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MTN Announces 100% Data Bonus Promo

MTN Uganda has announced a new promotional offer dubbed “Juzza Internet”, under which all bundles loaded of 100MB or more will be automatically doubled. “Juzza Internet” has been introduced to reward customers for using MTN Internet bundles and make it easier and more affordable for them to enjoy the benefits of the internet, without worrying about high costs. 

“We recognize that the Internet is becoming more and more important for nearly everybody, and as such, it is our goal to enable as many new connections as possible. Juzza Internet is yet another step towards realizing this goal,” said Mapula Bodibe, MTN’s Chief Marketing Officer. 

“The need to have instant continued access to the internet has resulted in a higher demand from customers for data to be easily accessible at an affordable tariffs. The new Juzza Internet promotion offers customers great value and rewards them for their usage,” Mapula explained 

 “We know that our customers want value for money and we have thus introduced an offer that will enable our customers to enjoy a significant reduction in the costs of their Data, to satisfy their needs,” she further noted. 

According to the Chief Marketing Officer, Juzza Internet is one of the ways through which MTN is demonstrating its commitment to the delivery of a Bold, New Digital World by creating new opportunities for trial plus increased use and penetration of Internet services in Uganda. 

Supported by consistent investment in its network infrastructure, MTN currently boasts a countrywide 4G network that ensures customers enjoy a world-class Internet experience irrespective of their location within the country. 

“Our customers are looking for a differentiated user experience with affordable data products and services. We are continuously challenging ourselves to identify new ways through which we can enable our customers to do more in their lives through our telecommunication services, including MTN Internet bundles to access the Internet,” added Ms Bodibe. 

The Juzza Internet promotion will be valid for a period of 3 months, during which all Internet bundles of 100MB or more will be automatically doubled. 

Facts about the “Juzza Internet” promotion.

Customers who load bundles of 100MB or more will be automatically doubled with the equivalent value e.g. when a customer loads 1GB, they get a total of 2GB

  1. To enter the Juzza Internet promotion, the customer dials *150*3*1#
  2. Customers can continue loading bundles the normal way i.e. using their airtime and/or Mobile Money balances
  3. If a customer wants to opt out of the promotion, they dial *150*3*2#
  4. The promotion will run for a period of 3 months
  5. This offer is not valid for MTN Social and Tooti Bundles.
  6. And owing to a systems upgrade, MTN customers using MTN data services will now be enabled to do more with their data i.e. MTN data bundles can now be used for longer subject to expiry period.

Can Oil Diversify Uganda’s Economy?

Uganda is striving to achieve middle income status by 2040, and a lot of optimism and hope is riding on the 6.5 billion barrels of crude oil in the Lake Albert basin. Many natural resource countries, however, have not fared well, and are struggling with inflationary pressures that affect competiveness, unsustainable subsidies and tax incentives which bleed the budget and undermine local revenue mobilization. High levels of corruption fueled by rent seeking behavior is also a challenge. 
Moreover, the global oil market is infamously finicky and the ‘black gold’ does not always turn out to be such a glittering prospect. But, ample experience abounds, and Uganda can avoid the mistakes of others. Indeed, now is the time to ‘prepare for oil’ and put in place a set of policy actions and institutions to maximize benefits and mitigate risks.
The upward and downward swings of the global natural resource market have caught many oil producing countries flat-footed. Nigeria, which depends on oil for more than 70% of its public revenues, is currently in need of financial support. Ghana and Zambia are facing similar dilemma. Angola, which expanded its public investment program massively—almost six-fold—during the golden days of booming oil prices, is now grappling with the results of its ill-planned and managed public investment projects.

