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Rajiv Celebrates Birthday Skiing In Rocky Colorado Mountains

Young businessman and heir to the Ruparelia Group business empire celebrated his 30th birthday in the Rocky Mountains on Colorado, the United States of America on 2nd January.

Rajiv was in the company of some of his family members like his father Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia, wife Naiya, sister Sheena and hubby Jay Sankaria, sister Meera and husband Kotecha, one-year-old niece Arie and other friends.

The Ruparelia family, running a business empire of close to $2bn jetted out of the country late December to holiday during the festive season. They stationed at Aspen, in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, which is a ski resort town and a destination for outdoor recreation.

From the pictures shared on their social media pages, it was a great recreational trip for the Ruparelia family. While Rajiv and his wife took to skiing, Dr. Ruparelia took time off to enjoy the company of granddaughter Arie.

KISU Shares Christmas Gifts With Hope For Katanga Kids Project

Hope for Katanga Kids Project, a local non-government organization that strives to provide basic necessities, education, and family empowerment to underprivileged kids in and around Katanga slum, was hosted by Kampala International School Uganda (KISU) and received Christmas gifts.

“Today we were lucky enough to host the children from Hope4Katanga Kids Project, an NGO providing the basic necessities for street children in Kampala. Hope4Katanga Kids Project is our KISU CAS project,” KISU said on social media.

“Our year 5/6 children enjoyed playing and learning with the children today, as well as giving them filled shoeboxes as a way of sharing Christmas spirit with children less fortunate than themselves. It was a wonderful day and we were very proud of all of our children,” the school added.

Hope for Katanga Kids Project aims to assist, empower and educate the underprivileged youth in Katanga Slum. Located in one of Kampala’s most prominent slums, Hope for Katanga Kids Project sets out to give kids an alternative to the risks of growing up in a slum.

Hope for Katanga Kids Project is a multi-faceted organization that addresses many problems that face the youth in Katanga slum including education, diseases, sports, skills development, and crime prevention.

“Our goals are to empower the youth to overcome these obstacles and instill hope for a better tomorrow,” the organization says on their social media pages.

Ruparelia Foundation Set To Award Scholarship To Felista Di Superstar

Another junior rapper is set to benefit from Ruparelia Foundation’s generosity after seven-year-old female rapper Felista Di Superstar aka The Boss Kid was spotted by the foundation’s director Rajiv Ruparelia.

Once the formal modalities like paperwork are complete, Felista Di Superstar will join another young rapper Fresh Kid at Kampala Parents School, a school owned by Ruparelia Group.

“They promised us and asked to go back in January to sort it out. It will be a victory for her,” Felista’s father Nyanzi Michael Kasibante told NBS’s Uncut program.

“I keep telling her that while her talent is important, she should back it up with education. We thank Ruparelia Foundation and management of Kampala Parents School for giving us this opportunity,” he added.

Rajiv spotted Felista while performing at the Kampala Kids Run, an event that Kampala Parents School sponsored and after an impressive performance, she was invited to perform at a kids' Christmas party which was organized by Ruparelia Foundation at Kampala Parents School this month. 

Rajiv Assures Fans, He Is Ready To Win 2020 National Rally Championship

The National Rally Championship (NRC) has ended 2019 in a contentious manner but some racers are already eying winning 2020 season.

Motorsport is an audacious, demanding and costly sport but for Rajiv Ruparelia, going by the results in his debut year, it looks like light work.

Not that he has not put in money, training and hard work, but because he tends to supersede his ambitions. Maybe he is lucky.

Speaking to NTV Uganda in an exclusive interview, the racer has set his eyes on winning bigger things especially the National Rally Championship on his first attempt, next year - 2020.

Rajiv Ruparelia might be a novice in the motor rally fraternity but he is surely one to look out for if the results in his first past appearances are to go by, NTV Uganda wrote about him.

Equipped with a strong VW Polo Proto, Rajiv Ruparelia Rally Team is flying high and in an interview with NTV Weekend Sport the son of Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia says he is up for the challenge.

