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CNOOC Bunyoro Amasaza Cup Kicks Off

By Busiinge George,

CNOOC Uganda Limited, an oil and gas exploration and production company, on Thursday unveiled a Shs100 million sponsorship of the CNOOC Amasaza Cup 2017. This marks 6 year of the company’s support towards the tournament which has attracted various counties in Bunyoro  Kitara Kingdom.

These counties include, Kagadi, Kakumiro, Kiryandongo, Buliisa, Hoima, Masindi and Kibaale.

The tournament was launched by His majesty King of Bunyoro Solomon Gafabusa Iguru and the Queen Mother Karunga Margret Adyeeri in Kakumiro County in Kakumiro district.

The football tournament aims at advancing the glory and culture of the Bunyoro Kitara kingdom through sports in the region.

CNOOC’s continued investment in the Amasaza Cup is part of the company’s corporate social responsibility and underlines its willingness to the development of vocational skills, education and talent through sports.

Speaking at the kick off, Aminah Bukenya, the public relations supervisor CNOOC Uganda Limited stated that this is the sixth time since CNOOC started sponsoring the Amasaza Cup in Bunyoro region.

BUkenya added that sponsoring the Bunyoro Amasaza Cup for the sixth year is a demonstration of CNOOC Uganda’s dedication to the growth of sports and development of talent in this region. This year the tourney has attracted 13 counties of Bunyoro region.

Emphasizing CNOOC Uganda’s dedication to various efforts , Bukenya noted that the company has supported the education and health sectors both in Hoima and the rest of the country.

Zakalia Lubega the CSR and Social Performance Manager at CNOOC Uganda Limited added that CNOOC Uganda Limited has dedicated its efforts and resources to the development of Bunyoro through an active CSR programme that supports Environment protection initiatives, education, Health, Sports and Talent development.

The King of Bunyoro, Solomon Gafabusa Iguru, expressed his gratitude towards the oil company’s continued commitment to his kingdom and invited his subjects to support CNOOC in its developments of the area.

The King proved that CNOOC is a very good neighbor to the people of Bunyoro Kitara and ‘supports the growing of our people through all major aspects such as education, health skills and talent development’.

CNOOC Uganda became a major player in Uganda’s oil and gas sector in February 2012 following the acquisition of significant interest in the exploration blocks in the Albertine region.

CNOOC is the operator of kingfisher oil field, which was awarded a production license in September 2013 .

Total Football League Kicks-off In Buliisa

By Businge George

The 2017 4th Edition of Total mini football league kicked-off Monday in Buliisa district with eight (8) football teams from Kigwera and Ngwedo sub-counties competing alongside Total E&P Uganda team comprising of staff and contractors.

The seven (7) participating teams were selected during qualifier matches organised by Buliisa district football association during the month of September that attracted more than 30 teams.

Total values football as a universal language, synonymous with socializing, enthusiasm and, of course, energy! It’s a universal sport that everyone gets excited about, whatever their social or cultural background. Football mirrors Total's deeply held values of collective performance, listening and promoting unity.

While flagging-off the 2017 Total-Buliisa mini football league in the presence of key Buliisa district local leaders like LC5 chairman, District Community Officer and District Education Officer at Ndandamire primary school playgrounds on Saturday November 4th, 2017, the RDC, Bisoborwa advised the youths to play a competitive but friendly game with discipline and avoidhurting themselves.

He thanked Total for introducing such league to identify and promote sporting talents among the youths of Buliisa district.

According to Chris Ocowun, the Total E&P Uganda Public Relations Officer, “Total E&P Uganda introduced this mini football league in 2014 with the hope of increasing its interaction with the local communities and authorities while promoting unity and healthy living among the young people.”

Ocowun said that Total E&P Uganda refurbished eight (8) football pitches located within Ngwedo and Kigwera sub counties in Buliisa district to promote games and sports.

The participating teams include; Masaka FC, Kisansya United FC, Ngwedo Town FC, Kilyango Super Shine FC, Kisomere Nile Hot Spa FC, Mukene FC and Total E&P Uganda FC. All the eight (8) teams and referees received full jerseys and two footballs each from Total E&P Uganda.

Ocowun stated that Total E&P Uganda extended a similar mini football league to Nwoya district benefiting eight local teams in Purongo and Got-Apwoyo sub counties.

The matches will all be played at Ndandamire primary schools play grounds and officiated by referees identified within the communities.

