Let Industrialists Adopt Renewable Energy Options To Save Our Environments

Solar panels being sold at a retail shop. Uganda needs to adopt alternative energy sources Solar panels being sold at a retail shop. Uganda needs to adopt alternative energy sources

By Sandra Atusinguza

I recently got interested in a story published in the print media where a renowned Breweries company (NILE) came up with a plan to go green in industrialization through establishment of biogas plants at her industries.

If 90% of all industries would also adopt this, then uganda would be a better country to live in . It is true the electricity bills are very high and have pushed many out of business including small scale and medium enterprises/ companies as well as scaring way potential investors despite incentives like tax holidays due to the sustainability aspect.

It is worse in communities where power lines are seen as they Passover the houses but they cannot be connected to the grid, even those with power in their houses use it for lighting at night but when it comes to ironing they use charcoal irons and firewood or charcoal for cooking.

In order for our country to achieve the sustainable development goals and reduce green house gasses, there is much need for sustainable production and consumption patterns where more companies/ industries must adopt sustainable practices like reducing green house emissions, currently industries are at the centre of environmental pollution and degradation despite the existing measures.

Renewable energy options such as wind mills, solar energy, and bio gas must be heavily invested in to generate more power, government through Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development must also develop the thermal energy plants such as Kibiro in Buliisa district to help generate clean energy to the communities and attract investments as an alternative away from the hydro electricity. This will help reduce green house emissions effects to our environment and other costs.

Complied by Sandra Atusinguza

AFIEGO Field officer


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