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Your Travel Calendar For This Year

So, 2016 came and you saw people traversing the globe while you sat there hoping and praying for the chance to be able to afford such trips. People shared so many pictures on their social media that you decided 2017 will be your year.

The year you see more of the world. Then you saved, you read articles about traveling on a budget and strengthened your resolve to embrace the wanderlust. Here, we bring you some of the countries you can visit this year if your budget grants it.

Samoan Islands

Why not start with one of the most beautiful places in the Americas? Maybe you did not know it, but if you are Ugandan, this is one country where you do not need a visa to travel to the Samoan islands. Although some of the transition expenses can take you a back but it will be all worth it when you get a glimpse of this beauty found in the south of the Pacific ocean.


Yes, we know Nairobi is just right next door in Kenya and is not some exotic location that induces peaceful thoughts with a lot of sun, but you should give this fast growing city a chance because Nairobi has ways of surprising you.

What other city in the world has a National park filled with wild animals like lions, giraffes and elephants living their life as the skyscrapers get built near by every day? Nairobi is fast growing into the economic hub of East Africa and it has such a vibrant pulsating night life you might not want to come back home.


What better way to get the fusion of Latin- American and African culture than visiting Brazil? There is so much to see in this bright bird of the Americas; might be the people or their vibrant culture but Brazil will definitely steal your heart on your first visit. Make sure to visit during Carnival season and immerse yourself in that upbeat streetlife after applying for a tourist visa at the Brazilian consulate.


Admit that after watching “The Penguins of Madagascar” your mind stored this beautiful African island in the back just in case you start affording the high life. You do not need thousands of dollars to visit Madagascar though, but you do need a tourist visa from their Consulate or apply for it online. Go visit the Baobab drive, see the lemurs and get a chance to scuba dive in the Indian ocean.


You do not need a visa to visit the Seychelles and it being one of the most sought  after travel destinations in the world, it should be on your travel itinerary for this year or maybe next year. You can book a hotel or B&B online for as low as $50 a night with breakfast. It might not be right on the ocean but at least you are close enough to take long walks on the beach, swim in the ocean and go shopping in the fashion district in time to spot a celebrity or two.

South Africa

Yes, it can be really hard getting a visa to South Africa but it is a good place to go for holidays especially in the winelands where some of the best wine in the world is made. You get a chance to tour the grapevines, participate in the winemaking and later taste the product of your labour. Away from the winelands, visit the quiet and serene Port Elizabeth, the bustling and booming Durban and Johannesburg.


If you didn’t know Cuba has had a good relationship with Uganda for decades since Fidel Castro was one of the biggest supporters of some of the biggest African revolutions during the colonial era. The country has some of the most beautiful and vintage styled architecture and very vibrant street life that rivals the Kampala nightlife, you need a visa to visit Cuba.


Yes, you need to tour your own country. You need to travel through Uganda and see how blessed it is. Visit the parks, climb the Rwenzori and Elgon, track gorillas, relax at the islands and see more of what you rarely do and no big budget required for you to travel. All you need with you is a camera, some money and the passion for tourism in Uganda.





Valentine’s Day For One Please

One of the most equally loved and hated days is upon us and being that most people celebrate it throughout the whole week, Valentine’s Day merchandise and travel packages must be flying off the shelves.

Many flowers, perfumes, chocolates, and other gifts to deliver; many hearts to break and empty wallets to see throughout the week. For some people it is a day they anticipate from the end of the last Valentine’s day plans, they plan for it and save ahead just to make it special. Whereas for some other people, it is a dreadful and wasteful day.

This might be because they are single or they just find it to be another overrated human holiday brought up by big corporations to market their products. If you are the second category, here are a few ideas about how to not be miserable just because you don’t have a sweetheart.

Spa Day

No plans? Well, your body does deserve some pampering and what better way to do that but by booking a spa day at some of the best spas around town? Tender loving care for your muscles with tingling massage therapy, distress in the sauna or maybe just a few laps in the pool to keep the sad thoughts away and look fabulous laying in the sun.