How Aerobics, Break Dance Will Help You Fight Diseases, Lose Weight

The need for any person to maintain a physically fit body cannot be over stated as it largely guarantees a health living. Experts say physical exercises strengthens the heart (heart muscle) and helps keep arteries and veins clear.

Experts further say that exercising strengthens the lungs, reduces blood sugar levels, controls weigh, prevents cancer, regulates pressure and strengthens bones. Exercising however comes in many forms and of the most effective is aerobics and break dance.

Aerobics, according to James Oketch, a professional trainer at The City Gym, helps you lose weight, get healthier arteries, a stronger heart, reduced risk of coronary heart disease, lower risk of chronic disease, improved mood and a sharper mind.

The City Gym, located on Kampala Boulevard building on Kampala road, offers all services one would require at such a health facility including aerobics. Aerobic exercise also known as cardio-exercise stimulates the heart rate and breathing by pumping oxygenated blood by the heart to deliver oxygen to working muscles.

According to its program, The City Gym has aerobics classes every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00am - 7: 00 am (morning classes) and Wednesday, Friday, Saturday from 7:00pm- 8:00pm. “Now that you are aware of all the reasons aerobic exercise should be part of your healthy lifestyle.” He advises. 

Relatedly, The City Gym is using break dance as an option to guide clients attain desired fitness levels. Break dancing is an athletic global and groove style of street dancing also known as b-boying commonly associated with hip hop music.

 “Break dance as part of your regular cardiovascular routine burns calories, builds muscle and aids in weight loss on top of being a fun and enjoyable experience.” The gym said on social media.

The gym with state of the art equipment imported from Europe, offers unique fitness programs for people of all ages and interests. It was designed for the busy professionals and City residents.

The gym offers programs like Boxing, Mix Martial Arts Training, Spin Classes, Spin Classes, Aerobics Classes, Aerobics, Zumba, Sauna and Yoga.

The City Gym believes that regular physical activity can improve your muscle strength and boost your endurance. “A regular exercise routine is one of the surest paths to a longer and healthier life. There's no better time to start than right now. The longer you put it off, the more excuses you'll come up with and the longer it will take you to see results.”

Dance fitness, which includes break dance, is a type of group exercise class that incorporates some or many forms of dance. It’s a full body aerobic workout, divided into different tracks that provide peaks and troughs of intensity. The overall intensity of a class varies depending on the style you’re doing.

Interpol Clears Socialite Jackson Pemba

Interpol in Kampala has issued a certificate of good conduct to Tanzanian born businessman Pemba Jackson Akim. Pemba has been reportedly been arrested by Uganda police on a couple of times. It now looks like he has no case to answer to the authorities.

 “This is to certify that according to the criminal records maintained in Uganda, Pemba Jackson Akim, holder of Passport Number 517521005 issued by the Government of the United Kingdom has never been convicted of any criminal offence or come to adverse police notice,” Nabirye Lukiya said in the police letter confirming the issuance of the certificate of good conduct.

The letter adds, “This information on this certificate is as of the date of the issue. The certificate is issued without any alterations or erasure and it is valid for six (6) months from the date of issue.” 

Phaneroo Speaks Out On Perpetrated Falsehoods

Phaneroo Ministries International, renowned for its unprecedented growth levels and how it has captured the hearts of Uganda’s young and even older generation has released an official statement setting the record straight.

It is the position of Phaneroo Ministries International that the allegations levelled against the ministry are untrue and based on rumours and misrepresentations. In its statement, the ministry says “We have parents who attend Phaneroo services with their children, ministers from various ministries, elders and honourable leaders of society. It is so absurd for one to regard all these beneficiaries as delusional to such an extent as to promote sin. Let it be known that it is intolerable to preach such nonsense in Uganda, a nation under God.”Here is the full statement.


Phaneroo Ministries has been continuously targeted through planned campaigns based on countless accusations that are lacking in proof, very deliberate falsehoods, and calculated misrepresentations. The architects of these campaigns are individuals that we greatly respected and honoured for their highly placed stations in the religious circles. Some of whom we tried to reach out to in the spirit of walking in love to sort these matters as Christians. To our dismay, they denied us audience.

Extremely underhanded and appallingly petty methods have been employed by these individuals and institutions in this crusade, some of which we are ashamed of mentioning and attributing to men that profess the Christian faith. These range from paying people to give false witness, to openly threatening the members who attend or serve invarious capacities of the ministry.  Some have gone ahead to make “Phaneroo” the topic sermon on their altars, and have defiled the consciences of innocent people on false and baseless accusations. Phaneroo is a taught topic in the confirmation classes of children as young as eight years, with examinations set to the same effect and they are daily being indoctrinated against us.

