparelia of Ruparelia Group) promised to do this for us and he has finally fulfilled his promise. Now it is upon us to enjoy our time at the University. The environment is friendly, for reading, eating and interacting.” Mugabi said in an interview at the opening of the Café.

In his speech, Mugabi said that many more good things are coming to improve the social welfare of Victoria University students. He didn’t elaborate any details. Victoria University students have been eating in restaurants in the neighborhood. The Cafeteria will act as the Guild Canteen.

Joseph Nyakaana, the acting Vice Chancellor, while launching the Cafeteria, said the Cafeteria has been offered to the University as a tool for students to live a good life while at campus. He thanked the guild cabinet for engaging students in all aspects of life. He also thanks students for embracing the cafeteria, University staff and chefs for ensuring that the University has a confortable learning environment.

Patricia Nassozi, a Human Resource Management student, noted the café will save them time they have spending outside campus looking for food. “The Café will help us to keep time. Instead of going to different cafeterias around town looking for food, we will come here and get something to eat and go back to class.” She explained.


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