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Ruparelia Group Investment In Tourism Nominated

For their massive investment in the tourism industry, Ruparelia Group has yet again been nominated in the second edition of the significant Ekkula Pearl of Africa Tourism Awards. The awards are meant to celebrate, motivate and recognize stakeholders in the tourism industry that have selflessly promoted the country as the best travel destination.

Ruparelia Group’s Speke Resort Munyonyo has also been nominated in the same Awards. The winners will be announced on 10th February at Hotel Africana. Speke Resort was nominated in the category of Best Service/Luxury Standard Hotel while Ruparelia Group was nominated in category of Top Tourism Investor. Voting is ongoing to choose winners in all 30 categories.

State minister for tourism Godfrey Kiwanda while recently launching this year’s Awards said government is ready to support private sector initiatives that intend to promote tourism. “Such initiatives will increase the quality of service in tourism industry. This is our subsequent justification of our long term theme of tourism is everybody’s business,” he said.

Greg Petzer, the general manager at Speke Resort Munyonyo explains that Ruparelia Group hotels offer guests a variety of services and leisure activities at reasonable prices which makes them a top destination for tourists. He said they have made themselves available to business and non-business tourists both local and international.

 “The guests have appreciated our all-inclusive packages which include, accommodation, meals, boating and horseback ride. We offer a wide range of activities for the leisure market, probably unlike any other resort and / or hotel, thereby offering our valued guests several options within easy access,” Petzer explained.

The Ruparelia Group hotels include Kabira Country Club, Speke Hotel, Speke Apartments, Speke Resort and Conference Centre, Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort, Dolphin Suites, Tourist Hotel, Forest Cottages and Speke Resort Bujagali Falls. These facilities is home to millions of tourist who visit Uganda.  

Ruparelia Group will be up against Marasa Africa Lodges, Great Lakes Safaris, Wild Places Africa and Imperial Group for the top tourism investor gong while Speke Resort will compete against Kampala Serena Hotel, Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa, Sheraton Hotel and Premium Hotel.

Ruparelia Group and Speke Resort will be aiming to retain these gongs after emerging winner in the last edition in the same categories.

The Ekkula Pearl of Africa Awards is a private sector initiative passionate in promoting tourism in recognizing, awarding and subsequently motivating in the tourism industry annually. The awards will have 30 categories. This year’s theme is “celebrating Uganda”.

Youth Told To Be Creative If They Are To Benefit From Oil

By George Busiinge  

The Hoima Resident District Commissioner, Isaac Kawooya, has advised youths in Hoima and the greater Bunyoro kingdom to be creative, adventurous and not limit themselves by sticking to only professions they studied in school.

Kawooya urged youths not to be job-seekers but job creators by acquiring unique skills. He said that this will give them an edge in the emerging but competitive oil and gas industry. Uganda discovered commercially viable oil and gas in mostly Bunyoro in 2006.

Government is fast-tracking the eventual production of the natural resource with commencement of commercial production expected to tee off in 2020. This process presents numerous opportunities to the people of Bunyoro who must meet certain skills and standards.

Kawooya notes that it is a good idea for youths to diversify in other fields of expertise and not to limit themselves to what they studied in school. He added that since the oil industry is taking off, there are so many opportunities and activities from which the youth can get money.

“The world has got a lot of opportunities. You need to position yourself above others by offering unique ideas and solutions,” Kawooya, speaking during operation of recovering youth livelihood money in Buseruuka, Hoima district, said.

A number of youths who received youth livelihood money from government to empower themselves through business and other income generating activities swindled the money. Now government is struggling to recover the money.

Francis Kazini, a district councilor, commenting on the increasing number of job-seekers in Hoima blamed the poor attitude among many young people and lack of interpersonal skills. He called on unemployed youths to develop good interpersonal skills as a strategy to lure potential employers in the oil and gas industry.

Kazini requested youth to involve themselves in farming especially growing vegetables which they can sell to people working in the oil and gas industry. He said production of vegetable is low yet the demand is there.

Kazini cited an example of Robert Mayanja from Kikoboza in Mparo, Hoima district who holds three degrees but now growing cabbages. Mayanja supplies cabbages to most parts of Hoima and other surrounding districts. Mayanja, according to Kazini doesn’t regret joining the farming business.

Take A Tour Through Uganda’s Rich Cultures

If you have visited Uganda then you have noticed the many languages spoken throughout the country. The nation boasts of over 40 tribes which all fall under different ethnic groups; Bantu, Nilotics, and Nilo- Hamites.

With many tribes comes even a bigger number of cultures and traditions passed down for generations, kept alive through practices by the people of that tribe. Many of the traditions have been left a long way due to human rights concerns whilst the rest are still practiced till date.

