Uganda Ponders Nuclear Energy Collaboration With Algeria

President Yoweri Museveni is optimistic that Uganda will collaborate with Algeria in the area of nuclear energy

The Ugandan leader was left in awe after visiting the Nuclear Research Center of Algiers on Monday during his 3-day visit to Algeria.

“I congratulate our Algerian brothers & sisters on taking the right steps in the area of Nuclear physics & energy,” Museveni said admiringly.

He explained that nuclear energy helps in the areas of medicine, agriculture, energy & propulsion among other benefits. 

“Uganda already has a nuclear energy unit and we shall collaborate with the Nuclear Research Centre here to agree on specific areas of cooperation,” he said on Monday.

The nuclear energy optimism comes at a time when Uganda National Oil Company (UNOC) has signed an MoU with Sonatrach, the State Oil Company of Algeria.

The UNOC-Sonatrach deal will see Uganda work with Algeria on different oil and gas projects including the upcoming oil refinery set for construction in western Uganda.

At a press conference last week, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development announced it will begin construction of the country’s first nuclear facility in Buyende district, eastern Uganda.

For the Buyende Nuclear Power Plant, Uganda, according to reports, will partners with China National Nuclear Corporation which would assist in developing capabilities for the peaceful use of atomic energy.

"Preparation to evaluate the Buyende Nuclear Power Plant site is ongoing to pave the way for the first nuclear power project expected to generate 2,000 MW, with the first 1,000 MW to be connected to the national grid by 2031," Dr Ruth Nankabirwa Ssentamu, the energy minister, said in a statement.

Nankabirwa warned residents of Buyende District against selling their land to speculators who are targeting the 2031 nuclear energy power plant project worth Shs34 trillion.

"I want to call upon our people of Buyende not to rush to sell their land to speculators who would lure you with huge sums of money expecting to get a lot more as compensation from the government,” she said.

Adding: “Remain with your land and government valuers will be used as usual and the rightful owners shall be compensated,"

In December 2021, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) endorsed Uganda’s nuclear energy power plant development following a successful review of the country’s nuclear infrastructure.


Buyende District Looking At New Life Schools Buwaidha To Improve Education Sector

Buwaidha village in Buyende district still largely depends on ill-equipped government schools to deliver much-needed education. Like many rural communities, this has over the years proved to be insufficient.

Now, the tables are turning for the better after the introduction of New Life Schools Buwaidha, a multibillion shillings education project comprising of a kindergarten, primary and secondary sections.

And what started as a dream to the directors of New Life Schools Buwaidha, and a promise to the people of Buwaidha, a community that still lives a rudimentary lifestyle, came to life on Saturday 28th January 2023 when the Kyabazinga of Busoga launched the kindergarten complex of the project.


The Kyabazinga of Busoga His Majesty William Gabula Nadiope IV, in the company of Busoga Kingdom Prime Minister Owek. Muvawala Joseph Nsekere, kingdom and cultural ministers and the Buyende district leadership, with the launch of the nursery complex, gave life to Buwaidha, Buyende district and the entire Busoga sub-region.

In Buwaidha, the Kyabazinga was welcomed by Dr. Wandera Richmond, the Senior Pastor of New Life Church, Eng. Isabirye Gerald, the Executive Director of New Life Schools Buwaidha and Owek. Kiirya Ivan, the Minister of State for Finance in Busoga Kingdom. 

New Life Schools Buwaidha was overwhelmingly welcomed by the community and the delight that comes with the presence of Kyabazinga was evident in every speaker’s voice as they welcomed their loved cultural leader and thanked the directors of the school for coming through with the project. 

In his speech, the Kyabazinga who is also the Patron of New Life Schools Buwaidha, implored leaders in Buyende to support the New Life Schools projects in order to uplift the academic performances in the district.


Dr. Wandera said that New Life Schools Buwaida is a community school that seeks to provide quality education to vulnerable children in dignifying environment adding that the vision of the school is to train a generation of Godly leaders who will serve nations.

Eng. Isabirye said that their education model is in line with the Ugandan curriculum adding that they will teach everything as required by the government. Eng. Isabirye said the kindergarten will start with 150 pupils when the school term starts and these will include 50 in the Baby class, 50 in middle and 50 in the Top class and they will not have a specific uniform.


The chairperson of Buyende district, Michael Kanaku, told the Kyabazinga that while the performance of primary schools in the district is still poor, there is an improvement as compared to about 20 years when the district barely registered a first grade in the national Primary leaving Examination.

The district woman Member of Parliament (MP), Mary Annet Nakato, through the Kingdom’s Prime Minister, urged the kingdom to provide a transformer to power the school due to unreliable electricity supply.

How New Life Schools Buwaidha Is Planning To Uplift Education In Buyende District

Buyende district remains one of the most impoverished districts in Uganda and it is even more appalling when it comes to education, skills training and transfer and knowledge acquisition.

The district on the shores of Lake Kyoga largely relies on government schools are often ill-equipped to the constraints government faces when funding schools across the country.


Eng Isabirye Gerald is the executive director of New Life Schools Buwaidha

In this interview, Eng Isabirye Gerald, as the executive director, talks about the plans they are laying a plan to transform the education sector in Buyende district through New Life Schools Buwaidha.

Background of the New Life Schools Buwaidha  

New Life Schools Buwaidha is a community school located in a village called Buwaidha found in Buyende district, Busoga sub-region. The multipurpose school seeks to provide quality education to vulnerable children in a dignifying environment. The vision of New Life Schools Buwaidha is to train a generation of Godly leaders who will serve nations.

We believe opening a school in the Buwaidha area is imperative to the well-being of the children not only in their education but in developing them psychologically, emotionally and socially and giving them a chance to experience life as a normal child should. 


New Life Schools Buwaidha is bringing new education facilities and equipment like smartboards to Buyende district

The objectives are quite many, and our vision puts the entire community at the centre. For example, we want children in Buwaidha and neighbouring communities to reach their full potential by providing them with a good education. 

We want to start community-based projects that we hope will provide jobs to people in the community and keep families together as the school is a local amenity. 

Targeted achievements

New Life Schools Buwaidha wants every child to have an opportunity to attain quality formal education to break the cycles of illiteracy and poverty that have been for so long defined this area.  

This is what we want to achieve. We want to support vulnerable and underprivileged children living in Buwaidha village and the surrounding areas with easy access to quality education.

Education model  

At New Life Schools Buwaidha, we use the Ugandan curriculum. We will teach everything that as required by the government. Our students will take the required tests to be able to graduate like the rest of the country. 

The difference with New Life Schools is that we teach the same information but in a different way. Instead of teaching only how to memorize to pass tests and exams, we teach our students critical thinking. 

The plan is to start with the launch of the Kindergarten in January 2023. Once the Kindergarten school is open, a year later, we will build the Primary division and High School. 

The school will have a Recreational Center, Teachers' Housing and a Medical Centre. The school will also provide community-based projects and training programs outside of school hours. 

Planned Kyabazinga launch  

First, it is always a pleasure and prestigious when the Kyabazinga graces such a function. We expect the Kyabazinga to come with a high delegation from the kingdom. Also, we hope that the Kyabazinga will come with a message of hope to inspire his subject. There is always something to learn from the Kyabazinga.

New Life Schools is working with Obwa Kyabazinga Bwa Busoga. And to launch the project, the Kyabazinga of Busoga, His Majesty William Wilberforce Gabula Nadiope IV, will on 28th January 2023 preside over the launch of the kindergarten section and break the ground for the construction of the upper sections – primary and secondary sections. 

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