Korean Firm To Build 40MW Power Plant In Uganda

President Museveni meeting with officials from South Korea's Zion Company Limited COURTESY PHOTO President Museveni meeting with officials from South Korea's Zion Company Limited

Uganda’s electricity production will increase by 40MW a year if Zion Korea Limited Company, a firm from South Korea, goes ahead with their plans of investing in the country’s energy sector. The company’s delegation was in Kampala last week to meet the country’s leader President Yoweri Museveni.

According to a statement released by the president’s office, Museveni told his guests, who were led by the Chief Executive of the South Korean company, Jeon Koang Woo, that the ambitious investment plans are in line with the government’s efforts to create wealth and jobs.

Jeon Koang Woo said their company aims at building a power plant in Uganda with an output capacity of 40 Megawatts annually offering direct employment opportunities to 2,000 employees and indirect working opportunities to 3,000 workers. He also added that the company, in addition to direct power production, will manufacture solar panels and batteries.

Museveni, therefore, observed that the power plant investment venture that the South Korean entrepreneurs are going to establish in Uganda is welcome. The President emphasized that Uganda needs more power production ventures in order to ensure that industrial establishments and wananchi (citizens) access electricity at favourable cost per unit.

Uganda’s electricity demand has been growing at an average of 10% per annum which has led to occasionally power outages because the supply is low. To curb this deficit, Uganda with the help of developing partners and developers are undertaking new projects that will substantially increase supply.

At the moment Uganda produce hydroelectricity power at Adekokwok Hydroelectric Power Station (8MW), Bugoye Power Station (13MW), Bujagali Power Station (250MW), Kabalega Power Station (9MW), Kanungu Hydroelectric Power Station (6MW), Kiira Power Station (200MW), Mpanga Power Station (18MW), Mubuku I Power Station (5MW), Mubuku III Power Station (10MW), Nalubaale Power Station (180MW), Nyagak Power Station (3.5MW), Kisiizi Power Station (0.3MW) and Gwere-Luzira Power Station (0.5 kilowatts).

Some of the projects under construction include Isimba Power Station (183.2MW), Karuma Power Station (600MW), Nyagak III Hydro Power project (5.5MW) and Maziba Power Station (5MW). Uganda also proposed to develop 13 hydroelectricity power projects including Ayago Power Station in Nwoya district that will produce 600MW. Once all these projects are operational, the country will substantial power supply and a low cost.

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