Eve Mbasabye

Eve Mbasabye

Minister Says UAE Ready To Employee 80,000 Ugandans

The Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development Hajat Janat Mukwaya has revealed that the government of United Arab Emirates (UAE) is looking at giving employment opportunities to 80,000 Ugandans.

The UAE and Ugandan government in June signed memorandum of understanding to enable Uganda export labout to the Arab country. It is during this MoU signing that Mukwaya was noticed of the employment opportunities that Ugandans can take up.

“Immediately upon signing of the MoU, my colleague Minister H.E Nasser bin Thani Al Hamli challenged me as follows: “I need 80,000 Uganda workers in the next 12 months”. This is a huge undertaking and I urge the private sector to take up this offer,” Mukwaya said, adding that Uganda has already sent 40,000 workers to UAE.

With this opening, labour export companies like Premier Recruitment Limited, a subsidiary of Ruparelia Group of companies, are positioning themselves to be the link between Ugandan job seekers and employers in the Middle East.  Premier Recruitment Limited acquired a license from the ministry to export labour.

Since last year, Premier Recruitment Limited has been sending Ugandans to work in Qatar as house maids. Before sending the girls to work abroad, Premier Recruitment Limited offers them professional training.

The minister said the UAE has been the largest destination for the bulk of Ugandan migrant workers. Without an undertaking with the UAE Government, protection of migrant workers and their welfare has not been very easy. The unregulated business had given room to illegal recruitment, trafficking and exploitation.

“However, with an agreement in place, more organized and safe employment shall be created. The terms and conditions of employment of Ugandan worker in the United Arab Emirates shall be defined by an individual employment contract between the worker and the employer,” she said.

Students Get CADD Centre India Ethical Hacking & Security Training

A number of Victoria University students from the Faculty of Science and Technology recently received the much thought after Industrial Technology Expert Training under the topic of "Ethical Hacking for Organizational Info Assurance & Security".

The training was delivered by an invited guest lecturer Eng. Sakthivel Jeevarathinam from CADD Center India.

The CADD Centre, with head offices in Chennai, India, boosts of Asia's biggest network of skill training provider in Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), and Project Management. It was founded 30 years ago in 1988.

The CADD Centre hosts a wide array of courses, certifications, placement assistance and career planning tools to help students get the most from their education. It also has over 1000 franchise outlets across over 30 countries.

It is this experience that students of the Faculty of Science and Technology at Victoria University tapped into when Eng. Jeevarathinam visited the university as a guest lecturer.

Under the Faculty of Science and Technology, Victoria University teaches professional course like CISCO (CCNA); undergraduate degrees like bachelor of information technology, bachelor of computer science; Diploma like diploma in business information systems, diploma in information technology; short course like foundation mathematics, basic computer applications, CISCO- IT essentials and CCTV installer course.

Victoria University, is one of the best universities in Uganda, and stands out as a centre of academic excellence.

Labour Exporters Protest Ministry’s ‘Illegal’ Move To Ask For Bank Details

The Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development in a rare move wrote to all external labour recruitment companies asking them to submit list of employees and bank statement for financial year 2017/2018.

The letter date 5th June, 2019 and signed off by the permanent secretary Pius Bigirimana says the companies should submit as required a list of employees working in each company and the bank statements for financial year 2017/2018 through Uganda Association of External Recruitment Agencies (UAERA) 10th June, 2019.

However the companies have protested saying the request by the ministry is unlawful and tramples on human rights of said Ugandans. Export companies say that submitting bank statements is not a requirement under the Employment (Recruitment of Ugandan Migrant workers abroad Regulations Statutory Instrument number 62 of 2005 under which export of labor is regulated.

Also pointed out by the companies is the Bank of Uganda Final Consumer Protection Guidelines 2011under guideline 7(3) (a) which provides for safeguarding of consumer information and precludes financial service providers from disclosing information about a consumer to a third party except where the financial service provider is compelled by law to disclose the information or where the disclosure is made with express consent of the consumer.

Also, a bank statement falls within the definition of data which is defined under the Data Protectionand Privacy Act to mean “information that is processed by means of equipment operating automatically in response to instructions given for that purpose.

And section 10 of the Data Protection and Privacy Act provides for protection of privacy and states that a data collector, data processor or data controller shall not collect, hold or process personal data in a manner which infringes on the privacy of a data subject.

The Constitution of Republic of Uganda Article 27 explicitly recognizes the right to privacy and calls for its protection. The companies urge that privacy is a fundamental human right enshrined in numerous international human rights instruments such as Article 12 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We Are Being Investigated, Mutebile Confirms

The Bank of Uganda governor Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile has confirmed that State House Anti-Corruption Unit is investigating a matter concerning anomaly in the inventory of the expected consignment.

The governor in a press statement said he himself invited the corruption fighting body upon realizing the anomaly. “On April 27, 2019, the Bank of Uganda (BOU) received a consignment. During the verification process, BoU staff reported an anomaly in the inventory of the expected consignment.

Therefore, I requested the Anti Corruption Unit (ACU) of State House to investigate the matter. The ACU has started investigations and Bank of Uganda is fully co-operating with the process,” Mutebile said in a statement.

State House Anti Corruption Unit head, Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema, on her part, in a separate press statement said they are working with the Criminal Investigation Directorate of the Police. She confirmed that the investigation is being carried out following an invitation by central bank governor.

“The matter under investigation involves a recent procurement consignment. A number of senior personnel, customs and civil aviation authority personnel are being question,” the soldier said.

While both officials didn’t divulge details of the consignment, it has been widely reported in the media, following Nakalema’s unit raid on Bank of Uganda offices, that the scandal involves the central bank’s procurement and printing of currency notes and airlifting the money to Uganda.

The Independent via URN quote a Bank of Uganda officials saying the central bank was alarmed by the extra cargo aboard the chartered plane that was only meant to carry currency.

The plane had 25 pallets containing Ugandan currency but only 20 belonged to BoU. The pallets, according to the official were intact when they received them at BOU in Kampala but there was one problem – the non-authorized cargo on the plane.

By law the plane chartered to transport the currency notes must only carry the notes as ordered for printing and delivery.

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