“My next target is to go for the NRC championship. If I do get the NRC, my next step is to go straight to the IRC,” Rajiv told the TV crew, adding; “They have to be ready (competitors) for me because I am coming hard. I will let my performance speak,”

Asked where he gets his interest in sport, Rajiv said he has always been ‘a sportsman all my life,’ “I get that from my father, my mother played golf, badminton and other sports. But I get it all from my father who introduced me to all sorts of sport,” he said.

And having debuted in the motorsport sport in May this year, Rajiv describes the past months as ‘an exciting season overall.’ “I have thrown my results in their faces. They can take it straight if they want.” he bragged.


#KampalaCocktailWeek: La Cabana Restaurant Offering Fruity Cocktails

La Cabana Restaurant, located at Speke Apartments on Wampewo Avenue, has chosen a fruity theme during the ongoing 4th edition of Kampala Cocktail Week. This year's Kampala Cocktail Week kicked of 27th November and is expected to end on 7th December 2019.

And for ten days, revelers have tasted, enjoying and voting for their signature cocktails from over 30 participating bars.

And to have an edge over others, La Cabana has gone cocktails that have fruit ingredients.

Ugandan Mule

An original twist of The Mule penetrates all the regions of Uganda, made with Uganda Waragi Pineapple, Smirnoff Vodka and a hint of ginger.

Stolen Fruit

Secret Ugandan fruit pressed with refreshing rosemary and lime shaken with with Uganda Waragi Premium and Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Rum.

Naughty Passion

Fresh passion fruit & mint pressed with sugar shaken with Uganda Waragi Premium and Johnnie Walker Red Label


Hard Working Rajiv Living His Rally Dream Persistently

When Rajiv Ruparelia revealed that he would be joining the motorsport fraternity as a racer in April this year, little was known that this dream was nurtured from infancy through to the teen years when he was joining the university.  

In a Facebook post on 2nd December 2008 to his uncle Dipu Devesh Ruparelia, Rajiv's passion to sit in the cockpit, behind the steering wheel racing is evident as he begs the good old uncle to talk to his father Sudhir Ruparelia to let him join motorsport.

"Yeah, well I wanna do it but my dad ain't letting me. I think after university, I’m gonna take it up. But for sure, talk to my dad. I am sure with the right amount of training, I will be able to do it. And don't worry, the Ruparelias are always the best,” he posted on his Dipu's social page back in the day.

While the older Ruparelias didn’t grant Rajiv his wish at the time, he was able to go through university to earn a business degree. His father fast-tracked him into the family business to rise to the rank of managing director of Ruparelia Group.

And now that Rajiv has stabilized into the stewardess position of the Ruparelia Group, he resurrected his motorsport dream and enrolled at prestigious South Africa’s RallyStar Motorsport Academy under the watch and mentorship of director Leon Botha to get the right training and skills to be able to compete in Uganda.

“In contrast with some students, where one is slightly hesitant to issue an unconditional recommendation-based on talent and application thereof, I have no hesitation in stating that Rajiv has been the best experience I have had or shall I say enjoyed, from an inexperienced rally driver,” Botha said of Rajiv's abilities inside a rally car.

Upon graduation from the South African academy, Rajiv in the month of May bought a rally car, a Volkwagen Polo Proto, which he unveiled to his fans at a pompous party which was held at Speke Hotel’s Rock Bar.

The rally experience at Rock Bar was attended by the most influential people in the motorsport world including officials from various motorsport clubs. Speaking at the event, many of them welcomed and wished Rajiv Ruparelia Rally Team the best and offered to help him acclimatize into the sport.

“Rajiv, we welcome you into this sport. You are the new kid on the block. The good thing is you have come with a good car,” one official said. “We ask that you inject in more money into your adventure as this is a sport that requires money,” he added.

Rajiv promised to give his best explaining that Rajiv Ruparelia Rally Team is a brand that is not just about rallying but also supporting the community. His fans nicknamed his rally car Double Trouble.

