IRENA Launches Geopolitics Of Energy Transformation Report

International Renewable Energy Agency’s 9th Assembly Meeting in Abu Dhabi International Renewable Energy Agency’s 9th Assembly Meeting in Abu Dhabi

By Malise Otoo, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

A blueprint report about the Geopolitics of Energy Transformation has been launched by the International Renewable Energy Agency at the sidelines of the 9th Assembly Meeting in Abu Dhabi.

Speaking during the report launch, Mr. Olafur Grimsson, former President of Iceland observed that with the situation regarding the geopolitics of Energy with the US for example, the situation may be different. He said,” with respect to the US, it is more complicated and balance situation.”

And rightly so this can be expected partly because of the position of US President Donald Trump, especially on Climate change. Therefore this report couldn’t have been launched at a more better time than IRENAs Assembly meeting especially looking at the complexities of the issues and the fact the world now more than ever is looking for cheaper, alternative and sustainable source of power which is clearly becoming Renewable Energy.

The UN SDG7 states emphatically that by 2030, the world must ensure access to affordable, reliable and modern energy for all. This IRENA is championing in almost 180 countries around the world.

Again, Mr. Grimsson explains that the report re-ensures that the emergence of the new world is a reality. ”Everything we have been hearing about energy security has been talked a lot about people who talk about the price of oil”, he says.

“What’s happening in Singapore, how is OPEC going to respond, what are the producers going to do. Well, we believe that discussion is going to change fundamentally as Energy begins to evolve rapidly in the direction driven by technology, not by resources, it’s going to alter. Now there are a number of possibilities sketched out by the commission but I think that’s a fundamental issue that we are going to look at is how we must act.”

”Second is that we going to see new leaders emerge. At the moment we have energy leaders who are able to combine natural resources endowment with technology and able to infuse oil and gas, coal for mining.” He stressed.

He thinks there will be a diffusion of power from a period of resource-scarce, to a period of resource abundance.

Mr. Adnan Amin, Director-General, IRENA sets the question of political risk that could come up by saying, ”unless you have the responsibility for the change you have before you, you going to be in trouble”. He restated that the world is not facing an industrial risk.

Carlos Lopez, former Head of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), thinks that in his view there will be a lot of energy in energy independence. There is a reform appetite in Africa right now and renewable energy is going to produce a lot of independence.

The Global Commission on the Geopolitics in of the Energy Transformation was established as an independent initiative by IRENA in January 2018 during its 8th Assembly.  

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