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FITNESS ALERT: Take Charge Of Your Wellness At Kabira Country Club Gym

The need to be more aware of our physical health status increases each passing day especially now when the COVID19 pandemic has made many of us inactive due to lost jobs and working from home. Because we are usually home sleeping, sitting or napping in couches, our bodies have become unfit.

And following the reopening of gyms, saunas and other wellness places, you can use the free time to work out and get your body back in shape.

Hotels like Kabira Country Club in Bukoto, have the right wellness facilities and have put in place the SOPs recommended, therefore, you can be sure that the COVID19 risk has been minimized.

 “Trying to quickly shed off the remainder of that quarantine weight gain or maybe trying to tighten up your tummy before your scientific wedding, now is the time for you to work out,” Kabira Country Club said in social media messages encouraging the public to try out their gym.

Adding: “Don’t let your wellness take a backseat when you can be in the rider’s seat instead, jump into our workout studio. No matter your choice of workout, we have it covered,”

Kabira with the state of the art gym provides clients with the space to do aerobics and Zumba on select days and for a limited number of clients. Services like Zumba have a wide range of health benefits like controlling stress levels.

With one of the biggest and best-equipped gym in the East African region, Kabira Country Club gym instructors have the expertise and experience that has helped their clients attain their fitness and healthy living goals.

Apart from the gym, Kabira Country Club has with supervision reopened its outdoor activities like swimming, sports activities, aerobics and jogging.  “We know you must have missed the sharp dives, the cool breeze and the green nature down here!

Well, we are overjoyed with the good news that we can’t wait any longer to announce that all our outdoor activities will officially be open to the general public. However, terms & conditions apply,” Kabira announced through its social media pages.

Kabira Country Club offers exquisite business and good family time and for the years past, Kabira has capped its beauty by keeping maximum standards and quality services.

Set amongst a foray of palm trees in an idyllic suburb of Bukoto, less than a 15-minute drive from the hub of Kampala city, Kabira is the premier boutique hotel in the city.

Through the gates and up into a swanky courtyard the Club is cut off from the clamour and hustle that surrounds it.

For any kinds of inquiries please call; +256 752 711 009.

Sudhir Ruparelia Gets Nepalese Diplomatic Vehicle

The Honorary Consul of the Republic of Nepal to Uganda Dr Sudhir Ruparelia has today received the official car to facilitate his diplomatic duties – a Lexus 2020 UBH series with a special color of the number plate and official flag of Nepal.

In March this year, Sudhir was appointed the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Nepal to Kampala, Uganda. In the same month, Sudhir officially presented his credentials to the minister of Foreign Affairs, Sam Kutesa.

Sudhir set up his consulate office at his iconic Crane Chambers on Kampala Road. The appointment of Ruparelia is expected to boost the bilateral relations between Uganda and Nepal.

After presenting his credentials, the businessman was inaugurated later in the evening at a ceremony his Kabira Country Club by His Excellency Ambassador Jhabindra Aryal Rajdoot, the Ambassador of Egypt who is already in Uganda.

A consul is an official representative of the government of one state in the territory of another, normally acting to assist and protect the citizens of the consul’s own country, and to facilitate trade and friendship between the people of the two countries in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations of 24 April 1963.

Under the same convention, Dr Sudhir will enjoy diplomatic privileges like meeting government officials and being involved in diplomatic circles and will also enjoy diplomatic Immunity under International Law with some limitations.

He also has no tax liability on any income arising from consular activities and will be using diplomatic channels at airports with no time delaying and annoying customs checks. He will be using the VIP section.

He also has unlimited entry and exit privileges from host country for business and personal travel and a free diplomatic vehicle license plates with special color of the plate.

Education Is Something That Can Add Value To Society – Sudhir

Education is a right and necessary tool that can add value to society, businessman Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia, the chairman Ruparelia Group, has said. He explained that for this to happen, the right investment has to be made for the education system to deliver the right services and value to members of society.

