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PHOTOS: Vice Chancellor Dines With Victoria University Excelling Students

Motivation is a big aspect of learning and it comes in all types, shapes and approach. For Victoria University Vice Chancellor, Dr. Krishna N. Sharma, a dinner at a cozy restaurant or hotel gives him the chance to bond and inspire and motivate his best performing students.


And as it is becoming a routine, the Vice Chancellor on Friday, at Fang Fang restaurant, hosted the annual Vice Chancellors Dinner 2018 in honor of best performing students with CGPA 4.4 and above from different faculties.


The sumptous dinner is attended by Victoria University students, Vice Chancellor, Academic Registrar, the University Promoter Rajiv Ruparelia and Naiya K Ruparelia, Faculty Deans and the marketing team of the University.


Last year over 20 students who performed well in various exams were treated to a sumptuous dinner at Nanjing Restaurant in Kampala. The University said this is one way of motivating students to perform well.

The Vice Chancellor, Dr. Krishna N. Sharma, recognized the good performance of Best performing students that got first class CGPA to motivate them. “The overall intention of this diner is to thank and motivate the best performing students to keep performing well.

COMING SOON: Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia Business Lecture

Dr. Paul Bamutaze the President of East Africa Book of Records revealed they will be organizing an annual ‘Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia Business Lecture’ where the Ugandan polished entrepreneur will share his knowledge with young people across the African continent.

The first such lecture will be held at the University of Nairobi in 2019, Dr. Bamutanze revealed without giving the exact dates. He was speaking at Kabira Country Club where Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia was honored to receive the East African Business Leader Award of 2018. The award is given by East Africa Book of Records.

“Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia has shown that if you are focused, no barrier can inhibit your success. Young people look up to him and we are glad to tap into his knowledge,” Dr. Bamuntanze said.

Businessman Capt. Mike Mukula referred to Dr Sudhir Ruparelia as not only one of the best business minds on the African continent, but the whole world. “He has been able to build institutions from a humble beginning and see these institutions grow to a level of perfection. Dr. Sudhir is extremely very meticulous and very thorough,” he said.

“Without Dr. Sudhir, not many businesses would be standing in this country. There are many other entrepreneurs who are now millionaires because of his financial ingenuity,” he said.

Speaking after receiving the award, Dr. Ruparelia hoped that can be inspiration to young people. He dedicated the award to President of Uganda and his NRM government for creating an enabling environment and formulating liberal economic policies to encourage entrepreneurship.

“Without that, let me assure you that with all your business acumen, planning, hard work and dedication you will still struggle to achieve success,” he said.

Premier Recruitment Starts Training Maids

Tens of girls are undergoing the required training before they fly out of the coutnry to go work in Saudi Arabia as house maids, officials at Premier Recruitment Limited has said.

The training will be adequate and will last seven days. Premier Recruitment is a subsidiary of Ruparelia Group of companies. It is the latest entrant into the labour export market in Uganda.

The company will be helping Ugandans get good jobs in the Gulf States of Saudi Arabia and Jordan. They will be operating under license number 52 from  ministry of labor and social development.

will begin its operations by getting 1300 jobs for maids and other domestic workers.“We have finalized all the requirements to export labor from Uganda. We have also secured ourselves a license from the ministry of labor and social development which is number 52,” Rajiv Ruparelia, the managinf director of Premier Recruitment, said.

Rajiv together with general manager of Premier Recruitment, Ms Kanak Shah, met Mr. Emmanuel Olobo, head administrative, consular & labour affairs, Uganda Embassy, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to guarantee safety of Ugandan workers.

“We want to make sure we vet and screen all companies we work with abroad who will employ our Ugandans. As a special, we are recruiting house maids aged 21 to 38 years who will be given free passport and air tickets,” he added.

Food, Family Fanfare At Speke Resort Diwali Festival

Every year, between October and November, the Indian community in Uganda celebrates Diwali, a Hindu festival that according to internet sources symbolises the spiritual "victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.


