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Uganda To Host 2017 Regional Brookside East Africa Secondary School Games

Uganda has been earmarked as the host country for the 2017 regional Brookside East Africa Secondary School games scheduled to run from 16th – 27th August 2017 at St. Joseph Layibi College, Pace Stadium, Kaunda grounds and Sacred Heart Gulu. 

The launch event that was graced by The Minister of State for Sports, Hon. Bakkabulindi Charles was held at Imperial Royale Hotel.

The Brookside East Africa Secondary School Games, sponsored by Brookside Limited involve sporting competitions in various games organized at selected secondary schools within the East African region that comprises Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Southern Sudan. Each of these six East African countries will hold their own national secondary schools’ championships in various sports disciplines, out of which the top two teams in both the boys’ and girls’ competitions will qualify to compete at the regional Brookside games.

Speaking during the launch event Oliver Mary, Marketing Director Brookside Limited said, ‘As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility drive, Brookside Limited supports education initiatives such as the Brookside East Africa games which develop the complete individual in terms of Sports, Academia and Health. Brookside Limited has injected 1.2 Billion Uganda shillings into the 2017 regional Brookside East Africa secondary school games.’

Oliver Mary added that Brookside Limited believes that every child has a talent that needs to be identified and nurtured. ‘To this end, we are sponsoring the Brookside East Africa Secondary games because through such programs, the youth are able to play while at the same time use sports to identify and nurture their talents.

Oliver Mary further explained that the championships are held in different countries every year and the venue is never the same such that students can travel to different parts of East Africa and also learn more about their geography and the different cultures across East Africa. ‘Brookside has presence in the entire East African region, and we will continue to support all activities geared towards the improvement of the livelihood of people in East Africa,” he said.

NIRA Trains 160 Enrollment Officers In Albertine Region To Register Children

By George Busiinge

The National Identification Registration Authority (NIRA) has trained over 160 enrollment  officers in the Albertine grabben area to help in the mass registration of school children from the  age of 5-16 years in both primary, secondary  and tertiary institutions whether Ugandans  or not.

Herbert Katende  the Hoima district information technology officer in an interview at  Rivera Hoteri  in Hoima told Earthfinds  that  the purpose  of training  these enrollment officers is to help capture data of children in the age bracket that is  not currently recorded in the national registry  data bank.

Katende says that the enrolment officers are from Hoima district and are being empowered with practical use of laptops, cameras and other gadgets they are going to use through a period of three month.

Katende  requested  the enrollment  officers  to work  hand in hand with head teachers of the schools in order to make this  exercise successful because  it’s  very important  for teachers, parents  and  the children.

 Katende warned enrollment officers to keep the gadgets and protect them safely because they are government property and if they get lost in their hands they will be taken to police to answer the charges. He cautioned the people who are going into this exercise to avoid social media networks like WhatsApp and Facebook and concentrate on the work they designed to do.

The mass registration of children aged between 5 and 16 years for the national identity card project was launched in Bunyoro region recently. The launch held at Glory Summit Hoteri in Hoima and was attended by leaders from 9 districts of Bunyoro in preparation for the exercise which will cover all primary and secondary schools across the country.

The registration is an undertaking by the National Identification Registration Authority, a government entity mandated to register births and deaths in the country and to develop a National Identification Register for both citizens and legal residents.

Hon. Nansubuga R. Seninde who was the guest of honor at the launch told Earthinds that the exercise is aimed at capturing data of children in the age bracket that is not currently recorded in the national registry data bank.

Nansubuga says that pupils will however not be given National Identity cards. Instead, they will be given a national identification number which will be used for the issuance of a National ID once they turn 16. During the initial registration in 2014, the authority captured data for citizens aged above 16.

Nansubuga the state minister of primary education said that the registration will also support proper planning in schools where government has been losing two billion Shillings annually due to the presence of ghost pupils.

She reminded parents and all stakeholders to take children to licensed schools. Nansubuga says that pupils and students who will miss out on the registration process will not be allowed to sit for final exams at different levels of education.

Varsity Introduces Dry Needling Therapy

Dry needling, a technique physical therapists use to treat muscle pain, including pain related to myofascial pain syndrome, using acupuncture needles, is making its way into Uganda, thanks to Victoria University in Kampala.

Victoria University will on 1st and 2nd of July, 2017 conduct a two day certificate course in dry needling at the University premises. The short course is targeting medical doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, midwives and students.

The dean faculty of health science at Victoria University, Dr Krishna N. Sharma, in an interview, said the training will teach basic dry needling skills. Dr. Sharma expounded that the leading benefit of dry needling is that it provides the patient and health service provider a better healthcare system.

“While all medicines have side effects, dry needling doesn’t have any side effects. For example, if you know that the condition is something that can be treated with one or two sessions of dry needling, and without side effects, there is no reason to offer medicine. Dry needling will improve healthcare system,” Dr Sharma explained. 

Dr Sharma explains that when muscle fibres stop moving, they form a nod and start releasing painful chemicals. These chemicals will start causing pain, a condition now referred to as spasm.