Rajiv and his Rajiv Ruparelia Rally Team would test competition at Enduro Autocross Championship 2019 that took place at Zion Estate, Ssisa. Rajiv showed steeliness, resolve and intent to finish second behind experienced Ronald Ssebuguzi.

Rajiv pulled off a stunner when he won the FMU Autocross Championship 2019 in Kayunga ahead of the experienced Lwakataka who came in second place, Ronald Sebuguzi in third while Arthur Blick Jr settled for fourth.

Rajiv didn't let success in his maiden two races get into his head but rather he chose to tread carefully as he integrated into the motor rallying fraternity of Uganda. He said he was still learning from experienced drivers.

In August, he made his Pearl of Africa Rally Championship in Busiika and Kayunga where he exceptionally performed well. Because of this continued good performance, Rajiv was recognized at the India Day with the Indian Achievers’ Award 2019 for the Upcoming Sports Personality award.

From his maiden appearance at Enduro in Ssisa, Rajiv has won rally race after rally race something that has qualified him from the beginners' Clubman Championship to be able to race in the senior side events like National Rally Championship next year.

He is taking off time from the races tracks and through Victoria University, Rajiv is helping motorsport to professionalize and improve on matters of safety. In October, Victoria University offered free first aid training to motorsports rally drivers and co-drivers from different clubs in the country.

It was a mix of theory and hands-on skills training conducted in the well and fully equipped nursing skills laboratory of Victoria University.

Over 40 participants from different Uganda motorsports rally clubs, students and staff of various universities attended the one-day training facilitated by Dr. Kevin Nwanna, the Dean of Health Science faculty.

He one time told the press that he is the sport to feed his strong passion for motorsport. But it looks like he is not feeding alone. He is sharing with the motorsport fraternity.

Commenting on how far he has come to live this dream, Rajiv said: "When they tell you your dreams can’t come true look them in the face and laugh. Tell them that just because their vision doesn’t see your dreams doesn’t mean they aren’t achievable. Believe in yourself and see what persistency and hard work does for you,"

Rajiv has been persistent, has worked hard, and now we are going to be watching, cheering him next as he competes with the big boys, in the National Rally Championship and God knows which other events. 

Why You Should Participate In Ruparelia Foundation Christmas Toy Drive

This festive season, the Ruparelia Foundation has organized what they have called Christmas Toy Drive to collect toys for the less fortunate children in orphanages and hospitals. The foundation will also organize a Christmas party for the kids on 15th December.

"Play is a cherished part of childhood and in the spirit of Christmas, we are collecting your unneeded, unused and repaired toys for the less fortunate children. Drop the toys in the Ruparelia Foundation bin at our reception or please call 0702711271 for more information on how you can participate," Ruparelia Foundation said in a statement.

Adding: “A kid's childhood isn't complete without playing with their favorite toys, give the gift of joy this Christmas by joining the Ruparelia Foundation Toy Drive.”

According to Ruparelia Foundation children having toys in their lives helps better a child's behavior, promotes social skills, promotes physical development, boosts a child's mental skills and boosts the child's emotion.

The Ruparelia Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Ruparelia Group, the conglomerate owned by businessman Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia. It has supported charitable causes in different parts of Uganda and disciplines like Education, Community Support, Health, Sports, Startup, Wildlife & Environment.

Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia established Ruparelia Foundation in 2012 with a vision to create a positive and transformative change in the community and on a simple belief that society can achieve a lot by working together.

“We support a number of social wellbeing initiatives through direct involvement of volunteers and through donations to selected causes. Through such activities, we feel a sense of belonging and social inclusion. We believe a connected person is a supported person in society," the foundation says on their website. 

Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort Returns With Christmas Kids Camp

For many parents, there is no better time to bond with their children than during the long third term school holiday. The long holiday which usually starts late November to early February coincides with the festive season.

The school break and the festive season gives creative parents plenty of option to spend time with their off springs and rejuvenate their relationships. They are plenty of activities that parents can indulge their children for not only the family bonding but also the children’s personal growth.