Friend’s Night Out

We all have friends, you know those fun people that seem to be upbeat even when you bring the gloom? Those wonderful friends can’t possibly let you wallow in self pity on Valentine’s day now can they? Have a night out with them, share some drinks and laugh your way to glee.

Stay In

Ok not everyone is strong enough to go out for dinner and watch other people canoodle with love while you eat alone. The waiters give you pitying looks and you keep hoping your food comes so that you run out immediately after. Stay in, watch movies, happy movies.

Family Day

Valentine’s day is not just about being with your lover, but a day to celebrate with people you love and who love you. People like your family; use the time and maybe have a family dinner since it gets harder to have everyone in one place when you grow older. Family isn’t just about blood too; there are friends who become family, celebrate them too.

Indulge Yourself

If no one is appreciating how special you are, why not do it yourself? Take yourself shopping for some of those pieces you have been dying for. Buy yourself some delicious dinner, wine and chocolates because you deserve a lot of that and more. Nobody said you cannot be your own valentine’s.

Give Back

How about using this day to give back to those who are not as fortunate as you are? Visit an orphanage and play with babies, there’s no sadness baby laughter and smiles cannot cure. Play with the village children and relive those wonderful childhood moments. Do something special for them.


We rarely appreciate our friends but you can use valentine’s day to show them how special they are to you; buy them gifts, take them for dinner anything possible to make them happy that day.

Valentine’s day is a day about love; but it doesn’t mean you should focus on one day. Give love everyday and shine positive light to those around you, it always comes back in ten folds.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



Hoima Residents Irked By Continued Arrest Of Missile Man

By George Busiinge

30-year-old Anatoli Kiiza, a resident of Kiryangobe village in Kitoba sub-county, Hoima district was arrested almost two weeks ago by security operatives in Hoima.Albertine region Police spokesperson, Julius Hakiza told the media that the suspect was detained at Hoima Central Police Station to ascertain the motive behind the manufacture of the said missile.

According to sources, Kiiza was later transferred to the anti-terrorism unit in Naguru, Kampala. This is the second weapon to be invented by Kiiza. The first missile allegedly made by Kiiza was confiscated by police in 2012 as he was planning to test it at Lake Albert.

His mother, Margaret Biferamunda says this was the seventh time his son has been arrested. James Mugenyi Mulindambura, the district councilor for Kigorobya Sub-county and Jackson Wabyona, the Hoima district FDC Chairman, want government to take on Kiiza such that he develops his innovations.

They say that Banyoro used to be inventors but were disorganized by the British colonialists adding that arresting Kiiza signifies that government is not ready to help Banyoro to restore their inventions.

Mulindambura explains that Kiiza is not the first Munyoro to invent such weapons, disclosing that in 1980s one Mwesigwa Mutarama of Kigorobya sub-county in Hoima district was killed by the Milton Obote government after they found him making landmines to support President Museveni’s NRA struggle.

They demanded the Minister of Bunyoro affairs Earnest Kiiza and otherleaders to intervene and help Anatoli meet the president.

Bunyoro Kingdom Rolls Mass Tree Planting Sensitization

By George Busiinge
Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom has embarked on a massive tree planting campaign as one of the measures to mitigate the likely effects oil and gas production will have on the environment.The Kingdom Premier, Norman Lukumu, says the Kingdom parliament resolved to roll out the massive tree planting campaign following the dry spell that has affected the area.

According to Lukumu, they have teamed up with two unnamed Non-Governmental Organisation to distribute free tree seedlings to the Kingdom subjects for planting.He says the seedlings will be distributed at various events such as burials,village meetings and at the sub-counties using sub-countychiefs and kingdom subjects.

Lukumu also says they are also encouraging each family to plant atleast five trees for each newly born baby, adding that this will encourage the young generation to conserve the environment.

He added that they are also going to take this sensitization to all schools in Bunyoro so that they can also help in conserving the environment. Information from Bunyoro Kingdom shows that most of the tree species in forest reserves like Bugoma were imported from northern Tanzania and eastern Democratic Republic of Congo by kings especially Kabalega for herbal medicine among other uses.

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