Jumia Becomes One Stop Online Destination In Africa

AIG country managers have promised to revolutionize internet shopping COURTESY PHOTO AIG country managers have promised to revolutionize internet shopping

Africa Internet Group last week took a bold step in deepening its business on the African continent by rebranding all their nine platforms to Jumia. The company said the change will connect its companies into Jumia’s ecosystem with a new vision, "Expand your horizons".

This means that all services will bear the name Jumia -- with a focus on their main activity: Jumia Market (kaymu) / Travel (jovago) / Food (hellofood) / Deals (vendito) / House (lamudi) / Jobs (everjobs) / Car (carmudi) / Services (AIGX).

Ron Kanawamara of Africa Internet Group said all services will be interconnected so that customers can easily browse from one Jumia service to another in one click. “We are taking the entire economy online, enabling small, medium and large African companies to find new customers and serve them in a new way,” Kanawamra said at a conference.

“Additionally, we will allow all our customers to navigate seamlessly across all our platforms with the same login credentials - so they don’t have to re-enter their information when navigating on a new platform,” Kanawamara added.

Kanawamara revealed that over 500,000 local companies are making business on Jumia every day and that more than 10,000 brands are building their awareness on Jumia, local logistics companies are delivering millions of packages every year thanks to Jumia.

After 4 years of successfully establishing and growing its online services as leaders in their markets, Africa Internet Group, now Jumia, has become the number one E-commerce platform in Africa.

“We founded our companies with a very strong belief: Internet can improve people’s lives in Africa. Uniting all services allows us to better help our customers fulfill their daily aspirations. This is all possible because people connect to our platform to access those services and products in an environment that we have designed for them, addressing their needs and expectations on quality, choice, price, trust and convenience.” said Sacha Poignonnec and Jeremy Hodara, founders and co-CEOs of Jumia.

People can now find on Jumia all their needs; branded products with Jumia : fashion and electronics with Jumia (prev. Jumia and Kaymu)], local sellers with Jumia Market (prev. Kaymu), hotel booking with Jumia Travel (Jovago), food delivery with Jumia Food (Hellofood), Jumia House (Lamudi), Jumia Jobs and (Everjobs) and lastly logistics services with Jumia Services (AIGX).

Furthermore, sellers will also benefit from this move, by getting access to more traffic and to a greater world of opportunities. Every day, Jumia helps and encourages restaurants, hotels, local sellers, brands, real estate agents, car dealers, large companies and logistic companies to become better, bigger in performance thus creating positive impact for Africa.

The founders reiterated that, “Operating under the same brand name reinforces the legitimacy of proposing other services to our customers and to our sellers. We want to have one strong brand that is trusted and loved by our customers across Africa”.

Jumia’s new vision, “Expand your horizons”, expresses the group’s ambition to transform people’s lives through internet, overcoming the ground market challenges of the continent and giving all Africans the opportunity to access high quality services and products everywhere.

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