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Phaneroo Speaks Out On Perpetrated Falsehoods

Phaneroo Ministries International, renowned for its unprecedented growth levels and how it has captured the hearts of Uganda’s young and even older generation has released an official statement setting the record straight.

It is the position of Phaneroo Ministries International that the allegations levelled against the ministry are untrue and based on rumours and misrepresentations. In its statement, the ministry says “We have parents who attend Phaneroo services with their children, ministers from various ministries, elders and honourable leaders of society. It is so absurd for one to regard all these beneficiaries as delusional to such an extent as to promote sin. Let it be known that it is intolerable to preach such nonsense in Uganda, a nation under God.”Here is the full statement.


Phaneroo Ministries has been continuously targeted through planned campaigns based on countless accusations that are lacking in proof, very deliberate falsehoods, and calculated misrepresentations. The architects of these campaigns are individuals that we greatly respected and honoured for their highly placed stations in the religious circles. Some of whom we tried to reach out to in the spirit of walking in love to sort these matters as Christians. To our dismay, they denied us audience.

Extremely underhanded and appallingly petty methods have been employed by these individuals and institutions in this crusade, some of which we are ashamed of mentioning and attributing to men that profess the Christian faith. These range from paying people to give false witness, to openly threatening the members who attend or serve invarious capacities of the ministry.  Some have gone ahead to make “Phaneroo” the topic sermon on their altars, and have defiled the consciences of innocent people on false and baseless accusations. Phaneroo is a taught topic in the confirmation classes of children as young as eight years, with examinations set to the same effect and they are daily being indoctrinated against us.

The legal implications of these methods aside, it is a sorry state for the church that the hearts of the men at its helm can be so full of spite. It is very saddening that Christians can be this diverted from the cause of Christ and the expansion of the kingdom of God and instead fight fellow brethren who are after the same cause.

We have testimonies ranging from countless souls being won to Christ in every meeting at Phaneroo, to young men and women forsaking all kinds of social vices like:- drug and substance abuse, promiscuity, criminality, etc, the list is endless . The ministry runs a weekly outreach initiative to prison convicts, and drug addicts for rehabilitation and restoration. It seems as though these are deliberately ignored by these individuals.

Some times we wonder whether they really are seeking for the truth or just wish to find Phaneroo at fault. This is because, if one sought to know the truth, there are clear-cut biblical parameters and principles of natural justice to follow rather than gossip and slander. 

This character assassination, maligning and reputational damage has been done throughthe writing of widely distributed anti-Phaneroo circulars, social media attacks, holding anti-Phaneroo conferences, sponsoring books and DVD teachings solely against the ministry.

The spirit of this publication is to set the record straight, because we owe an accountability to those who hear us, their family members and to the moral conscience of our society.

Our initial silence was not out of passive acceptance of these allegations or powerlessness. Rather, it was out of respect for our accusers and the maturity to walk in love. However, when they choose to feed on our silence in order to obliterate the fire that burns on our altar, it behoves us to speak out for the sake of the many that light their candles at its flames. 

Principles of Christian Restoration

It is painful to realise that these highly respected men and women have completely disregarded the basic tenets of the scriptures with regard to these matters. We wonder how one would justify “fighting for the faith”, while grossly disregarding the basic principles of biblical teaching on the same. 

Tenet 1: Does the law judge a man it has not heard?

Phaneroo services are live streamed across the world, its mobile application is a tap away, daily devotionals are sent, radio programs are aired weekly, sermons are available in all formats, and we have a clear statement of faith on our website. Up till this moment, we still await a particular reference from any of the sources mentioned and no one has come out to quote a contradiction.

Accusations from many critics reveal for a fact that they have never listened to any of the Phaneroo teachings. It is a classic case of hearsay. ‘We hear that they say.’ This prompts the question, ‘who is they?’ Most accusations are of statements deliberately TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT to fulfil a nefarious agenda.

Tenet 2:  Galatians 6:1; Brethren if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual restore such a one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself lest thou also be tempted.

There is no single evidence of the desire to restore in this massive campaign. If you want to restore a man, why would you expose him on social media which has too wide an audience, many of whom might not have the wisdom to understand matters pertaining to spiritual restoration?

Tenet 3: Titus 3:10; A man that is an heretic, after the first and second admonition reject.

Apostle Grace Lubega has never been approached to be admonished despite his willingness to listen and his persistent open invitations to these individuals for productive dialogue.