The legal implications of these methods aside, it is a sorry state for the church that the hearts of the men at its helm can be so full of spite. It is very saddening that Christians can be this diverted from the cause of Christ and the expansion of the kingdom of God and instead fight fellow brethren who are after the same cause.

We have testimonies ranging from countless souls being won to Christ in every meeting at Phaneroo, to young men and women forsaking all kinds of social vices like:- drug and substance abuse, promiscuity, criminality, etc, the list is endless . The ministry runs a weekly outreach initiative to prison convicts, and drug addicts for rehabilitation and restoration. It seems as though these are deliberately ignored by these individuals.

Some times we wonder whether they really are seeking for the truth or just wish to find Phaneroo at fault. This is because, if one sought to know the truth, there are clear-cut biblical parameters and principles of natural justice to follow rather than gossip and slander. 

This character assassination, maligning and reputational damage has been done throughthe writing of widely distributed anti-Phaneroo circulars, social media attacks, holding anti-Phaneroo conferences, sponsoring books and DVD teachings solely against the ministry.

The spirit of this publication is to set the record straight, because we owe an accountability to those who hear us, their family members and to the moral conscience of our society.

Our initial silence was not out of passive acceptance of these allegations or powerlessness. Rather, it was out of respect for our accusers and the maturity to walk in love. However, when they choose to feed on our silence in order to obliterate the fire that burns on our altar, it behoves us to speak out for the sake of the many that light their candles at its flames. 

Principles of Christian Restoration

It is painful to realise that these highly respected men and women have completely disregarded the basic tenets of the scriptures with regard to these matters. We wonder how one would justify “fighting for the faith”, while grossly disregarding the basic principles of biblical teaching on the same. 

Tenet 1: Does the law judge a man it has not heard?

Phaneroo services are live streamed across the world, its mobile application is a tap away, daily devotionals are sent, radio programs are aired weekly, sermons are available in all formats, and we have a clear statement of faith on our website. Up till this moment, we still await a particular reference from any of the sources mentioned and no one has come out to quote a contradiction.

Accusations from many critics reveal for a fact that they have never listened to any of the Phaneroo teachings. It is a classic case of hearsay. ‘We hear that they say.’ This prompts the question, ‘who is they?’ Most accusations are of statements deliberately TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT to fulfil a nefarious agenda.

Tenet 2:  Galatians 6:1; Brethren if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual restore such a one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself lest thou also be tempted.

There is no single evidence of the desire to restore in this massive campaign. If you want to restore a man, why would you expose him on social media which has too wide an audience, many of whom might not have the wisdom to understand matters pertaining to spiritual restoration?

Tenet 3: Titus 3:10; A man that is an heretic, after the first and second admonition reject.

Apostle Grace Lubega has never been approached to be admonished despite his willingness to listen and his persistent open invitations to these individuals for productive dialogue.

Our Position

WE DO NOT EXALT OURSELVES ABOVE THE ALMIGHTY GOD. Yes the scriptures teach that we are partakers of the divine nature (2 Peter 1:4), but that does not in any way mean that we stand in the stead of Jehovah God. We would not be worshipping him if we didn’t extol his majesty.


 It extremely offends our intelligence to think that one can gather thousands of learned and educated men, old and young, to teach them that it is perfectly fine to kill, steal or fornicate because they are under grace. No one born of God can accept that as truth. We have parents who attend Phaneroo services with their children, ministers from various ministries, elders and honourable leaders of society. It is so absurd for one to regard all these beneficiaries as delusional to such an extent as to promote sin.Let it be known that it is intolerable to preach such nonsense in Uganda, a nation under God. Like Apostle Grace Lubega pointed out in his sermon titled “A rock higher than I”, if such a thing was ever preached in Uganda, Phaneroo would preach against it.

WE DO NOT TEACH MEN TO ABANDON MEDICATION. God is a healer. But doctors are an extension of his healing arm. Our faith is not against science and medicine. Faith is a personal issue, that is between one and their God. Our declaration of the healing power of God does not mean that we preach against medicine.

WE DO NOT TELL STUDENTS TO WRITE EXAMINATIONS IN TONGUES. Not only is this extremely foolish, it is also irrational that a right thinking individual would write an exam in a spiritual language that cannot be logically reduced into the English alphabet.


