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Eskom Uganda Celebrates Women’s Day With Jinja Homeless Kids

As Uganda joined the rest of the world to acknowledge women’s contributions to workplace, families and societies at large,Eskom Uganda dedicated the day for its female staff members to reach out to an orphanage home in Njeru.

With this year’s theme being Be Bold for Change Eskom female staff visited a charity home owned by Margaret Gonza who takes care of severalhomeless children in Jinja.

Eskom Women donated gifts which included Mosquito nets, Mattresses and Blankets to help add value to the work Margaret is doing with the children.The female staff also dedicated their time to help clean up the home and share good moments with the children.

Speaking during the out-reach, Eskom Managing Director Thozama Gangi said the outreach was in line with Eskom’s commitment to continue making a difference in the lives of ordinary people, and also to ensure their wellbeing is improved.

 “We as Eskom female staff fee extremely proud to express solidarity with a woman who opened her doors to the homeless.Mrs. Margaret Gonza has demonstrated to us that even amid misery, lack of hope and absolute poverty, there can still be love for humanity and sacrifice to make life better for others. She has singlehandedly positioned herself as a beacon of hope for the homeless children in this area” said Thozama.

Thozama further noted, “We are delighted to be here to show appreciation to a very charitable individual who God has picked to reach out to the homeless children in this community”.

Eskom Uganda believes in adding value to the lives of local communities and hence it has over the last 13 years invested in environmental upgrade, sports sponsorship, health and education especially in Busoga region.

The celebrations were crowned with a dinner at Nile Resort Hotel for Eskom female staff where Eng. Ziria Tibalwa Waako Ag. CEO Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) gave a motivational talk.  Eng. Tibalwa expounded on the need for women to be resilient at their workplaces to remain relevant in today’s fast paced world where technological evolution is taking the centre stage.

She called on women to rise and equip themselves with all the available knowledge through appropriate channels and take their place at the table of decision making.


Vivo Energy, Afripads Promo To Keep Girls In School

Vivo Energy Uganda has launched a six-week promotion at selected Shell stations where customers who top-up with Shell FuelSave worth Shs100, 000 stand a chance to win a range of prizes throughout the promotion. The promotion which was announced on International Women’s Day is one way of celebrating women by the fuel retailer.

The campaign, dubbed “Shell True Queens”, celebrates women as community champions, home makers, leaders and role models. Thousands of these women visit Shell stations every day and this is a great opportunity to celebrate them with a campaign targeted specifically to women.

Although the prizes must be redeemed by only women, the campaign is rallying up men to celebrate women because we believe every person knows a True Queen who needs to be celebrated.

As part of the campaign, Vivo Energy Uganda has entered into a partnership with Afripads Limited, a social enterprise company that develops cost effective reusable sanitary pads. The partnership will see 1% of all promotional proceeds going to Afripads to help keep girls in school by providing them with sanitary pads.  

“This campaign represents a big step for us in terms of demonstrating our customer focus, our responsibility to transforming communities and establishing mutually beneficial business partnerships. We recognise women as an integral part of our customer base with unique and valid needs.

The campaign celebration stretches across our product and service range with irresistible prizes and experiences from all our partners. Women who do not drive can also be rewarded through their spouses, brothers, fathers or colleagues who fuel at Shell during the period.” noted Jean Mugisha, Vivo Energy’s Marketing Manager.

Women drivers will get an opportunity to pick exciting prize experiences from any one of the campaign partners including: Sparkles Saloon, Soothing Spot, Beats& Steps Zumba, Century Cinemas, Shell’s food alliance partners and the entire range of products and services at Shell.

Mugisha also noted that celebrating Women’s month is an opportunity to appreciate the remarkable contribution of women to society.

“We are pleased to announce that one percent of all promotional proceeds will go into helping provide sanitary pads to girls in schools through our partnership with Afripads. The work they are doing brings dignity and opportunity to girls and women by helping to keep girls in school. We believe this is a worthy cause all our customers must support,” she concluded.

According to UNICEF, one out of every 10 African schoolgirls skip school or drop out of school entirely due to a lack of affordable menstrual products and poor access to proper sanitation. This reality has led Vivo Energy to partner with Afripads Limited and be able to support their cause.

Afripads is a social business in Uganda that specialises in the local manufacture and global supply of cost-effective, reusable sanitary pads. Afripads Limited, Managing Director, Sophia Grinvalds commented that “the partnership with Vivo Energy Uganda represents a big step for our business as it validates what we have been doing and will bring a lot of visibility to this cause, which is important to young women countrywide. We are glad to be partnering with Vivo Energy on such a current and topical conversation for Uganda”.

You can follow and participate in this conversation on social media by following the hashtag #ShellTrueQueens.

Over 50 Gambling Machines Impounded In Hoima Town

By George Busiinge
Over 50 unlicensed slot machines were on Tuesday afternoon impounded in Hoima town in an ongoing crackdown by Hoima municipal authorities and police on illegal gambling activities.
The crackdown followed a council resolution passed recently banning unlicensed gambling businesses in the municipality.
According to the resolution, persons operating unlicensed gambling activities should be arrested and the machines confiscated.
Most of the confiscated slot machines were from Sastus Amusement limited located opposite the former old Kadamu hardware building and those on Fort Portal road bars among others.
The operation attracted excitement from residents who claimed it had fueled poverty among youths and husbands.
Mrs. Mary Grace Mugasa, the municipal mayor said none of the gambling businesses have registered with the municipal authority. “The owners of the machines will only reclaim them with production of valid licenses from the responsible ministry,” he said.
Ibrahim Nzimba, a mechanic who claimed to have Lost sh200,000 on tuesday said such gambling games should be banned in Hoima.
Dema Gabriel, the municipal councilor representing central ward condemned gambling saying it has corrupted the minds of both the youth and the elderly, distracting them from social responsibilities.
However one Siraji, the director Sastus Amusement limited whose slot machines were impounded has vowed to sue the municipality saying his business is licensed by the ministry of trade.
Government recently created an authority dubbed rotaries and gambling regulatory board to streamline gambling activities in the country.

OPM Warns Police Against Rwamutonga Evictions

By George Busiinge

The office of Prime Minister-OPM has warned Police in Bunyoro region against evicting over 53 families in Rwamutonga village, Bugambe Sub County in Hoima district who recently forcefully returned to their land.

The 53 families are part of 156 families that were evicted from their lands in 2014 following a court order that was sought by tycoon Joshua Tibagwa and Robert Basigaraho after they leased the contested land to McAlister Energy Resources Limited an American company that wanted to build an oil waste management plant.

The evictees returned to their lands on Thursday last week.

Nelson Atich the chairperson of the evictees says that the victims decided to go back following a memorandum of understanding that was signed between Basigaraho and affected families to hand over ownership of the land back to them.

After returning back to their land, Tibagwa stormed the office of the Hoima Resident District Commissioner protesting against the return of the evictees and demanded police to force them out.

However in letter dated March 6, 2017 and addressed to Albertin Regional police commander, General Moses Ali, the first deputy Prime Minister says since the High court in Masindi ruled that the evictees
were evicted illegally, it would be wrongful to evict them again.

He directed that since there other matters before the same court pending final disposal, the status quo should be maintained untilcourt directs otherwise.

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