Under-execution of budgets and operational deficiencies have resulted in inefficiencies that are estimated at almost 5% of Angola’s annual gross domestic product (GDP). The ensuing deteriorating macroeconomic environment has created major economic distortions with strong negative impact on non-oil economic activities—the Dutch disease. Uganda should not head down the same slippery slope of the natural resource curse.
The experience of Botswana, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Mexico, on the contrary, show that exploitation of natural resources can provide a pathway to middle and high income status provided transparent accountability systems and a conducive environment for private sector development are put in place, and natural resource rents are invested to create other forms of capital. Another critical aspect is economic diversification. These countries have moved away from single resource dependence by diversifying their exports, and witnessed accelerated and sustained economic growth over time.
Economic diversification is already happening in Uganda, and the structure of the economy is gradually shifting from reliance on agriculture to manufacturing and services. The transformation of Uganda’s economy is also visible through an increased diversification of its trade base both in terms of geography—the number of Uganda’s trade partners has increased—and type of products—the country’s export basket now includes some 60 new products, e.g., cooking oils, processed fruits and vegetables, and fish. The gradual transformation in the output and export structures of Uganda, however, has not been accompanied by a similar shift in the employment structure—as the vast majority of jobs are still in the agriculture sector. 
In the latest World Bank Uganda Country Economic Memorandum, , we propose a strategy for how the country’s  oil could fuel economic diversification so that it  can harness the full potential of its oil and mineral resources to secure the long-term future of its people, sustainably.  Titled, Economic Diversification and Growth in the Era of Oil and Volatility,” the report sets out a strategy based on key building blocks articulated around enhanced transparency and environmental management, macroeconomic and fiscal prudence, and an improved investment climate for private sector.
Pursuing this strategy, could generate growth rates averaging nearly 10% for Uganda over the five years following the start of full commercialization of oil production, assuming that the oil price will recover in the medium term to its pre-crisis level of $90 per barrel.  This would be a doubling of the current estimated growth of 4.6% of 2015/16. Indeed, provided these assumptions hold, oil production could increase total government revenue from the current 13% of GDP to about 18% on average for more than 20 years.
Oil can help Uganda diversify by promoting the emergence of new industries, such as chemicals, fertilizers, cement; and by addressing key bottlenecks to sector growth in agriculture, manufacturing, mining and tourism through investing oil proceeds in infrastructure, better health care, as well as improving skills through quality education to develop the human capital. Moreover, the exploitation of oil can create synergies with local industries and services through purchases from and sales to other sectors—backward and forward linkages. Successful countries have harnessed those channels over time.
In a nutshell, how well Uganda ‘prepares for oil’ will determine how much the country will benefit from its oil. Uganda can buck the trend of some other countries affected by the resource curse by setting up the right institutions, improving the performance of existing institutions, and adopting and implementing the right set of policies. This is easier said than done, but it’s doable and absolutely essential to turn Uganda’s oil into a blessing rather than a curse for all its citizens.

This article was written by Christina Malmberg Calvo, World Bank Country Manager, Uganda

SOURCE: World Bank/World Bank Blogs

Rajiv Ruparelia's Effort To Fight Unemployment Recognized By Youth Group

Rajiv Ruparelia, the lead Director of Ruparelia Group of Companies has been honored for his outstanding contribution, work and supporting the Youth of Uganda in the struggle to fight unemployment.The recognition comes from Young Power Uganda, a registered Ugandan Youth Group that is composed of thousands of Ugandan Youth across the country with the main purpose of joining efforts with the Government of Uganda to promote the youth.

Rajiv Ruparelia has over the past seven (7) years taken the unique initiative in the Ruparelia Billion dollar Business Empire to employ thousands of Ugandan Youth most especially in Rosebud Flower Farm, Premier Roses Flower Farm and Crane Bank. As director in the Ruparelia Group, Rajiv has helped youth get jobs in the Groups hotels like Munyonyo Common Wealth Resort, Speke Hotel, Kabira Country Club, Speke Resort Munyonyo, Dolphin Suites and Forest Cottages.

Other youths are being employed by Sanyu FM, Gold Star Insurance, Meera Investments, Crane Management Services, Kampala Parents School, Kampala International School Uganda (KISU) Delhi Public School Uganda (DPS), Victoria University Kampala, Ruparelia Foundation, Crane Financial Services among other outstanding organisations and companies.

The Working for Youth Award was awarded to Rajiv Ruparelia for his direct positive actions to Ugandan Young people such as himself. The Youth Group Award recognizes his significant contribution to the Ugandan Youth Communities.

Rajiv is a Young Entrepreneur who has demonstrated support to other young entrepreneurs across the country.  The Award also recognized his leadership in Project Management as he is currently the one of the Country’s number one driver in construction projects such as Speke Apartments on Wampewo Avenue, The Cube at Kisementi and Hardware City Complex on Entebbe Road for Nakasero Traders proving himself as a Construction Magnate.