The case was the same on Sunday when Indians congregated at Speke Resort in Munyonyo to kick start Diwali festival, a five day celebration, with what is now the much anticipated Diwali Food Festival.

This year, the food festival was organised under the theme ‘Come and experience the real India in Uganda’.

Indian food, drinks and music were plenty depicting the Indian rich culture. Families - parents and children - were part of a spectacle of fireworks that lit the calm Sunday evening at the shores of Lake Victoria. Diwali is celebrated with the focus of creating unity, love, reconciliation and peace.

Pupils Seek God’s Blessings Ahead of PLE National Exams

Kampala Parents’ School held Primary Seven Dedication Prayers at the school premises in Kololo ahead of the national Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) to be held on Monday and Tuesday (5th and 6th November, 2018) countrywide. 

The prayers were attended by leaders from different religious denominations. Every year, parents, religious leaders, teachers,pupils and well wishers of Kampala Parents’ School congregate to pray for Primary Seven candidates in preparation for the pending PLE exams.

This year, pupils prayed for their parents, teachers, school administrators and the country at large. They asked for God’s to blessing. ‘May you enable us to remember what has been taught to us as we do our exams on the 5th and 6th of November, 2018.

They prayed for good health, guidance and blessings as they write their PLE exams. The school Principal, Madam Daphne Kato in her prayer thanked God for the great school that Kampala Parents School is and the for 230 primary seven PLE candidates.

She asked God to bless parents with money so that they are able to take their children to secondary schools next year.

The teachers during a briefing session asked pupils to be organised while they prepare for the last exams in their primary school education stage.

“A candidate who is not organized can fail to get a distinction. We have given you a full package in form of classwork. We don't expect any number to come from the curriculum and you don’t have it. We have covered the whole syllabus.” a teacher told pupils.

UNBS, Agriculturists Get Commonwealth Standards Network Support

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards is collaborating with the British Standards Institution (BSI) under the Commonwealth Standards Network (CSN) Programme, which will support UNBS to achieve its strategic objectives and support agricultural and other value chains in complying with international best practices.

The Programme will support finalisation of the National Standardization Strategy and will provide targeted technical assistance in improving the core UNBS functions – such as testing, certification and inspections.

It also aims to raise awareness of product requirements and commitment to quality in a number of agricultural and related value chains where difficulties are being experienced in exporting fruit, vegetables, fish and other commodities. 

UNBS Test Laboratories, the National Metrology Laboratory and the Certification and Import Inspection Departments will benefit from specialised training and a range of capacity-building interventions, led by international and regional industry experts.

Additionally, existing standards and guideline documents for agricultural and related goods will be simplified and translated, and training will be provided to grass roots producers. 

Upon completion, the project is expected to deliver a number of important benefits. This includes further enhancing Uganda’s ability to maintain quality standards for its products and services, especially food exports to international trading partners, as well as greater awareness about the benefits of UNBS services and activities among MSME’s.

Ultimately, these interventions will help UNBS to continue to set the effective standards for consumer safety, environmental protection and facilitate access to international markets for Ugandan products targeting the Commonwealth nations. 

In her speech, UK Prime Minister Teresa May said: “Our Commonwealth family already accounts for one-fifth of global trade, and we must continue to work together to build further upon this solid foundation by building on our existing trade links and establishing new ones.”

“I firmly believe that regardless of which corner of the Commonwealth you are from, we all will benefit from the jobs created by doing so. Every one of those new jobs will mean another family seeing their hard work rewarded, and the spread of greater opportunity.”

UNBS Executive Director, Dr. Ben Manyindo, said: “The support from the Commonwealth Network will go a long way in improving the competitiveness of local products in international markets which will improve our balance of trade especially among the selected value chains”.   

Overview of the Commonwealth Standards Network Programme 

The CSN Programme was announced in the UK Prime Minister’s keynote speech during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in May 2018. The programme, funded by the UK Department for International Development and implemented by the British Standards Institution (BSI), sets out to: 

  • Facilitate the growth of global value chains in the Commonwealth developing economies, particularly in supported sectors;
  • increase the volume of products and services exported from Commonwealth developing economies, that meet international standards;
  • create connections between Commonwealth countries (particularly National Standards Bodies and Ministries of Trade), allowing them to identify new trade opportunities;
  • improve the business environment and create competitiveness; and
  • enhance the use of International Standards to foster innovation and improve export potential. 

