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NCHE Grants Victoria University Permission To Continue With e-Learning, Conduct Online Exams

While many tertiary institutions are struggling to conduct online lessons and examinations including those globally acclaimed universities, Victoria University has excelled well attracting commendation from the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE).

Responding to their 'application for renewal of permissions to implement emergency open, distance and e-learning (OdeL) and request for permission conduct online examinations; the NCHE's deputy executive director Rev. Canon Dr. Alex M. Kagume has told Victoria University to continue with the good services being rendered to students remotely.

"I am pleased to inform you that after due consideration, the National Council for Higher Education has granted you permission to continue implementing the Emergency Open Distance and e-Learning system and to also conduct online examinations for only programmes accredited by the National Council for Higher Education for twelve (12) months," Rev Canon Kagume said in the letter to Victoria University vice chancellor.

He added: "As you will note from the attached summery report, some areas of improvement have been identified. We urge you to progressively address them.

I wish to remind you of the provisions under sections 2n (i-iv) and 3(c) of the ODeL guidelines which Victoria University should adhere to."

Since the break out of COVID19 leading to the closure of schools in the country, Victoria University turned to the internet to teach their learners and since then they have excelled at it.

And with this progress, Victoria University Vice-Chancellor Dr. Lawrence Muganga notes Victoria University is the premier training site for tomorrow’s health professionals.

“Victoria University’s dedication to cutting-edge research, technology and collaboration with leading professionals enables our Health Science Faculty to provide one of the finest learning and teaching environments in the nation,” he said.

Simbamanyo Building Renamed Gender And Labour House

Dr Sudhir Ruparelia, who last year in October bought the Simbamanyo building from Equity Bank via a public auction at USD 5 million, has renamed the building. Simbamanyo, which houses the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development, has now been renamed Gender and Labour House.

The building which is located on Plot 2 Lumumba Avenue in Kampala, is now under the management of Meera Investments Ltd, a real estate arm of Ruparelia Group.

Equity Bank sold the building after the original owner, a one Peter Kamya, defaulted on a USD6m loan it acquired from the bank. Efforts for both parties to sort the loan mess failed leaving the bank with no option but to sell the building to recoup its money. It is at that point at that Dr Ruparelia's Meera Investments Ltd emerged the best bidder and paid for the prime property.

Thereafter, Equity Bank wrote to the tenants of the building informing them of a change in ownership. “We are writing to inform you that Equity Bank Uganda Limited, as mortgagee, has completed the sale of land comprised in LRV 2220 folio 3 plot 2, Lumumba Avenue Simbamanyo House, after a public auction concluded on 8 October 2020 to the best evaluated bidder M/s Meera Investments Ltd, ” said Sam Kirubi, Equity Bank Uganda Managing Director.

Ruparelia Foundation Gifts Ambulance To Motorsport Clubs

The Ruparelia Foundation, a charitable arm of the Ruparelia Group and Victoria University, a learning institution owned by the Ruparelia Group, donated to the Federation of Motorsport Clubs of Uganda (FMU) a fully equipped ambulance.

Dr. Lawrence Muganga, the vice chancellor of Victoria University and Rajiv Ruparelia, the Ruparelia Group’s Managing Director handed over the state of the art ambulance at even held in Kampala on Tuesday.

Dipu Ruparelia, the president of Federation of Motorsport Clubs of Uganda revealed that this is the first time in 20 years that they are having an ambulance.

“This is a huge achievement on our quest to make motorsport safe in Uganda. This is going to help us evacuation of emergency evacuations of our competitors in all disciplines of motorsport- rallying, motorcycling etc,” he said.

Dr. Muganga said that Victoria University and the Foundation would “continue working closely with the FMU and motorsport fraternity in general, to improve the safety of all the actors in the sport and equally important build their capacity through Continuing Professional Development.”

Dr. Muganga also announced that Victoria University had started offering cutting-edge professional training including Sports Development and Management, which was available for the entire FMU fraternity and all Ugandans to benefit from.

“Victoria University’s Sports Development And Management course is designed to empower you with life-long skills in sports development, management and science, allowing you to develop a rewarding career in sport.

The Course can help you become a sports manager who can lead sport organizations in a range of activities. You’ll learn how to support marketable, profitable and competitive teams on and off the field, with specialized learning in systems, marketing, finance, management, law, analytics, to mention but a few,” he said.