The Youth Group also recognized the unique depth of expertise and skill he has at managing the billion dollar Ugandan Organization that was recently recognized by Forbes, an American business Magazine that features finance, industry, investing, , technology, communications, science and also well-known its lists and rankings such as Africa's 50 Richest List - Forbes that features Ruparelia Group.

Rajiv Ruparelia is a Young man that has Uganda at Heart specifically focused at achieving development goals of other Ugandan Youths. Young people throughout Uganda are undertaking projects and initiatives ranging from poverty alleviation to Entrepreneurship in their diligent efforts at promoting and enhancing growth and development in Uganda.

Rajivs efforts:

  • Promoting youth participation;
  • Promoting economic empowerment of young people;
  • Take action for equality between young women and men in business;
  • Promoting environments in which business can be made;
  • Providing quality education (Kampala Parents School, Kampala International School, Delhi Public School and Uganda’s leading top quality University, Victoria University).
  • Engaging young people to protect the environment among others.

Upon his recognition Rajiv also the Managing Director Crane Management Services Limited (C.M.S.), a highly professional property management company, with a Strong asset base and forms part of a financially sound group having diversified business interests, including: banking, insurance, hotels, international trade, Forex Bureau operations, leisure resorts and property management & development among others said

“This Year we are scheduled to employ a minimum of 3,000 Ugandan Youth at Namulonge Flower Farm and Speke Apartments at Wampewo Avenue”. In Down town Kampala, we are slated to providing Rental Shops and Offices to Youth in IT, Website Design, Advertising and Marketing and they will pay affordable business rent starting from Ugx 600,000/= per month”.

Other powerful organizations and Institutions that have been awarded this prestigious award are Capital Shopper Group of Posiano and Eva Ngabirano (who provide hundreds of Jobs to youth and provide them quality Lunch on a daily basis), The Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Gender, Mr. Pius Bigirimana for starting and implementing Youth Livelihood Program where Ugx 100m is recovered back on a weekly basis from Youth Ventures, Robert Kabushenga for organizing Pakasa Forum where Youth converge and learn from Successful Entrepreneurs as well as Smile Telecommunications that employs 90% Youth.

Why Pebuu Is Fast Becoming E-Payment Platform Of Choice

Leading E- Payment platform, Pebuu, is emerging as a leading online payment platform in Uganda. Pebuu which stormed the market at the start of the year is a Pan-African electronic depositing and bill payment solution provider that allows for everyday cash deposits and settlements at a single portal.

Having gained recognition in such a short time from launch, Pebuu is being hailed as a market leader in the e-payment segment where they continue to impress with their simplified process of electronic deposits and transactions.

According to the General Manager of Pebuu, Kim Ssebuliba, the firm continues to gain industry recognition as a result of its contribution to online payment across different utility services in Uganda.

She remarked “We believe that settling bills and deposits should be smart, secure and hassle free. We aim at improving and simplifying the process of electronic deposits and transactions. This is why the market is appreciating our services and more and more partners are coming onboard to work with us”

Pebuu is the fastest growing point of sales service provider in Africa. As such, Pebuu has signed on the leading utility service providers and has made it easier for customers to pay for electricity, water, digital TV, and services from all major telecoms in Uganda.

Kim added “To get our services closer to our customers, we have partnered with all the leading mobile telecommunications companies to improve service delivery to their customers. Using our Pebuu platform, customers can now pay for services provided by say Africell Uganda. A customer can purchase airtime, internet bundles and also carry out Africell Money transfers using any of our Pebuu terminals”

Pebuu has impressed with their comprehensive, advanced, and integrated online payment solutions for e-commerce and mobile commerce platforms. Launched in March this year, the firm was created with a vision to make online, cross-currency payments and transactions safer, cheaper and more accessible for businesses, traders and consumers in Uganda and beyond. The platform offers both users and agents an opportunity to transact directly with no hassles

As a drive to grow business and ease payment options, Pebuu is also offering integrated solutions to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to power their online payment infrastructure by offering free online payment integration to serve an estimated market of over 2 million Ugandan firms.

This drive also includes schools where Pebuu is offering cards where parents can load pocket expenses money for their boarding school going kids for use in purchase of their daily needs. This is a first of its kind initiative in Uganda.

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