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Role Of Internship Emphasized At Victoria University

Internship can substantially increase the chance of you finding employment after graduation, lecturers at Victoria University Kampala have said. For that matter, the University proactively sources for a range of quality internship opportunities for students and recent graduates.

The opportunities, according to the University vice chancellor Dr. Khrisna N. Varma, On-Campus internship, Opportunities across a range of industries with SMEs for undergraduates and recent graduates, An international internship, which is currently being developed the University’s global network of employers.

All these opportunities are paid and supported by a comprehensive development plan to ensure you get the most from your internship experience. Victoria University aims at providing access to higher education which transcends national boundaries and to develop educational opportunities which conform to the highest international standards.

“The object of Education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives. We at Victoria University understand the importance of a formal education integrated with real life application.

We expect a lot from our students; we have created and continue to invest in an academic environment which will help them succeed. Students benefit directly from a range of learning technologies including our virtual learning environment.”

Tecno Releases Its First Frameless Full-screen Display Smartphone - Camon CM

TECNO, a premier mobile phone brand under TRANSSION HOLDINGS, has released its first frameless full-screen display smartphone – TECNO CAMON CM. The device is the latest in the CAMON Series family and reemphasizes the brand’s knack for designing high-end smartphones with sophisticated cameras.

 While chronicling the brand’s growth and sheer market dominance, Stephen HA, General Manager of TECNO Mobile, highlighted the company’s efforts to make revolutionary smartphones that will usher smartphone enthusiasts into an era of endless possibilities on the mobile devices and exceptional photography experiences.

In his words, “the smartphone has been reinvented and OEMs globally are always on the lookout for the next big thing to talk about. At TECNO, we are pride in our ability to understand and meet our consumers’ needs, and eventually surpass their expectations.”

 With the CAMON CM, TECNO has delivered a very stylish full-screen display smartphone without bezels. The full display device produces an immersive experience when consuming videos, capturing images or even surfing the Internet. The frameless device simplifies multi-tasking and offers users an opportunity to split their screen (18:9 screen support single window 1:1 split-screen operating with only one step ), so that they can handle more than one task while still being able to see more on either of the split windows.

Though it is a common belief that the lesser the bezel around a screen, the more susceptible that screen is to damages however, on the CAMON CM, that idea has been negotiated with a 2.5D corning third glass, which does not only ensure that users enjoy better visual effects from the screen but also safeguards it from cracks and delivers smoother touching.

“In accordance to consumers’ preferences, we are gradually becoming camera driven and this trend is evident in the camera-centric designs of our smartphones. Adopting our strategy of ‘think globally, act locally’, we are able to understand our consumers’ preferences and provide them with every support necessary to ensure they can express themselves wholeheartedly” Stephen added.

Selfies have just gotten a jig with the CAMON CM’s 13MP front camera module that delivers exceptional HDR portrait with night shot algorithm that lifts weak light, reduces noise in single frame and captures clearer night shots. Users can adjust the super bright flash of the front camera by pressing the screen to introduce just the right amount of light required to produce a stunning photo.

Similarly, the rear camera dons the same camera rating and Its 4-LED ring flash is optimized to fill light till it reaches a more balanced light filling before producing any shot.

With 3 colors of city blue, midnight black and champagne gold, the CAMON CM will be shipped in mid-January to mobile phone markets across the world – its exact price will be based on the local market.

Hoima Municipality Ranked Best Implementer Of USMID Project

By George Busiinge

Hoima municipality has nabbed the first spot, followed by Fort Portal, in ratings of which municipality is most efficient in project performance of the Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development (USMID) project phase two.

The USMID project is aimed at expanding urban infrastructure, and enhance the capacity of the 14 municipal local governments to generate own source revenues, improve urban planning, and strengthen financial management, procurement, environmental and social systems

On Wednesda morning, World Bank officials and other stakeholders inspected the ongoing road works in Hoima town and found the work on ground progressing so well.

Addressing the media at Kijungu Hill hotel in Hoima town after the inspection, the Municipal Infrastructure Development Specialist in Uganda Emanuel Ojuka says road works in Hoima will be completed on time.

Abu-Baker engineering company was contracted to work on at least five roads in the second phase. These include; Wright Road, Kwebiha Road, Republic road, Bunyoro Kitara road and Bujumbura road.


Rafiki Power, Mobisol In New Partnership

Rafiki Power (E.ON Offgrid solutions GmbH) and Mobisol GmbH have partnered to pilot a new approach labelled the Hybrid Grid for off-grid clients in rural Tanzania. The Hybrid Grid is combining the best of mini-grids and solar home systems to bring higher value and better service to their mutual customers at lower cost.

While Rafiki Power will continue to build mini-grid infrastructure, Mobisol will complement the offer and help reduce overall costs by equipping customers lying outside the core perimeter of the mini-grid with their large solar home systems. Both the mini-grid and the solar home system option deliver reliable, clean and affordable energy.

Jointly Mobisol and Rafiki Power will be in a position to give access to a wider range of appliances to more customers. This will also include the possibility to finance and monitor the appliances on a PAYG basis. All customers will have access to to standard appliances such as TVs (up to 43”) and fridges.

Mobisol with its efficient DC technology will enable the outlying customer’s access to so-called productive use appliances ranging from mobile phone chargers, barber shop equipment to village cinemas.

Within travel distance these customers will also have access to larger productive use equipment run on Rafiki Powers AC Mini-grids that allow for economics of scale such as water pumps, mills, cold storage, carpenter shops utilizing electric drills and saws or welding shops. 

Increased demand for new or larger appliances can flexibly be met by installed additional capacity. Beyond improving the value proposition for customers, the cooperation allows for synergy effects both in terms of logistics and of operations but most importantly allows for economic development in the entire region.

Daniel Becker CEO Rafiki Power said “We are thrilled to combine the best of both worlds of mini-grids and solar home systems. Our customers stand to benefit from the improved offer, in particular in terms of access to a wider range of high quality appliances. The operational synergies between our businesses will help to reduce overall costs.“

Mini-grid and solar home and business systems providers have long been considered as separate silos. Electrification strategies have tended to opt either for one or the other technology, giving the impression that they were mutually exclusive.

Thomas Gottschalk, CEO Mobisol Group emphasized that “the collaborative approach between the mini-grids experts and large solar home system pioneers offers a flexible and powerful solution to all planners in rural electrification. The time of choosing one or the other technology is now over and their mutual benefits can now be combined.“

The cooperation of Rafiki Power with Mobisol is proving the complementarity of both approaches and thereby widens the options and solutions available when planning rural electrification at larger scale.


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