Rajiv Ruparelia, the managing director of Ruparelia Group, and also a rally driver with Rajiv Ruparelia Rally Team said the ambulance boosts confidence amongst drivers participating in rallies.

‘The fans need to become more responsible, individually amongst their own community, because they should know the risks and danger, they’re putting themselves into; they should know the risks and dangers they are putting the driver into.

 And this (the ambulance) should only be in case of an emergency- but as the motorsport community, this should be something we avoid using at all costs,” he said.

LABOUR EXPORT: Education Minister Blamed For Growing Unemployment In Uganda

Unnamed officials in the gender and labour ministry are blaming First Lady and minister of education and sport Janet Kataaha Museveni for the escalating unemployment in the country.

The officials say that the First Lady’s directive not to reopen learning centers for trainees seeking employment outside the country through legitimate labour externalization firms has had a huge impact on the growing employment curve.

“The learning centers don’t have the same curriculum as schools. They are simply taught how to deal with the new environment,” Trumpet News quotes an official in the gender ministry. “We don’t know why the First Lady would allow this to happen when our youth are fighting with unemployment,” the official added.

The commissioner in charge of labour at the labour ministry Lawrence Egulu shut down all training facilities which the private companies had opened to equip workers with skills before they travel to the Middle East countries for employment.

Due to the growing demand for domestic workers in these Middle East nations, labour externalization companies in Uganda opened up training centers to pass on the required skills to potential candidates who would work abroad.

However, the learning centers were closed following President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s directive while implementing the second lockdown to mitigate the spread of the second wave of COVID19.

Whereas the president lifted the lockdown and the labour externalization business resumed, the gender ministry has refused to reopen the training centers for domestic workers; officials maintain that an order came from the ministry of education which is headed by the First Lady.

Security Releases Victoria University A Day After His Violent Arrest

The vice chancellor of Victoria University Dr Lawrence Muganga has been freed by security authorities a day after his violent arrest on Thursday at his office in Kampala. Ununiformed men brandishing assault rifles broke into the university office and dragged into a waiting car.

While the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Defence & Veteran Affairs (read Uganda People’s Defense Forces – UPDF) Brig Flavia Nalweyiso indicated that Dr Muganga had been 'arrested by joint Security Forces in connection with espionage and illegal stay in the country' and that 'investigations into the matter have commenced' no reason has been given by the authorities for his release without prosecution.

In a short video message to his friends and family, flanked by his friend Frank Gashumba, Dr Muganga thanked them for standing with him and mentioned that he can count on them in times of need. "My friends I am back. From the bottom of my heart, I am happy, determined and know that I can always count on you," a jubilating Dr Muganga said in the video.

Earlier Friday, Dr Muganga's family made a call to the government to release him or produce him in a competent court. As a warning, the family's lawyers gave the government 48 hours to produce the vice chancellor.

In a similar manner, a section of the members of parliament criticized the manner in which Dr Muganga had been arrested and threatened to go to court and have security agencies produce Muganga dead or alive if the 48-hour constitutional time within which to charge a suspect was not respected.

SHAMING: MPs Condemn Cruel Arrest Of Victoria University VC Muganga

The arrest of Victoria University vice chancellor Dr Lawrence Muganga has attracted the wrath of Members of Parliament (MPs) who believe the high-handedness used by security agencies while effecting the arrest was not necessary. 

The Igara West MP Mbwatekamwa Gaffa and Kasambya County MP David Kabanda threatened to go to court and have security agencies produce Muganga dead or alive if the 48-hour constitutional time within which to charge a suspect isn’t honored.

“We are concerned about the way Lawrence Muganga was arrested. The Vice Chancellor was arrested on grounds of spying on Uganda, actually, it was a kidnap. He has dual citizenship both Canadian and Ugandan,” said Mbwatekamwa while addressing journalists at Parliament on Friday.

Mbwatekamwa wondered why Government used the cruel nature once used by Amin Government in the 70s instead of summoning Muganga. He added:  “We don’t want to see brutality in Amin done on Ugandans. You can’t reduce him to that level. The people in the office were beaten. Can Ugandan citizens stay illegally in their country? There is no way state can come up and say he isn’t Uganda which means he is spying on his own country.”