And this festive season, Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort together with Guido’s Kids Club are hosting kids at their annual Christmas Camp starting on 15th December 2019 to 6th January 2020 at the hotel in Munyonyo. The camp comes with different daily activities to stimulate the children’s social life.

The activities of the day will include free play on play structure table games, basketball or volleyball, in the morning before they enjoy a snack for breakfast, football, free play in swimming pool area under supervision and lunch is served at 12:30pm. In the afternoon kids get to enjoy table games, music, dance, reading, drawing, craft and French club, swimming classes and free play before the days ends at 4:30pm.

For a daily fee of Shs60, 000 including lunch for kids between 2 years and 12 years, the Camp gives children an opportunity to interact and make friends with other children which can boost their interpersonal social life growth.

Speke Hotel To Host Golola's Onaweza Talent Search

Speke Hotel and Rock Bar and Grill in a unique partnership will host the inaugural search for talented kick boxers in the country through an initiative birthed by Moses Golola and Uganda Kick Boxing Federation.

Golola, the man credited for raising the kicking boxing flag in the country, through his Golola Talent Academy and Uganda Kick Boxing Federation have sought the services of Speke Hotel to roll out a talent search for kick boxers called Onaweza Talent Search.

Speaking at a press conference convened at Speke Hotel, Golola said many youths have joined the sport of kickboxing and now is the time to identify, nurture and support them so that the sport grows.

The talent search will commence with an exhibition fight on Friday, 29th November 2019 at the Rock Garden Bar, Speke Hotel in Kampala.

“Onawe is a Swahili word meaning you can. We want to tell these youths that they can achieve their kickboxing dreams. We are giving them an opportunity to come and showcase their talent here at Speke Hotel on 29th Nov 2019,” Golola said.

Golola, Uganda’s most famous and theatrical fighter said, they will take the search for top kick boxing talent across the country so that everyone gets an opportunity and that the best fighters are tapped and groomed.

“We want to see more kick boxers who will replace Golola. We want to see kick boxers will fill Freedom City with fights. We are going to all regions and cities looking for talent. Those who want to support us should contact us and we develop this sport,” Golola told journalist at the launch of the Onaweza Talent Search.

Pius Onechan, a local kick boxer welcomed the initiative while Wilson Bugabo, another boxer, said what Golola is doing now is what they have been lacking. “We have been playing but with little exposure. This is good and give us opportunities,” Bugabo said.

At least 150 vibrant and active clubs are being targeted by the end of 2020.

Fresh Kid Appointed To Carry Out Street Children Advocacy

Uganda’s youngest recording hip hop artiste, Patrick Senyonjo aka Fresh Kid, 8 years, has been appointed by state Minister for Youth and Children Affairs Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi to do advocacy work that will see young children off the streets of Kampala and Uganda at large.

The minister also appointed Ian Calton Muyimba, the new head boy and Agartha Ahumuza, the new head girl of Kampala Parents School to tea up with Fresh Kid, also a pupil at the same school.

The minister who was presiding over the swearing-in of prefects at Kampala Parents School Friday morning said that he will present the three youngsters to the Prime Minister to be given instruments of power.

“This is a sign to show that even if you are coming from a well to do family as a child, your  primary responsibility should be to look at people who don’t have the same privileges because we are striving to bridge the gap between the well to do people and the underprivileged,” Nakiwala said.

She said the three infants will be tasked with the role of advocacy of making sure they encourage fellow children not to return to the street and to encourage people who have to give back to those who don’t have. 

“We passed an ordinance as Kampala Capital City Authority banning street handouts to street children but that doesn’t take away the fact that there are good-hearted people who would like to continue with the spirit of giving.

They are supposed to ensure that the giving is done amicably and through the right modules to be able to reach out to those children,” Nakiwala explained.

In an effort to get street children off the street, Nakiwala and government set up seven homes across the country to resettle street children. 

“On the main streets of Kampala alone, we had 10, 000 street people spread across the main hotspots and peripherals who were working in shifts but now we have completely eradicated the problem.

What we want to ensure is sustainability and rolling out to Wakiso and the metropolitan area, which means we have to continuously engage their fellow children.” She said.

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