He said the education sector can best be built on three aspects – the teaching fraternity, learners and the infrastructures – that when combined well can create an environment for learning to thrive. He said today children are exposed, clever and intelligent and therefore need the best tools to learn.

“We ventured in the education sector to add value to society. I believe the sector needs to create a system that will combine 3 aspects in the system including the teaching fraternity, students, and the infrastructure in an environment for them to practice their expertise” he said.

The businessman was speaking at a webinar organized by Victoria University on Thursday 18th November 2020 with the theme” The Journey and Future of Victoria University.”

The webinar was also attended by Dr. Lawrence Muganga, deputy vice chancellor Victoria University, Mark Namayo, a lecturer at the university, Rebecca Suubi, Victoria University alumnus and moderated by Sharon Iyadika, a student at the university.

Under the Ruparelia Group, Sudhir has heavily invested in the education at all levels- he owns Kampala Parents’ School, the leading private primary school, Kampala International School Ugandan the leading international school, Delhi Public School International and Victoria University, the fastest-growing private university in the country.

He said through Ruparelia Foundation, apart from supporting the social well being of education, they are also into charity activities including orphanages, donations to religious bodies, the unprivileged and others.

With four functioning faculties - Business And Management, Health Science, Humanities And Social Science and Science And Technology - Victoria University is emerging as the university of choice for a modern learning.

The university has invested in the right tools and technology to deliver on its mandate as a research-driven university. It usually with the community to come with evidence-based study solutions that give learners hands-on learning experience that make them employable and job creators.

Affordable Devices A Big Opportunity In Driving 4G Migration

There are significant business opportunities in the mobile-broadband space in building an ecosystem of affordable mobile devices to support user migration to 4G and 5G cellular network technology.

This was the message emerging from the 5th Huawei Africa Mobile Broadband Salon taking place at the online Africacom Africa Tech Festival from 9-12 November in Johannesburg.

Delegates heard that the ICT industry had never been more important to society, and that it was now at the forefront of social development and restoring economies affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Connectivity is the foundation for digital transformation,” said Salon facilitator Mohamed Madkour, Vice President, Carrier Business Marketing and Solutions for Huawei. “It's about time that we address mobile connectivity not just in terms of speed or capacity or coverage, but also in terms of ecosystem accessibility, affordability, convenience and value.”

The event heard that according to GSM, the number of 4G users in Africa was expected to triple in the next five years, with population coverage increasing from 55% today to 80% in 2025.

“Universal connectivity in Africa needs proactive collaboration from all stakeholders to develop profitable businesses and also encourage investment,” said Madkour.

Roy Zheng, Overseas Business Development Director for one of the semiconductor maker, said that since the pandemic, the demand for education tablets had exploded. To meet this demand, his company was producing chipsets that enable the production of tablets priced from $48 (R750).

“The adoption of more effective technology with lower cost can drive 4G adoption,” said Zheng. “We are able to provide chipsets for mobile phones priced from $31 (R485), which could be the ideal entry-level smartphones for 4G migration.”

Also speaking at the Salon, Lin Ranhao, CEO of smartphone and tablet maker Tele 1, said that during the coming years, the fastest growth of the 4G user base was likely to come from Africa.

Ranhao said Africa had many 2G users waiting to switch to 4G, but that despite ready infrastructure, 4G penetration was still relatively slow. Suggesting ways to resolve this, Ranhao drew an analogy with China, which was encouraging the production and purchase of electric vehicles through subsidies.

“If the conversion from 2G to 4G is such an urgent task for carriers, we should take a more proactive strategy, and drive this process through subsidies. After all, to bundle carrier plans with subsidised devices is common practice all over the world.”

Ranhao said subsidy programmes combined with competitively priced entry-level devices would lower the threshold for first-time smartphone buyers, accelerate 4G migration and open up vast opportunities for business, and for human development.

“The demand and supply sides are important pillars of the mobile broadband business,” said Madkour. “Infrastructure and spectrum represent the supply side, while services and ecosystem are the demand side. We can boost consumer business by showing the value for partnerships in affordable device ecosystems and content services.”