Mbwatekamwa pleaded with President Museveni to intervene in Muganga’s plight and make sure the Victoria University VC is released immediately, saying the manner in which he was “arrested” is shaming.

“It is so shaming the manner he was arrested. Please I don’t think Museveni was aware the way you arrested that man because that is the reason he went to the bush.”

Kabanda said although he wasn’t going to condemn the arrest of Muganga because any Ugandan can be arrested if he commits a crime, he rather protested the manner in which Muganga was arrested, comparing it to kidnap

“I don’t believe he was arrested. We know who has a mandate to arrest Ugandans. He was kidnapped by people not identified by the security of Muganga that’s why you saw that scuffle. Joint security has no mandate to arrest it is the mandate of the police. The status of Muganga I don’t think he would have violated laws,” Kabanda said.


Arrested Victoria University VC Dr. Muganga Is A Dual Citizen

The authorities are saying the Victoria University Vice Chancellor Dr. Lawrence Muganga has been arrested for espionage and overstaying in Uganda but emerging information coming through indicates that he is a dual citizen of Uganda and Canada.

Dr Muganga, born in Uganda, owns a Canadian passport and Uganda’s National Identity Card – two documents that legally grant him citizenship of either country. Both Uganda and Canada lawful grant dual citizenship to qualifying individuals.

Dr Muganga’s Uganda National Identity Card number is CM9603210KCCG while his supposed Canadian passport number is HG689873. Pictures of both travel documents have been circulating on social media.

His Uganda National Identity Card number is due to due to expire in 2029 while the Canadian passport is valid till January 2026.

Dr Muganga has been this Thursday morning arrested by three plain-clothed men who dragged him to a waiting Toyota Hiace vehicle also known as ‘drone’ that whisked him away to a yet to be revealed destination.

Dr. Muganga who holds a stellar record of success in providing policy advice, independent and analysis, clear and easy-to-read research products has held positions in Canada, Ethiopia, and Rwanda.

He is also skilled at identifying and explaining complex policy and strategy issues and researching contentious issues.

He focused on researching, planning, developing, implementing, and assessing policies that contribute towards human capital development and improving the quality of life for populations.

He says he works with universities, think tanks, research and policy institutes, governments, multi-national development agencies, not-forprofit organizations, and corporations.

He is an award-winning writer and author, researcher, educator, international curriculum speaker, public policy practitioner, strategy advisor, development, and management specialist.


Famed Journalist Andrew Mwenda Slams Way Victoria University VC Was Arrested

The manner in which Victoria University Vice Chancellor Dr Lawrence Muganga was arrested is synonymous with former President Idi Amin Dada's regime, outspoken journalist Andrew Mwenda, also a close ally of the current regime has stated.

"Why do Ugandan security agencies use methods last employed by Idi Amin’s goons to arrest people? Couldn’t they have invited Lawrence Muganga, the vice chancellor of Victoria University, to police for questioning and then detain him? What is so hard with acting civilized?" Mwenda posted on Twitter.

On Thursday morning ununiformed men carrying guns matched into Victoria University campuses located on Jinja Road in Kampala and violently arrested Dr Muganga who they dragged into a waiting minibus commonly known as drones and sped off to an unknown destination. This has riled Mwenda, a friend of Muganga.

“This is the more disturbing because only a few weeks ago, President Yoweri Museveni went on television to speak against these forms of barbaric arrests, actually abductions. Was the president merely pretending or do these security agents not listen to him anymore?” Mwenda added.

Reacting to circulating news that Dr Muganga has been kidnapped; Uganda People's Defense Forces spokesperson Brig Flavia Byekwaso denied the kidnap reports saying he had been arrested. Arrested, not kidnapped. 

"Social media reports that Vice Chancellor Victoria University Dr Lawrence Muganga was kidnapped are false. He was arrested by joint Security Forces in connection with espionage and illegal stay in the country. Investigations into the matter have commenced." the UPDF said.

Social media speculation was Thursday when Dr Muganda was arrested ripe that he was working as a spy for the Rwandan government. This allegation was largely based on Dr Muganga’s working time in Kigali and with Paul Kagame, Rwanda’s president.