Our Position

WE DO NOT EXALT OURSELVES ABOVE THE ALMIGHTY GOD. Yes the scriptures teach that we are partakers of the divine nature (2 Peter 1:4), but that does not in any way mean that we stand in the stead of Jehovah God. We would not be worshipping him if we didn’t extol his majesty.


 It extremely offends our intelligence to think that one can gather thousands of learned and educated men, old and young, to teach them that it is perfectly fine to kill, steal or fornicate because they are under grace. No one born of God can accept that as truth. We have parents who attend Phaneroo services with their children, ministers from various ministries, elders and honourable leaders of society. It is so absurd for one to regard all these beneficiaries as delusional to such an extent as to promote sin.Let it be known that it is intolerable to preach such nonsense in Uganda, a nation under God. Like Apostle Grace Lubega pointed out in his sermon titled “A rock higher than I”, if such a thing was ever preached in Uganda, Phaneroo would preach against it.

WE DO NOT TEACH MEN TO ABANDON MEDICATION. God is a healer. But doctors are an extension of his healing arm. Our faith is not against science and medicine. Faith is a personal issue, that is between one and their God. Our declaration of the healing power of God does not mean that we preach against medicine.

WE DO NOT TELL STUDENTS TO WRITE EXAMINATIONS IN TONGUES. Not only is this extremely foolish, it is also irrational that a right thinking individual would write an exam in a spiritual language that cannot be logically reduced into the English alphabet.


It is not our intention to approve or explain ourselves to those who don’t know the price of the gospel, are made up to misunderstand us and do not hear God in these matters. We fully understand the patterns of divine approval and that they are by God and not men (2 Timothy 2:15).

We wrote for the sake of those with the integrity of spirit to judge out of truth and not mere rumour.

We choose to forgive and make earnest prayers for the restitution of those who have wronged us, and pledge to keep doing what God called us to do, preach Christ and him crucified.

Our hearts also go out to the people that have been ostracized, ill-treated, and abusedbecause of their affiliation with us. God knows our hearts, he reflects on these injustices and He will vindicate us. We will wait on Him!!!

The storms of contention will continue to rage across the sands of time but we believe our FOOTPRINTS OF TRUTH remain etched permanently in these sands. We are persuaded that we have overcome this world, the Lord of Hosts abides faithful.

From ages past THE PEN OF TRUTH has outlived its persecutors. It shall prevail eternally.

Public Relations Office, Phaneroo Ministries International,


Unveiling Uganda’s Black-Gold Rush With Hidden Climate Skepticisms

Ugandans in Hoima district look upon the tower of grey smokeguzzling up into the cloudy sky and endless kilometers of snakelike pipeline meandering from the smoky firm, then recall the usual words of president Museveni: “Our oil will create jobs and bring more revenue for development.”

Only if there have ever been any smoke without fire you can you say the current world effort to overcome dangers augmented by burning fossil fuels isn’t facing an indirect denial. There are two ways climate change is denied. One way is coming out rashly  like Trump and the other is doing it secretly but seen.

Even the grey smoke is just what they term “flaring”. The real danger is yet to come. This is when the 6.5 billion barrels of the fossil fuel is being brought to the earth’s surface and burnt from 2018 onwards. The government says climate change is one of the greatest issues confronting development today, but Africans have a proverb that “when deeds speak, words are nothing.”

Indeed apart from the drillings and testing work going on in the Albertine, gigantic bulldozers already paving way for the $3.5 billion, 24-inch diameter, 1445km long, pipeline noticed to be the world’s longest heated crude oil pipeline.

This budding fossil fuel industry will dominate the entire east-African region because the pipeline is expected to transport 200,000 barrels of crude oil per day to Tanzania’s Tanga port in the shores of Indian Ocean. This is twice more than what the region currently imports.

More shrieking is the fact that when fossil’s is contrasted with the minute attention given to renewable energy of less than $1 billion per year spent on clean energy investments in biofuels, biomass and waste, geothermal, solar, wind and small hydro (up to 50MW) – but not large hydro.

With the help of donations by Norway, Germany, the United Kingdom and the European Union last year in 2016, Uganda commissioned a 10MW solar power plant, the largest in East Africa, in its Eastern district of Soroti. Built by Dubai’s Access Energy Group and France’s Eren RE, the $19m plant would provide clean electricity to 40,000 residents.

But analysis shows thatwithout any aid dirty energy investors patting famous African dictator president Museveni with business interests has stomached to attract some of the wealthiest Fossil Fuel investors of the world; UK’s Tullow oil and France’s Total with total investment worth of $300 billion.

