Kabira Country Club Returns With Christmas Roast This Christmas

This Christmas, you can dine and wine at Kabira Country Club COURTESY PHOTO This Christmas, you can dine and wine at Kabira Country Club

Kabira Country Club is offering Kampalans who love the fine things in life an opportunity to have a memory Christmas with family and friends. The Bukoto based hotel returns this Christmas with its annual Christmas Roast on 25 December.

Kabira Country Club’s Christmas Roast offers revelers the opportunity to taste different roasted meats that will be served through the day. The Christmas roast is packed with a rich menu for both the meat lovers and vegetarians.

The menu comes a soup counter that will have the cream of pumpkin and ginger soup; the salad bar will have lettuce salad, cucumber salad, tomato salads, carrot salads, beetroot salad, coleslaw salad, and garden salad while the salad sauces will include French dressings, Balsamic vinegar, and thousand island.

The sauces will include bolognaise and garlic sauce, white cheese sauce and tomato sauce while condiments will have carrots, broccoli, green chilies, coriander, sweet corn, olives and cheese for vegetables, the non-vegetables will have chicken, bacon, and ham.

The meat counter will have rolled beef sirloin, whole roasted chicken, whole roasted turkey, and suckling pig and can be served with BBQ sauce, pepper sauce, garlic and herbs sauce. The accompaniment will have jacket potato, gravy, brown rice, and creamy spinach.

The bread station will have assorted bread rolls, French loaf, garlic bread, and the dessert station will have assorted pastries, Christmas buche and English roasted pudding.

The kids area will have penne alfredo, French fries, mini beef burger, mini vegetarian pizza, mini sausage roll, ice cream with toppings. To enjoy all this, adults will pay a paltry Shs75, 000 while the children will pay Shs45, 000.


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