Not directly agreeing with the notion that Dr Muganga works for the Rwanda government as a spy, Mwenda, who is also a close ally of Kagame and the Kigali establishment called for both governments to sort out their differences.

Mwenda said” “For all the talk about the necessity of East African integration, one wonders why Kampala finds it difficult to make some diplomatic reproachment with Kigali, a factor that would cool nerves and end the incessant internal fight against Ugandans of Banyarwanda culture!”

Family Demands Access To 'Kidnapped' Victoria University Vice Chancellor

The family of Victoria University vice chancellor Dr Lawrence Muganga, through their lawyers of Elgon Associated Advocates, is demanding that they are given access to the educationist who was arrested on 2nd September by men in plain clothes brandishing heavy machine guns at the university premises in Kampala.

In a press statement released on Friday, the family is also demanding the Dr Muganga is treated humanely. "We do have faith in this government and considering that President Yoweri Museveni recently stopped security operatives from ruthless arrests, we did not imagine that our family member could be treated this way," the family said through the lawyers.

Adding: “We do appeal to the government to release Dr Muganga without physical or emotional torture. Alternatively, produce him in court."

Shortly after news broke that Dr Muganga has been kidnapped; Uganda People's Defense Forces spokesperson Brig Flavia Byekwaso denied the kidnap reports saying he had been arrested. Arrested, not kidnapped.  

"Social media reports that Vice Chancellor Victoria University Dr Lawrence Muganga was kidnapped are false. He was arrested by joint Security Forces in connection with espionage and illegal stay in the country. Investigations into the matter have commenced." the UPDF said.

Now, Dr Muganga's lawyers are saying Brig Byekwaso, the UPDF spokesperson lied. "This is not true. How does a Ugandan overstay in his own country. He has a Ugandan National Identity Card. The NIN is CM7603210KACCG" the lawyers said.

Social media speculation was Thursday when Dr Muganda was arrested ripe that he was working as a spy for the Rwandan government. This allegation was largely based on Dr Muganga’s working time in Kigali and with Paul Kagame, Rwanda’s president.

Justice Served As Rubaga South MP Aloysius Mukasa Wins Electoral Petition

Political stability returns to Rubaga South after Eugenia Nassolo (Democratic Party) withdrew the case in which she challenged the election of Aloysius Mukasa’s (NUP) election as Lubaga South MP in the January 14 polls.

Kenneth Paul Kakande, the lawyer of Nassolo told the court that their client (Nassolo) had instructed them to withdraw the case after she lost her mother who has been sick.

“The petitioner has indicated that in the circumstances, she is withdrawing the petition and this is done in the spirit of reconciliation and harmony,” Kakande told the court.

Adding: “Both parties have signed a consent form and agreed that each party will bear its own costs in the case.”

Lady Justice Dr. Winfred Nabisinde, in her ruling, allowed Nassolo to withdraw the case and consequently announced Mukasa as the duly elected Member of Parliament for Lubaga South Constituency.

“In the circumstances, this court doesn’t see any justifiable reason why it should not exercise its powers to allow the withdrawal of the petition. I don’t see any injustice occasioned by the withdrawal. This court, therefore, declares Aloysius Mukasa as the duly elected MP for Lubaga South constituency,” Nabisinde said.

A jubilant Mukasa thanked voters for believing and entrusting him to represent them in parliament. “This victory is for the people of Lubaga South who overwhelmingly voted me to represent them in Parliament,” he said.

“I also thank my opponent (Nassolo) who emphasized unity and peace during the campaigns and fulfilled the same by withdrawing the petition.”

Mukasa will now fully serve his five-year term without any hesitation because of this court victory. Nassolo was the runners up in the January 14 polls for the Lubaga South constituency.

After losing, she accused Mukasa of having bribed voters with facemasks, soap, sugar, and matooke. She also accused Mukasa of lacking the required academic qualifications.

Responding to Nassolo's claims embedded in Election Petition No. 07 of 2021, Mukasa through his lawyers M/S Semuyaba, Iga & Co. Advocates asked the court to dustbin the petition saying it has no merit and is based on political mind games.

Recently, Lady Justice Dr. Winfred Nabisinde has allowed more time to parties to continue negotiations with a view of settling the case in which DP’s Eugenia Nassolo’s challenging Aloysius Mukasa election as Lubaga South MP out of court.

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