One of the excuses “small polluters” like Uganda put not drawing ambitious renewable energy projects is their small share in global carbon creation.

According to the data compiled by Energy Information Agency which estimates carbon dioxide emissions from all sources of fossil fuel burning and consumption where big polluter China leads with 8715.31 Million Metric tonnes, and which has indeed announced its plans to reduce the carbon intensity of its economy 60%-65% per unit of GDP by 2030,Uganda’s young manufacturing industry makes it currently invincible where they name big polluters yet aiming stealthily.

With the 6.5 billion barrelsof black-gold, the largest deposit in the region and fourth in largest in sub-Saharan Africa, behind Nigeria, Angola, and South Sudan, all unearthed, environmental experts keep no secret that Uganda has embarked on a huge carbon creation plan controversial to its own renewable energy pledges.

The double-standardness of Ugandan government becomes more apparent if you look through its INDC (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions)submitted to UNFCCC in October 2015which spells only 22% carbon cuts by 2030. Neighbouring Kenya pledged a 33-35% reduction in emissions intensity by 2030.

If the current fossil-fuel-run economy with 85% dependence of fuel firewood and charcoal for cooking, and kerosene for lighting, how will the national question of sustainability and green energy be reconciled with a leading dirty energy producing economy in the region?

An in-depth analysis by Jim Krane (Wallace S. Wilson Fellow for Energy Studies at Rice University in Houston) examines the climate-related risks facing the fossil fuel industry and concludes that the sustainability train has already well and truly left the station -- and is not coming back.

Yet sustainability train of thought is what Uganda government and fossil fuel multinational investors derive their investment confidences from.  “Their commercial activity in fossil fuels is increasingly at odds with global actions to reduce the threat of climate change,” the research declares.

Burning coal, oil, and natural gas is responsible for two-thirds of humanity's emissions of greenhouse gases, and yet provides more than 20% of GDP in two dozen nation states. By researchers’ estimate, the current commitments to reduce these emissions could mean forgoing $100 trillion in fossil fuel revenues by 2050—representing a huge disruption to global affairs, undermining national budgets and corporate balance sheets while exposing stakeholders, including pension holders and ordinary citizens in resource-exporting states, to myriad risks.

Though Krane predicts that some businesses, and perhaps even some governments, may not survive the increasing pressures facing the energy industry as a result of climate change actions, the government of Uganda seemed determined in its shared effort to drill oil and natural gas.

These economic costs could have however been compensable by the short-term gains from fossil fuels but the millions of tonnes of carbondixide that warm our planet beyond the safety benchmark of 1.5-degree Celsius will be incomputable and can’t trade of with black-gold rush.

By Boaz Opio

Apps That Will Make Your Life In Kampala Easier

You cannot fail to admit that technological advancements have led to so many improvements in the general daily activities for almost everyone in the world. When you look at living within the city years before and in this modern time, there is a huge leap. A lot can be found at a click of a mouse or even a call away instead of you moving miles for them.

One of the leading startup hubs is Uganda and believe it or not, techies are getting creative by the day. Lately, you will find an App for almost everything in the country. As long as you have internet connection, these apps will make your life a little easier. 


Maybe one of the newest on the market, Uber is an international transportation app owned by Uber Technologies Inc. The company joined the Ugandan market in 2016 and has been helping Ugandans acquire safe transportation options around Kampala and Entebbe at affordable prices. Uber is available on both android and iOS, prices range from 5000 UGX to 80, 000 UGX depending on the distance traveled. 


Termed as the “uber of bikes,” is a transportation App for a company that came into business in 2014. The concept was to provide Ugandans with safe boda boda travel options and help reduce the many motorcycle related accidents and crime in the country. Safeboda boasts of more than 500 registered bodaboda rides who are trained in first aid and adhere to traffic rules. The App is in its infant ages and might have a few bugs here and there but it is an essential. Safeboda can be downloaded for both Android and iOS. 


The word yoza can be translated to mean, wash in Luganda. The App in itself is a laundry app that connects users to someone who can do their laundry at a price within the user’s location. Yoza App prices are categorised in packages which range from 100,000 UGX for 4 months to 1,000,000 UGX for 6 months.

Packages are specifically meet the user’s needs, be it a family or just a student. You can download the app for free on your App store. The App has been profiled by international media houses such as CNN and The Financial Times.

