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MTN Scoops Three Digital Impact Africa Awards

MTN Uganda last week scooped three of the thirteen Award categories available at this year’s Digital Impact Africa Awards. The recognition affirms MTN’s commitment and contribution to adoption and usage of digital tools aimed at narrowing the digital divide across the continent.

MTN has consistently pursued its vision to deliver a Bold, new Digital World to its customer, which has seen the brand champion innovations and best practices in the digital space that include serving and engaging with the customer through the digital platform.

MTN Mobile Money was recognized as the Best Mobile Financial Service, MyMTN was recognized as the Best Mobile App of the Year while MTN was itself named the Digital Brand of the year.

MyMTN app was launched by MTN Uganda in September 2015 and gives users a richer and more seamless experience while using MTN Mobile Money or accessing any Self-care services from MTN. It runs on all smartphones with Android, Blackberry, iPhone or Windows phone operating systems.

In March this year, the MyMTN app was named the Most Innovative and Best Mobile App at this year’s Social Media Awards.

“We are delighted by this recognition at the Digital Impact Awards. The awards we won are a manifestation of our vision – to lead the delivery of a bold, new digital world. With our mobile money platform and the mobile app, MTN has utilized digital innovation to offer excellent customer experience,” said MTN Uganda’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mapula Bodibe.

MTN Uganda recently revolutionized its mobile financial services platform by introducing MoKash - a service that provides customers the ability to save and borrow money using their phones.

The Digital Impact Awards Africa project champions innovation and application of best practice to foster sustainability of digital innovations, products and services that will deliver maximum digital dividends across Africa.

Total Uganda Lands Excellium Fuel

Petroleum products retailer Total Uganda launched Excellium, a new line of specific fuels that clean engines and provide lasting protection to ensure they perform better, use less fuel and produce fewer polluting emissions. The new generation unleaded petrol and diesel is available in all of the 125 Total service stations across the country.

"This launch represents a new step in innovation to help our customers consume better and less thanks to our fuels. The Total Excellium products combine the best of Total's technological know-how in its formula and reflect our very high commitment to quality.

Our research teams developed these fuels to provide an ever-more effective response to our customers' growing focus on engine care," said Stanislas Mittelman, Senior Vice President, Africa/Middle East at Total Marketing & Services, in a press statement. A clean engine uses less fuel, pollutes less and lasts longer

While new powertrains deliver increasingly high performance, they are also increasingly sensitive to buildup. An accumulation of deposits can affect the engine's operation and negatively impact performance, resulting in higher fuel consumption, a rise in harmful emissions and less power.

That’s why Total Excellium formulation has been optimized with specific detergent additives to clean the engine's vital components and keep them clean over time. The result1 is up to 89% less buildup for diesel engines and up to 93% less for gasoline engines.

By eliminating deposits on fuel delivery systems, Total Excellium keeps engines performing at their optimum level over time with reduced fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions. Total Excellium is compatible with all existing diesel and gasoline vehicles, including cars, light utility vehicles, two-wheelers and trucks.

Crane Bank: Insuring You With Maisha Saving Account

Insurance is an important financial product that many Ugandans are not so keen on, they think it is not necessary. Many are forced by law to pay for motor insurance. Many Ugandans continue to ignore insurance, even life insurance which takes care of their lives.

The reasons for their lack of interest in insurance vary however with Crane Bank’s Crane Maisha Saving Account, a financial product that enables customers to save and at the same time get life insurance, many Ugandans will be get a life insurance scheme.

With Crane Maisha Savings Account, a customer can access their savings anytime, anywhere either at Crane Bank branches, Personal Internet Banking, Crane Bank ATMs, SMS & Email alerts or with any VISA enabled ATM’s worldwide.

Crane Bank marketing manager, Avinash Srivastava, explains that with minimum balance Shs50, 000 and a monthly charge of Shs2, 000 the account holder will be covered under a life insurance scheme. This is on top of earning an interest of 5% p.a.  

The life insurance scheme will be active during the period the account is maintained, where in the event of death or disability of the account holder, Crane Banks through its partners will pay to the nominated beneficiaries an amount of Shs5, 500,000 directly into their account in Crane Bank.

The bank also offer customers an option of operating Crane Maisha Access Account for first time saves or a long term Crane Maisha Fixed Deposit Account and earn a higher interest rate of as high as 14.5%. The initial deposit on the fixed account is Shs1m with no Maximum.

Interior Design Tips For The Best Look

There is a uniqueness and an air of class when you put in effort into the interior of your property; in fact you do not have to explain to people what the style is. The designs will speak volumes to any of your guests according to what you chose to do with the living space. Here is how you can easily achieve the best interior design for your hotel or home. 

Identify The Styles

Depending on what you want to do, the first step is always to pick a certain style of design that you will go with. It is important to not clutter so many different styles in one place, the design comes off handed, uncluttered and confusing to the eye. Unless of course you are aiming for an abstract, design blocking theme then you will be on the right track. 

Color Fusion

Dull colors tend to make a room look so drab and boring, but a couple of bright palettes here and there will bring out the best of your design. This is usually one of the most important steps in interior design and it seems very easy to achieve; the only issue here would be that it is not easy as it looks. You cannot pull off different color schemes unless you know how easily the different pops of color fuse or else you will have so much in one making for a disastrous stain on designs. 


Every well designed room needs that one item that draws gasps of admiration from your guests, something that will easily start a conversation and at the same time enhance the beauty of the room. You can use pieces of art, chandeliers or the vibrancy of well placed flowers among many things as long as it will stand out beautifully. 

Create Character

Giving most of the rooms in your property different design themes give them a sense of character especially if it is a hotel room. In most hotels; rooms, suites or floors have a very unique naming to them and this makes them stand out, so why not make the design unique to complement the name? An example would be; the Elgon suite, the detail works have to bring the character with a number of pieces of the culture of people who live around. Play around with the theme to bring out a good an appealing warm character. 


Nothing becomes confusing as seeing overdone interior designs, it comes off too strong and not as inviting as you intended it to be. When creating a beautiful design plan for your home/ hotel, make sure to remember that the simplest things always leave the best mark; a little splash of color here and there and not too much of it or maybe a few intricate art pieces in the room will bring out the vision you were working to. 


Let your design throughout easily breeze into the whole property. If you can do this, it gives the whole place a sense of rhythm that flows, giving your guests a sense of understanding without you having to explain what you were trying to do in the first place. 

Balance It Out

Furniture is the best way you can finish off the look without looking like you tried too hard. This means the pieces you buy have to help balance the designs in the house. The fit, shapes and sizes should be proportional to what style you chose to go with. For example, you cannot choose to go with an African styled living room then fill it with modern futuristic furniture, it will stand out as a sore spot on the whole interior. 

The most important step to remember is that; just because it is expensive doesn't mean it shows taste or class. Infact, you might fill the room with very pricy pieces and it ends up looking cheap or tacky. Do not be constrained by finances because you can get very well done less priced items that will bring out the full taste of your designs, even more than the expensive ones. At the same time you have to remember that some of the good pieces are expensive, but they are worth it. 

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At Jumia Travel, we have hundreds of travel specialists constantly in touch with our customers. Our offices are located in Lagos (Nigeria), Accra (Ghana), Dakar (Senegal), Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Algiers (Algeria), Douala (Cameroon), Kampala (Uganda), Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania), Nairobi (Kenya), Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Porto (Portugal) and Paris (France).

Before June 2016, Jumia Travel was known as Jovago. Jumia Travel was founded in 2013 by Jumia and is backed by MTN, Rocket Internet, Millicom, Orange, Axa and financial partners.

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