For a country that is so rich in culture and the celebration of heritage, you will notice how so many of the practices are similar to each other. The practices also vary in accordance to the tribes and the ethnic group they belong to especially among the bantu but all the same, the biggest difference that sets some of them apart is how the traditions are practiced. From the Batoor, Bagisu, Banyankole, Bahima, Iteso, Kumam, Baganda, Acholi, Alur to the last tribe in Uganda, you will find something unique about their culture that makes them stand out. 


One of the most common practice done among most of the tribes in Uganda, is kneeling in show of respect to the elders. In this case young children, and women kneel whilst young men bow in respect of elders although in Buganda, there are cases when young men are groomed to kneel for elders. When it comes to tribes from Western Uganda, it’s rare to find this practice. 


Long before Christianity, Islam among other foreign religions were introduced to Ugandans. There were already religious traditions in place that were being practiced by the tribes and with each its own. There were gods revered across; these religious practices were well preserved till the growth of foreign religions in Uganda. Although there are some of the traditional practices still being practiced, they are commonly referred to as witchcraft by those who do not understand them.


Although it is mostly believed that before the foreign explorers came to Africa, the inhabitants were savages who lived like animals; it was far from the truth. When it comes to leadership, there was always a centralized system that was followed through the tribes even though it was different for most. An example would be how in the West and Central regions you could find Kingdoms while in the East and North Chiefdoms. The most famous of these being the Buganda, Tooro, Bunyoro, and Busoga which are still standing even to this day. 


While it is not easy to identify all the cultures for the tribes in Uganda; it is easy to notice the very common ones. The biggest one would be Imbalu practiced by the Bagisu from the Eastern region around the slopes of Mount Elgon; Imbalu is the practice of circumcising boys as a step into manhood.

The Sabinyi from Kapchorwa have a similar practice that is done on girls although that has been outlawed by government and the Human Rights Commision to being harmful. The Baganda, and Basoga have a practice where when twins are born into a family a ceremony is organised in fear that one of the twins or parent might die among other calamities. 


In most tribes in Uganda, a marriage is not recognised unless the boy’s family visits the girl’s family bearing gifts. The gifts are what are the most distinctive part of the visit since with every tribe, there are very specific items that are very vital to complete the negotiations.

The Karamojong tribe stand out though because with them the groom has to outfight his future wife to win her over or he will be considered too weak to take care of their family.There are many more unique traditions practiced by the people of Uganda but the best way to know them is by visiting Uganda and living among them. 




Here’s How To Get Yourself The Best Flight Deals

Traveling via air is usually regarded as a luxurious means of travel for most avid budget wanderers because their biggest goal is to make sure you spend as less you can during your trips. Although there are people who can afford to spend on flights whenever they travel, it is still good to look for as many deals as you can. 


First off before you rush into anything, make sure you know how many airlines operate in your area and reach your destination. Look through their flight schedules with the deals they come with and learn their prices. It looks like a lot of work but once you understand their pricing patterns throughout the year, even if you book through an agent the fees are not higher than expected. 

Search Engines

When you are searching for flight booking sites with good deals, be careful not to use those that inflate prices only to create a margin for their commission once you book. Since most sites have an inbuilt flight booking system but not all of them are assured of giving you an affordable price, search for budget friendly sites before booking.


After finding a good place to book your flight, go on different websites and compare the prices so as to reach a good verdict for the flight you would like to book. 

Seasonal Deals

There are airlines and travel agents that offer good travel deals especially during the peak seasons, and you will find others with deals off peak. Look for as many of these deals as you  can since they help you cut costs especially if they suite your travel plans. 

Private Searches

There is an option on browsers such as chrome to search for anything in incognito mode. This means that your cookies reset whenever you reopen the browser and your information is not easily tracked. This helps with the fact that most sites inflate prices the moment your IP address is tracked searching more than twice for a flight booking details. 

Airline Errors

If you have a keen eye for details, do not forget to fully utilise this skill in getting discounts off of ticket over pricing, luggage misplacement and even when the airline overbooks their seats. 

Use Agents

In most cases, travel agents have undercut prices that can help you get the best deals off your expenses. So be sure to befriend as many as you can to get access to all the discounts they can offer. 

Budget Airlines

Did you know that there are so many budget airlines that fly to almost all your destinations? All you have to do is look around; an example would be Fast Jet, Fly 540, Fly Safari among others that you can opt for instead of using the top commercial airlines. 

Air Miles

Are you a frequent flier? Then you must have accumulated as many air miles as you might need to get discounted tickets for your next trip. Although some of the points accumulated through the miles sometimes apply to in-region traveling but better than paying a lot for it. 





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