Ashinaga Orphans To Showcase Cultural Diversity At Opera

Ashinaga orphans will stage a multicultural opera at Ndere Cultural Centre COURTESY PHOTO Ashinaga orphans will stage a multicultural opera at Ndere Cultural Centre

To some children, losing a parent means an end to a purposeful life. This could be true in a country like Uganda where opportunities are hard to find. Some orphans have had a rough time growing. Many have given up and their lives have been washed away in untold suffering.

However there are organizations that are restoring hope to orphans whose lives is glaring at failure. Such organizations is the Ashinaga centre, a well-organized sanctuary for children with dreams bigger than their poor surroundings.

Ashinaga Centre based in Nansana on Hoima road, a few kilometers out of Kampala city, has its roots in Japan. It was started hundreds of years ago by Yoshiomi Tamai, a Japanese orphan, who wanted to give back to his society by uplifting orphaned children.

The Show's director John Caird

The Japanese organization that imparts confidence, entrepreneur and leadership skills among orphaned children rolled out an African leadership scholarship fund whose beneficiaries are picked across the African continent. The merit scholarship goes to orphaned children with potential to make a difference in their home country upon completion of university education in US, UK or Japan.

Every year, Ashinaga organizes cultural programs in Japan and USA, doing cultural performances and telling their stories in song, music and dance. This year, the concert will be in Uganda at Ndere Cultural Centre Tuesday 22, August, 2016, in Kisaasi, Kampala.

The multicultural concert will be joined by Ashinaga Japanese and American counterparts for a performance titled At Home in the World; it will be directed by John Caird. The cultural collaboration will be used to raise a profile of the Ashinaga African leadership initiative, which has helped many children get back their lives.

According to the organizers of the concert, the program wants to grow to provide more ambitious orphaned and bereaved students from sub Saharan Africa with opportunities for higher education at the world’s leading universities. The Show's director John Caird is a renowned award winning London based director, writer of musicals and operas.

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