Modi Extends $141m Credit To Electricity Development

India's Prime Minister Modi and President Museveni India's Prime Minister Modi and President Museveni

The coming of India’s Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to Uganda saw a number of Memoranda of Understanding and other frameworks of cooperation signed between Uganda and India as the two friendly nations re-energized their sovereign relations.

Among the announcements that the influential Prime Minister made was the two lines of credits worth about $200m would go to the development of energy and agriculture sectors.

Specifically, $141m will go into construction of electricity lines and Substations and $64m into agriculture and dairy production. These sectors the foundation of Uganda’s economy and the country’s Vision 40 that aims to make Uganda a middle income country.

The minister also announced a contribution to establishment of Mahatma Gandhi Convention/ Heritage Centre at Jinja, a financial support of $929,705 for capacity building and creating a supportive infrastructure for East African Community (EAC) which is currently chaired by Uganda.

Other contributioins include provision of 25 slots for training under the ITEC scheme in the field of dairy cooperation in order tostrengthen cooperation in the Dairy sector and gifting gifting of 88 vehicles, 44 each for the Ugandan Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) and forthe civil use by the Ugandan Government.

The Prime Minister also gifted a Bhabhatron Cancer Therapy machine to assist Uganda’s efforts towards eradicating the malaise of cancer, 100,000 NCERT books for school going children of Uganda and 100 solar power irrigation pumps to Uganda for helping Uganda’s efforts in the development of agriculture.

In a joint statement released, the Prime Minister and his host President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni directed concerned individuals to ensure that implementation of existing agreements, Memoranda of Understanding and other frameworks of cooperation, is fast-tracked.

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