Set to finish in March 2020, the CSN Programme is organized along the three bespoke technical assistance streams and addresses key Quality Infrastructure challenges in Africa (Uganda and Zambia), Oceania (Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu) and the Caribbean (St. Lucia).

Additionally, an online portal designed to improve standards development and increase information sharing between Commonwealth National Standards Bodies and key stakeholders will be created for the benefit all Commonwealth member states.

Eritrea, Ghana Win Big At Victoria University Cultural Day

Victoria University students put up exceptional performances as they represented their respective countries of origin during this year’s Victoria University International Cultural Day. The cultural event took place Saturday at the University’s parking space.

The day long competitive culture showcase, the judges said, looked at attires - how much the team played around with the details of their attire, food - how they presented their cultural food, why they choose that particular type of food, attachment they have on the presented dishes, cultural relations with the food and aroma, and dance - how the dances communicated, entertained and meaning of the dance routine.

Students from ten countries - Uganda, DR Congo, South Sudan, Ghana, Nigeria, Somalia, Rwanda, India, Eritrea and Burundi participated at the event which is organized to showcase the University’s cultural diversity.   

At end of the day, Eritrea had won the the category of attire, followed by Nigeria and DR Congo who tied in second position. Eritrea also emerged top of the food category followed by DR Congo and Somalia. Alberta Horlu, who was the only student representing Ghana won the dancing competition with a solo dance act.

The Eritrean male students wore a kidan habesha (ije tebab) while the females wore the zuria to win the culture attire category.

In the food category they prepared a tiqrinia ethnic foods which included the shiro, tebsi, ades, ziqnia, himbasha and derho all served with injera. They also prepared areki (an alcoholic drink), sewa (a traditional drink) and performed a coffee ceremony.

Ghana’s Horlu, a female student, performed three traditional dances from Accra, Volta region and southern Ghana. The dances, she said, are performed for kings, during marriage ceremonies and other traditional events.

Uganda despite being hosts walked away empty handed. Burundi who combined with Rwanda were energetic and were recommended by judges for mobilizing well for the event.

Somalia and South Sudan had plenty of dishes to showcase and either of them could easily have been winners in the food category had it not been for Eritrea’s better organizational skills.

Somali notably had camel meat and milk, xalwo, barris (rice), suur, cambuulo (peas) and canfeero while South Sudan prepared kisra, kop, kombo, tangalia, basta, blaah sham, foul, suksukania, kabis, weaka, kedekede juice and gudegade. Horlu of Ghana had kelewele, jolof rice and soup.

The dances brought out well the agenda of the event - diversity. Each performance was wooing. DRC performed a musical dance depicting a marriage ceremony, so did the somalis, eritrean and Ghana,

Each student who made a presentation about their country candidly spoke and marketed their country. The University Vice Chancellor Dr. Krishna N. Sharma thanked students for showcasing their nations in the right light.

Date For Kampala Parents' School 2019 Intake Interviews Set

Intake for 2019 academic year at Kampala Parents’ School is ongoing and the famous primary school has said will conduct general interviews on Saturday 20th October, 2018 at the school premises in Kampala, Nakawa Division, Lugogo bypass.

The school said it admits children from the age of two and a half years (for pre- primary) through to twelve years for lower and upper primary classes, specifically stopping with primary six. Aspiring pupils must carry birth certificates and report cards from previuos schools.

The Principle of Kampala Parents’ School, Madam Daphne Kato has encouraged parents to invest in their children by taking them to Kampala Parents so that they can be nurtured and groomed in a suitable manner which has come to be associated with the school.

“The dividends will certainly give you a big smile at the end of the day. And the country as a whole shall benefit immensely from the human resource established,” she said adding that in building a wholesome all around child, compassion, love, integrity, cleanliness and discipline must be emphasized.