Jumia Apps

Jumia Group is an e-commerce group of companies with offices around Africa. In Uganda, Jumia has; Jumia Travel, Jumia Food, Jumia, Jumia Jobs, and Jumia House. All apps help you do everything from the touch of your phone and can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS.

Jumia Travel is a hotel and flighting booking website with travel packages, Jumia Food helps you order food from restaurants around Kampala to Lubowa. Jumia House will help you buy or rent real estate around the country while Jumia Jobs is a human resource services company that helps you find a job or hire someone.  

Quick Taxi

Launched in January 2017, the transportation app is so far another cheaper option to Uber. The taxis are owned by the company so clients can get easy feedback on driver behaviour when they report. You can download the free app and try it today.  

Pearl Guide

For travel and tourism, the Pearl Guide is one of the best go to Apps and even better they have travel campaigns every year that will take you around the Uganda for a small fee. The app gives you a guide of almost everything social happening within Kampala.  

Uganda Hospitals

How about an App that helps you know locations of registered medical facilities within your vicinity? The free App is quite vital because we all do not know when an emergency might strike. Uganda Hospitals app is only available for android.  

Banking Apps

Over the years banking has evolved and in Uganda, many of the financial institutions have caught up. Banks like Stanbic, Centenary, Barclays among many other have apps that facilitate online transactions as well as other financial activities for their clients.  

Teleco Apps

With the growth of technology has come apps that help you not stress calling your mobile carrier’s customer care every time you have a problem. All you have to do is download apps like MTN UG Assistant and you have your queries worked on.

TV Apps

You do not have to own a TV to follow up with local news or any other shows on television. You can now download free apps for NTV Uganda or NBS TV to keep you updated. Kindly remember it is not safe to use these apps while driving or walking on the street.  

History Of Uganda

Learn more about the history of Uganda with this wonderful App and if you are history buff you know how useful this is.You can download this app for free on your App and lose yourself in a collection of events that predate the 1800s.





Huawei To Send Ten Seeds For The Future Trainees Again

For the second year running, Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, will send a select team of ten Ugandan trainees to china to sharpen their ICT skills under the Seeds for the Future program. About 30 students from various local universities are competing for the opportunity to represent Uganda. 

ICT and National Guidance minister speaking at the announcing of the program at Makerere University, College of Computing and Informational Science, noted that the program is in line with the ‘Digitization Uganda Strategy’ that is to be completed and launched soon.

“Seeds for the Future program helps cultivate and pool together ICT professionals and students that are crucial to industry development, thus boosting ICT industry growth, driving the development of different sectors and contributing to lower unemployment rates over the long term. To the beneficiary students, please don’t take such opportunities lightly but rather maximize them to become better by gathering useful experiences’’, he said.

The program that was flagged off by H.E. Yoweri Museveni began in Uganda in 2016 with 10 ICT talents visiting China in Beijing and Shenzhen. These were trained in the Chinese culture such as language, calligraphy, painting learning, historical tour in Beijing and cutting-edge ICTs lessons, enterprise management experience sharing, lab practices, Huawei exhibition hall visit and solutions demonstration in Shenzhen, where Huawei’s headquarter is located.

“Our focus this year is to have the top 10 students out of the 35 students recommended by government universities of Uganda through competition. The judges will look through their proposals on “How to accelerate the development of Uganda through ICT” and select the best 10 for the program who shall travel to China on 2nd June for two weeks”, says Stanley Chyn Huawei’s Managing Director at the program launch ceremony.

The Assistant Commissioner Information and Communication of the Ministry of Education and Sports Mr. Patrick Muinda commended Huawei for the program and noted that the Minister of Education approved to partner with Huawei for the activities under the Seeds for the Future 2017.

“The Ministry of Education and Sports is a partner of the Seeds for the future program 2017. This program was introduced to the Minister Hon. Janet Museveni earlier this year, which she welcomed and approved all the said activities and timelines to take place. On this note I thank Huawei for allowing us to be a part and parcel of an initiative that can only add to Uganda’s education sector through knowledge transfer, enhancement of teaching and scientific research capabilities and provision of high quality courses and opportunities for hands-on practice”, he said

The Deputy Chief of Mission Chinese Embassy to Uganda Mr. Chu Maoming noted that Chinese companies like Huawei are committed to the wellbeing of all Ugandans and affirmed that it is a policy for all Chinese enterprises to give back to the locals. The Seeds for the Future program was initiated in 2008 by Huawei with over 2700 talents from all over the world for study trips in China.

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