It is not our intention to approve or explain ourselves to those who don’t know the price of the gospel, are made up to misunderstand us and do not hear God in these matters. We fully understand the patterns of divine approval and that they are by God and not men (2 Timothy 2:15).

We wrote for the sake of those with the integrity of spirit to judge out of truth and not mere rumour.

We choose to forgive and make earnest prayers for the restitution of those who have wronged us, and pledge to keep doing what God called us to do, preach Christ and him crucified.

Our hearts also go out to the people that have been ostracized, ill-treated, and abusedbecause of their affiliation with us. God knows our hearts, he reflects on these injustices and He will vindicate us. We will wait on Him!!!

The storms of contention will continue to rage across the sands of time but we believe our FOOTPRINTS OF TRUTH remain etched permanently in these sands. We are persuaded that we have overcome this world, the Lord of Hosts abides faithful.

From ages past THE PEN OF TRUTH has outlived its persecutors. It shall prevail eternally.

Public Relations Office, Phaneroo Ministries International, www.phaneroo.org


PHOTOS: When KISU Celebrated Cultural Diversity

Kampala International School Uganda (KISU) in Bukoto wound up their second term on the high when students celebrated the school’s international culture day. The international school is home to students from 55 nationalities; bringing together different cultures. The school director Steve Lang said learners at the school see the cultural diversity as a positive way to learn about other different parts of the world.

“If you can around say at play time or lunch time you will very commonly see different friendship group made of kids from different continents. We are completely color blind and completely inclusive about each other’s cultures,” Lang said in an interview as students mingled and tasted food prepared by their peers from places not their own.

Lang said 12 percent of the student’s body is Ugandan and the 82 percent comes from the rest of the world. “To us it is a source of great joy and richness. We are enriched by these cultures and we learn about each other.” We bring pictures captured as students celebrated international culture day at KISU.


China was well represented 

Kenya has a good presence at KISU
Sweden too was in presence and it was felt
The School Director Steve Lang addressing the congregation at the international culture day
Revelers prousdly having a good time
The ever smiling Koreans
Many students turned up with parents and guardians to celebrate their nationalities
KISU is home to learners from close to 60 nationalities
Many young learners get to learn about other cultures at KISU
Students got to taste food and drinks from other cultures
It was a fun busy day
The learners has a good interactive day
It was also a sporty day









Motorists Get Maintenance Tips At Shell Rimula Car Clinic

Over the weekend, Shell Rimula Oil completed its first Car Clinic event at Legends sports grounds. The exercise which is meant to help motorists improve on how they care for their cars is part of the Vivo Energy Uganda sponsorship of Legends- based Rhinos Rugby Club. 

At the event, Shell Fuels Ambassador and seasoned engineer Paul Kaganzi was on hand to inspect and advise motorists on how to take better care of their cars in order to increase their performance and durability on the road. Kaganzi noted that motorists don’t give much attention to their cars these days yet vehicles would last longer if they are taken care of. 

The shell Rimula sponsorship is part of Shell Rimula oils strategy to engage its customers around power, endurance and strength which is it value proposition for diesel engines. The sponsorship which started in 2016 will go all the way into the 2018/2019 season.

Kampala Parents Thrills Primary Seven Leavers With Party

Primary seven is a key cornerstone for every individual going through the education and curriculum system of Uganda. Therefore completing the seven years of primary is a major achievement that is widely celebrated. Even though the last year of primary comes with a lot of pressure, it throws into a fresh and higher level of education.

Some of the pupils who completed primary seven

Recently primary seven candidates wound up writing their Primary Leavers Examinations across the country. And at Kampala Parents School in Naguru, the achievement was celebrated at a party held at the school premises. Pupils who upon passing the exams will join secondary education were treated to a sumptuous meal, drinks and great music as they parties with friends and school administrators.

Best friends forever – friendship is emphasized at Kampala Parents School

“We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed parents and Kampala Parents School Pupils who participated in the Primary seven leavers party which took place on 10th December at the school premises.

The event was so colorful with plenty of activities including face painting, bouncing castle, lots of drinks and bites, dancing and entertainment from our own old boy Bebe Cool. It was a moment of joy, laughter and creating life long memories with parents, teachers and fellow pupils.