“We listen to each unique child needs and those who care for them, and use this information to personalize each child’s learning. We aspire to be an exceptional, inspiring and stimulating school,” she said.

Kampala parents’ school teaches a local curriculum at an international level. It has over 200 well trained teachers and over 150 non-teaching staff members with a pupil’s population of about 3000 persons. They have made the right investment to put in place state of the art facilities that have made it one of the best performing schools in the country.

"We use the National Curriculum to structure the content of what is taught and we enrich pupil’s learning experiences by providing access to stimulating resources and valuable workshops, assemblies and extracurricular clubs and trips.

"Teaching staff have access to high quality training opportunities which place quality first teaching at the core of everything we do. Pupils are regularly assessed and feedback provided to parents informally on a daily basis and during the PTA meetings and class days throughout the course of the year.

“We believe, teachers are the most responsible and important members of society because their professional efforts affect the fate of the earth. Teachers play an important role in the trajectory of learners throughout the formal schooling experience.

Teachers at Kampala Parents’ School are well facilitated to share their knowledge and skills providing pupils with many positive experiences that will help them to become well-rounded individuals who are ready for the world.

This has made the school be an academic hub of Uganda because of the balanced curriculum offered. The administration nurtures a child’s personal growth by providing a friendly and supportive environment. Discipline at Kampala Parents’ School is a vital element in grooming pupils.

East Africa Recognizes Sudhir Ruparelia Leadership Skills

Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia’s star continues to shine and his influence on the African continent continues to be felt despite being involved in a lengthy and unprecedented legal battle with Bank of Uganda following the closure of Crane Bank, a commercial bank he founded in 1995.

On Thursday, October 11, 2018, PML Daily, an online news publisher reported that the businessman whose investment interests range from insurance, real estate, entertainment, hotels, resorts, education and agriculture has been voted the East African leader of 2018.

His experience in business leadership has inspired many people in the East African region and beyond and for that matter the profilers of the East African Book of Records saw it fit to bestow him that honour.

An official ceremony to present the award will be organized towards the end of October and delegates from all the East African countries will read citations in Honor of Mr. Ruparelia.

The East African Book of Records said Dr. Ruparelia joins a number of other personalities including Presidents Museveni, Jakaya Kikwete, Uhuru Kenyatta, President Edgar Lungu of Zambia, who have received similar awards before.

Dr. Ruparelia has risen from a youthful Ugandan exiled in London driving taxi to one of the richest Africans. Hi businesses employee close to 10,000 people directly and indirectly. He is an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs on the African continent.

La Cabana Brings Night In Brazil To Kampala

La Cabana Restaurant, a multi-cuisine bar and restaurant serving Brazilian, Continental and Indian cuisines will on 13, October 2018 from 6:30pm to 10pm host the much waited Night in Brazil gig.

The Brazilian restaurant located on Wampewo at Speke Apartments is Kampala’s premium and ritzy churrasco grill restaurant. At La Cabana, you sup on the culinary wonders of Brazilian Churrasco while you enjoy live music, dancers and sip on the official Brazilian cocktail.

The restaurant said Night in Brazil is slated to be one of a kind dining extravaganza to ever happen at Speke Apartments. This time the pool side will be busy with a live band performing.

Revelers who will attend Night in Brazil at La Cabana Restaurant will have a choice to for premium experience at Shs149,000 or the with classic experience at Shs99,000.

Revelers who will choose the premium experience will get a welcoming Caipirinha Cocktail, unlimited 9 cuts of meats until you give up, vegetarian soup cheesy bread rolls, over 10 unlimited varieties of salads with dressing, varieties of side dishes and grilled cinnamon pineapple as dessert.

While those who will choose classic experience will get a welcoming Caipirinha Cocktail, unlimited 9 cuts of meats until you give up, vegetarian soup with cheesy bread rolls, over 10 unlimited varieties of salads with dressing, varieties of side dishes and grilled cinnamon pineapple as dessert.





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