Kampala Parents Deputy Principal Succumbs To Pneumonia

The deputy principal Kampala Parents School in charge of academic affairs Odoi Leopold has dead, the school management sadly announces.

“With great sorrow, we communicate the death of one of our greatest team member Mr. Leopold Odoi on Monday. May his soul Rest In Eternal Peace,” the school said.

The school says Odoi who died on Monday succumbed to bronchopneumonia which resulted into difficulty in breathing coupled with recurrent hypertension.

He has been buried today at his ancestral home in Ivumbangabo in Bugiri district.

The school said Odoi will be remembered for his dedicated service, diligence and hard work which he has exhibited for his 20 years of service.

ONLINE LEARNING: Kampala Parents' School Pupils Register High Levels Of Achievement

Kampala Parents School took to online teaching when the government closed schools to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID19), a pandemic that has rattled the world. And after months of conducting lessons using online platforms like social media, zoom, email and other digital tools, the school principal Daphine Kato says that progress has been registered.

"The teachers are in the process of covering the syllabus of their respective classes. Furthermore, our pupils have benefited a great deal from the practical skills like baking and salad making being taught by their teachers," Kato said in a letter to the parents.

She added: "The school has so far conducted two assessment sessions in a bid to ascertain the level of retention basing on the covered content of the syllabus. I am glad to report that of our learners have portrayed high levels of achievement,"

"We intend to carry out another online assessment session which will be our very last in this year. This will be conducted on Wednesday, 2nd December and Thursday 3rd, December 2020. Online lessons in this year will end on 4th December 2020. More details of the will be communicated in our subsequent circulars," she revealed.

Meanwhile, the school continues to 'ensure the safety of all our students and premises. "We've increased our regular cleaning schedule throughout the day. All staff is thoroughly and regularly washing their hands throughout shifts and we've also placed sanitizers at every entry point for all of us," the principal said.

Kampala Parents Announces Free 2021 Term One Admissions, Interview Dates Set

The COVID19 pandemic ate much into the education program of not only Ugandan schools but the world over. Since March, when President Yoweri Museveni ordered the closure of all schools in the country, children have been home idling, the fortunate one's homeschooling or studying online.

But with the easing of the lockdown, the government reopened schools to allow only candidate students to resume with their studies in order to finish their academic year. The ministry of education promised that other classes would return to school early next year if the pandemic reduces its wrath.

And to prepare for the reopening of schools next year if the virus is contained, schools are strategizing to recruit learners and investing in facilities and requirements that meet the health and safety of learners, teachers, administrators and parents.

Today, Kampala Parents School has announced that there will be no admission fees for term one of the 2021 academic year, however, pupils will undergo a mandatory interview process to test them. Parents intending to enrol their children at the school have been advised to call the school and book to enable the school plan and adhere to the SOPs and health guidelines.

“The principal of Kampala Parents' School informs all interested parents that there will be interviews for pupils from pre-primary to primary seven for the first term of 2021 intake from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm,” a statement from the school said.

For parents who wish to have their children study at Kampala Parents' School, interviews for primary one pupils are scheduled on Saturday 7th November, primary two to primary four are set for Saturday 14th November, primary five to primary seven are taking place on Saturday 21 November.

There will another opportunity for primary one on Wednesday 24th November. For Baby, Middle and Top class, the interviews are scheduled for Saturday 28 November.

Kampala Parents School has been using platforms like broadcast media, social and online learning tools like zoom to conduct classes and educate their pupils.

“Kampala Parents has always been a proud leader in innovating for our parents and learners. It is difficult to predict when Covid-19 restrictions will end, yet our children must continue being fed with knowledge,” Kampala Parents School proprietor Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia said in an interview with  CEO East Africa.

Ethiopian Ambassador To Speaker At Education Diversity Webinar

Victoria University will yet again this Thursday host an important webinar, this time pooling together experts to discuss the diversity of education in Uganda.