The outgoing pupils were served a sumptuous meal

It has been a great experience watching our pupils grow and as they go out in the world we encourage them to keep in mind everything we have taught them at Kampala Parents School ranging from their virtues and hard work. We also wish them success in their exams and believe that they will make us proud by better citizens.” The school said in a statement.

The Schoo Principal Ms Kato

Kampala parents’ school is on international level but follows a local curriculum. It’s situated along lugogo by pass and has an enrolment of over 3000 pupils with 130 well trained teachers and over 150 non-teaching staff members. The pupils come from all over the world.
The school has been and will continue to be an academic hub of Uganda because of the balanced curriculum offered.

Class time provides an opportunity for pupils to learn from teachers

The school mission is “to facilitate first-class education and civilization to children with and from outside Uganda with the hope that there will be a better world community tomorrow.” The academic performance is to the required standard and this is because of the well-trained staff members who are talented in handling pupils. Discipline is a vital element in grooming pupils


Kampala International School Uganda Ends 2016 On The High

The year 2016 has been a year full of action in almost all sectors in Uganda. The education sector has had its highs and lows but Uganda’s leading international school, Kampala International School Uganda, stood out, registering numerous achievements and milestones on the classwork side and social scene.

The Bukoto based school owned by the Ruparelia Group kicked of the year on the high and managed to climax the year in the same manner. This month, December, in particular has been action packed. The school at the start of December organized the teacher’s appreciation lunch by KISU Parent Teacher Association.

The school also organized a fun fill Crazy Dress Up Day at the school premises. The event brought out the best of students creativity. The exciting event was also graced by parents and school well wishers. In the same spirit the school introduced the LEGO Education Innovation Studio. The LEGO Education Innovation Studio was officially opened by HRH Sylvia Nagginda, the Queen of Buganda.

KISU Director Steve Lang welcomed Her Royal Highness to the special occasion and took the opportunity to thank Dr Sudhir Ruparelia for his financial support in setting up the LEGO Studio for educating today’s children for tomorrow’s world. The function was attended by Rajiv Ruparelia, Board members, Parent Teacher Representatives and KISU students who demonstrated various LEGO activities.

December saw term one come to a successful end. The school administration described term one as ‘a long and demanding term’ but ‘pleased with the progress we have made as a school and even more so to see that it is being recognized by others.’

‘In our recent parent survey there was a clear consensus that KISU is now the best international school in Kampala (up from 2nd last year) and a record proportion of year 11 students have indicated that they intended to remain with us next year for the IB Diploma studies. Thank you all for your support and encouragement and have a wonderful festive season with your friends and loved ones.

Like they say, work without play makes jack a dull boy, the school organized a Primary Music Concert where Primary students showcased incredible musical skills & passion, many of them for the first time.


MTN Launches New Mobile Gaming Platform

MTN Uganda Friday launched a new gaming platform named MTN Game+, offering great fun and excitement to customers accessible on Android and Feature phones. MTN Game+ is a result of a partnership between MTN and Huawei. Customers can access the MTN Game+ either through a portal or via a mobile app that they can download from games.mtn.co.ug.

“Mobile Content is the cornerstone of the efforts by MTN to digitize the customers’ lifestyle. We are delighted to launch a platform that will not only enhance the experience of our smartphone customers, but also offer the same content to customers with the entry-level phones as well,” said MTN’s Chief Marketing Officer Mapula Bodibe.

“MTN Game+ is specifically designed to offer gaming options across various categories including sports, action and strategy. It is our hope that customers will find the games exciting as we continue to enable them to do more with their mobile phones,” she explained.

She also revealed that MTN will host a gaming tournament for customers on 17th December at MTN offices on Jinja Road (former BAT). “Next week on Saturday, we are going to host a gaming tournament, and we are looking forward to offering more excitement to our customers, with a lot of prizes to be won,” concluded.

Games on the MTN Game+ platforms are available to customers through daily, weekly or monthly subscription packages. When a customer subscribes to the service, they can download as many games as they want.

MTN does not charge customers for the data used while browsing the portal for the customer as they try to make a choice of game to download. Similarly, downloading games is free during the subscription period. This means there are no data charges for downloading games while the customer is subscribed to MTN Game+.

While games are only available to the customer while their subscription is valid, customers can alternatively opt for outright purchase of the preferred game. Currently, there are three subscription packages; the Daily at UGX 270, Weekly at UGX 1100 and Monthlyat UGX 3200/=. Payments for MTN Game+ are currently made using airtime.


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