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Experience Peaceful Nights, Beautiful Mornings At Speke Resort

The New Year and fresh start we’re all anticipating make January a good time to take a much-needed vacation. But with the travel restrictions and the COVID19 risks that come with international travel, vacationing domestically is ideal.

The COVID19 pandemic, despite hitting the tourism and hospitality sectors hard, has paved way for the growth of domestic tourism. Instead of Ugandans flying out of the country to destinations like Dubai, they’re discovering and appreciating Uganda.

Service providers like hotel and resorts, tour and safari companies, transport companies and others are now coming up with destination packages that are affordable to attract local tourists. 

Speke Resort & Conference Centre, located at the shores of Lake Victoria in Munyonyo, is taking a lead in promoting domestic tourism by coming up with discounted packages targeting the local market.

This January, they have rolled out what they have called January Getaway package. With this package, you can experience peaceful nights and beautiful mornings filled with pampering and care courtesy of Speke Resort.

January is the perfect time to have a blissful getaway with your loved ones. Soak yourself in Speke Resort’s Olympic size swimming pool as you sip on a cocktail of your choice.

You also get to feel the tropical breeze as you experience fine dining at its best. Share the love of food with family and friends as you enjoy culinary dishes prepared just for you.

The January Getaway at Speke Resort is designed for the ultimate vacation; the Resort is ready to welcome you back as they continue to strictly adhere to all safety guidelines for your peace of mind. It is a tropical escape everyone is looking for.

Speke Resort offers you the ultimate in luxury accommodation and leisure facilities together with the finest conference and business meeting location in East Africa.

As a guest, you may enjoy the use of the Olympic size pool, gymnasium and sports facilities, equestrian centre and 5-star restaurants. For those on business visits the Resort has a fully equipped business centre and 10 flexible fully equipped and staffed conference and meeting rooms.

Speke Resort is the ideal location for your wedding or banquet, either outside (in one of our marquees) or in one of the banqueting halls.

The luxury resort offers you a choice of luxury accommodation to suite individuals, couples, families or groups on either long or short stay.

There are cottages, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments or studio rooms. All guests can, of course, make use of the resort facilities including the swimming pool, equestrian centre, business centre, boat hire etc.

Health Living: Speke Resort Sets 2021 Fitness Goals

Living a healthy lifestyle can inspire creativity and teach you discipline, adaptability, and balance. This will not only leave you looking and feeling better, but you will show up as a better version of yourself for the people in your life that truly matter.

When you choose to live a healthy lifestyle, you not only do yourself a favor, but you set an excellent example for all of those around you. Your friends, family, and children are impacted by the healthy choices you make and will often feel inspired to make a change in their own lives.

The result of this is better relationships, lower risk of disease, and an overall healthier and happier world. By simply making healthier choices, you can have a rippling impact on all of those around you. To achieve this, you need the right health and fitness services provider.

Speke Resort and Conference Centre has rolled out different packages at its Speke Resort Wellness Center with a goal of helping their customers achieve their health and fitness goals.

The Speke Resort Wellness Centre has a gym, an Olympic size swimming pool, the spa, a fitness centre, a sports centre (two glass-backed squash courts) and kids’ activities. It is facilitated by professional instructors and equipment.

The gym caters to people of all ages and fitness levels, whether you are extremely athletic or just need a little exercise. You can stay in shape and keep fit with their fitness classes, running tracks and fully equipped gym. There’s something for everybody.

“Staying active is key to positive mindset. Speke Resort has a range of activities to help you rejuvenate. Make every day count by spending time dedicated to your wellness. Stay safe, stay strong,” Speke Resort said in an email to its customers.

Last year, the government of Uganda, through the Minister of Health, Jane Ruth Aceng, announced it had eased restrictions on mass gatherings, gyms, massage parlors, and salons as part of the phased lifting of the COVID19 lockdown.

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Kampala Parents’ School Sets January Dates For 2021 Intake Interviews

Parents and pupils who are interested in joining Kampala Parents’ School in the incoming academic year but missed the November and December 2020 interviews have another chance this month to be interviewed.

This comes after Kampala Parents School announced new dates on which parents and guardians can bring their children to be interviewed and assessed before being enrolled in the school community.

“The Principal of Kampala Parents' School Informs all interested parents that admissions for 2021 intake are still on from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm,” the school announced.

The interview dates are Monday, 11th January, Friday, 22 January and Saturday 30th January 2021. The interviews and assessment are purely academic and will be conducted by highly trained teachers.

While the government hasn’t pronounced when it will be reopening schools following the closure of all education centres countrywide in March by President Yoweri Museveni as a means of combating Coronavirus, Kampala Parents School and other schools are optimistic that it will happen soon.

Kampala Parents mission, according to management, is to instil qualities of good leadership, sound moral judgment, self-discipline, a pluralistic outlook, and civic responsibility to distinguish each child as a responsible individual.

Forest Cottages: The Perfect Group Getaway Destination In Kampala

The coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic has confirmed us in our homes and towns. The devastating virus has ensured that we cannot freely cross national borders let alone leave our cities for travel adventures.

The virus has battered the global tourism industry hard; tourists can barely leave their home towns to tour the world. Those that are doing it are bravely embracing the risk of contracting and spreading the killer virus.

In Uganda, a year of dipped arrival of foreign tourists and restricted movement of Ugandans has promoted domestic tourism – now, instead of Ugandans traveling to destinations like Dubai, they’re touring domestically.

This has been good business for local destinations and service providers who are now designing travel and getaway packages for local tourists – a blessing in disguise.

One such demand-driven and tailor-made domestic tourism package is the Group Getaway being offered by Forest Cottages, a hotel located on Naguru Hill, Old Kira Road (Bukoto). It’s part of the Speke Group of Hotels.

With just Shs3.5m, you can have a full package which goes with breakfast, lunch buffet, barbeque dinner and nonstop fan. The package comes with ten rooms for twenty people – it can be family, friends or workmates.

Forest Cottages is a designed luxury cottages hotel set in a serene forest environment. The accommodation facilities at the Cottages are carefully landscaped, huge, made in indigenous material.

The expansive Cottages offer customers comfort and entertainment away from their homes.

Forest Cottages has a swimming pool, health club facilities, conference facilities, restaurants and tour services. The natural rooms have WiFi, telephones and locally made furniture.

The artistic hotel provides a small sanctuary for forest wildlife such as colored turacoes, hornbills, and an additional 20 bird species. The secluded hotel offers peace and quietness in a natural green setting or the excitement of waking up to hummingbirds.

All this beauty is topped up friendly and courteous and professional staff members.

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