As a leading private university, Victoria University has emerged as a preferred learning centre for different local and foreign cultures.

The Ethiopian Ambassador in Uganda H.E. Alemtsehay Meseret will be the chief panelist. She will be joined by

James Arinaitwe Kassaga, Chief Executive Director and Co-founder Teach for Uganda, Noel Remasu Michael, Alumnus Victoria University, Niema James Alexander, Student VIctoria University and MD Alexa Pastries and Pawar Simran Merali, Student Victoria University, media personality.

Victoria University has students from all part of the country and countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Eritrea, Burundi, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Djibouti, Somalia, Tanzania, Malawi, South Africa, Botswana, Ghana, Mozambique and others.

To celebrate this diversity, the university holds the annual international day to celebrate the rich cultural diversity. Students represent their cultures in terms of food, music, dance, speck, costumes and storytelling. The colorful day helps students interact and learn about their fellow students’ culture and heritage.

At Victoria University, students often remark that their classes are full of students from every nationality, religion, or ethnicity, and having access to and contact with so many cultural backgrounds makes the experience that much more thrilling.

Best Costumes To Win Prizes At Kabira Halloween Party

Halloween parties stand for their unique and weird costumes, and that is the point. Why attend a Halloween party in the normal dresses or costumes, the plan is to be scary as far as you can.

What other celebration lets you dress up, eat, party and enjoy some good-natured scares as than the Halloween party! Halloween costumes let you be whoever or whatever you want, which is probably why you should put in extra effort to come up with the costume idea if you are in Kampala, Uganda.

Kabira Country Club, a boutique hotel in Uganda’s capital Kampala, will celebrate this year’s Halloween with a Halloween BBQ at the hotel’s poolside area. The hotel’s general manager Dhaval Machhar says the hotel will reward the best costumes with amazing prizes.  

“At the Kabira Country Club Halloween BBQ party, we have many prizes to give away. First, every group of five people will get a free wine bottle. But the biggest prize is that the best Halloween costume wins a dinner for two, one night for a couple and 1kg cake couple,” Machhar said.

For only Shs75, 000 per person, you can be part of the poshest Halloween party in Kampala. You also stand a chance to win prizes. Kabira Country Club offers a quiet getaway from the crowds so you can focus and relax with beautiful nature views.

La Cabana Restaurant Goes For A Meaty Halloween

Halloween nights are nights of spooky adventure that must be experienced at least once in a lifetime. Halloween presents a once in a year opportunity to celebrate acceptable craziness and fun; an experimentation of a not ordinary living.

This year, Halloween will be celebrated on 31st October globally and in Uganda, various entertainment and hospitality centres have planned to give their customers an electrifying and scary experience.

La Cabana Restaurant located at Speke Apartments Wampewo is celebrating Halloween day with two meaty packages and spooktacular cocktails.

Iqramullah Liagath Ali, the Food and Beverage Manager at La Cabana Restaurant revealed that on that day, the restaurant will serve a Vampire Meat Platter, a wooden platter full of barbeque meats served with either French fries or potato wedges at Shs49, 000

Also, on the Halloween menu is The Monster Kuku, a barbequed whole roasted chicken served with either French fries or potato wedges at Shs49, 000. Also available is cocktail specials Singapore Ling or Blue Lagoon at Shs21, 000.

The following Sunday is the weekly Sunday Roast featuring David Olara, an Afro-jazz Saxophonist. Iqramullah revealed that they have cut the prices for the Sunday Roast to afford customers relish the most delicious kuku & sangrias.

“For Shs99,000, get a whole roasted kuku plus a pitcher of sangria & for Shs59,000, get a half-roasted kuku plus a glass of sangria each served with salad, chips & mashed potato,” Liagath said.

During the week, make your lunch plans with the best lunchtime special - get a free glass of sangria with every main course meal ordered every Monday to Thursday.

At La Cabana Restaurant, all Standard Operating Procedures are observed to prevent their guest from transmitting and contracting the coronavirus.

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