 “Medicine doesn’t work much. Medicine will relax muscles but will not target the main point. The medicine doesn’t target the nod. When you penetrate a dry needle in the muscle, due to reflex, it releases the nod,” Dr. Sharma stated.

To attend the training, participants will have to pay however the training is free for Victoria University Students from faculty of health science. Students from other Institutions will pay Shs250, 000 while professionals and International Participants will pay Shs300, 000 and $200 respectively.

Delhi Public School International Tops Olympiad Exams

Uganda’s Delhi Public School International (DPSI) excelled in various examinations organized by globally acclaimed Olympiad Foundation, the Kololo based international school revealed.

An official from Olympiad Foundation, Mrs Indrani Ghosh, was in Kampala to deliver a letter of appreciation from the Foundation for the excellent performance. The official was hosted by the school’s Principal, Mr. Swami Nathan at the school.

“DPSI is proud to present the International Toppers (rank 1) and Merit Winners of various Olympiad Examinations that were conducted in the Academic Session 2016-2017. Congratulations go out to the principals, teachers, and students for the hard work and effort that has led to this big achievement.” The school said in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

Delhi Public School International follows the CBSE syllabus and complements it with teaching and learning tools such as audio-visual techniques, computer-aided learning, visual aids, LCDs, charts, models, games, role plays, art, worksheets and more, which make learning an exciting and meaningful experience.

“We choose the Indian National Curriculum because it is learner oriented, and students who have always used it are theoretically sound. We encourage parents to feel part of the school and keep them informed through regular PTA meetings & written reports,” the school elaborated.

The India based National Olympiad Foundation (NOF) helps academic and enterprising talent to come out from the walls of classroom. NOF conducts one of its own global talent search exam where the resources are utilized for children in need who are ignorant about education.

When KISU Hosted Earth Day Celebration

Climate change and environmental degradation is having serious adverse effects on human life and environmentalists globally believe that mitigation should start now. In Uganda this audacious task is being built around children, who, according to various environmental activists, are the custodians of planet earth.

To spread the gospel further, Kampala International School Uganda (KISU) last month, Saturday 22nd April, at their school campus joined the rest of the world to celebrate Earth Day, a global movement championing conservation of a green environment.

The daylong celebration was spear headed by My Kid is A superstar and Uganda's Little hands Go Green who organized the 4th annual International Children Climate Change Conference. The conference under the theme ‘Environmental and climate Literacy’ attracted four schools from Kigali, Rwanda.

Delegates from Kigali joined their Ugandan hosts at KISU to debate, suggest and find a solution to protecting the environment. The youngster suggested various ways to mitigate climate change, strongly advocating for the planting of trees, avoiding deforestation and formulation of strong laws to curb activities that are a danger to climate.

The event was graced by the State Minister for environment, Deputy director National management authority, National water and sewerage cooperation, Kampala Capital city Authority Deputy director education sourcing Managing director the corporate company that funded the trip of the Green Ambassador from Kigali.

Delegates were treated to a dinner by Rwanda's ambassador to Uganda at Silver Spring’s Hotel where he officiated the handover of certificate of participation to the children. We bring you some of the pictures taken at as kids celebrated Earth Day.



Victoria University High School Championship Returns

In recent times, sports has shifted from being a pastime activity to a very profitable adventure. Many youths locally and globally are reaping big from their talent. It is even much better if the talent is backed with a good education.

As a way of nurturing and promoting talent, Victoria University engages high school students at a highly competitive and entertaining Victoria University High School Championship. This year, according to the university, it returns big and better.

The University’s marketing and recruitment specialist, Abdu Salaam Kalanzi, revealed in an interview that close to 70 schools have been invited to take part in the championship that will take place on 24th June 2017 at Kampala International School (KISU).

Kalanzi said 20 or 30 of the 70 invited schools are expected to accept the invite. Last year 10 schools participated in the one day event. Students will compete in football, basketball and volleyball. “We want to build Victoria University brand through sports enhancement.” Kalanzi said, explaining why they are engaging high schools.

Over 1000 students participated and cheered their competing friends last year. Mount Saint Mary's College Namagunga were announced overall winners beating off competition from City High, Entebbe SS, Turkish Light Academy, Bethany High, East High Ntinda, Nalya SS, Ntinda View, St Michael Ssonde and St Maria Gorreti Katende.

Victoria University is a leading private University located at the heart of Kampala city academic excellence at a fresh and intellectually thriving environment that nurtures critical and progressive thinkers

The University offers courses covering business and management, humanities & social sciences, science and technology and health sciences. The University is committed to the advancement of higher education in the country and the East African region by establishing exemplary, specialized and employment-oriented education.

Victoria University in conjunction with Youth Power Group 6th May 2017 at Kampala Parents' School held the Youth Sports Gala.  

“At Victoria University, we believe that a healthy nation is always a wealthy nation. Therefore, it is necessary to put emphasis on sports. We believe that both Physical and Mental wellbeing are the prerequisites of great achievements in man's life.” The University said in a statement.

Victoria University Second Graduation Ceremony Set

Victoria University will hold its second graduation ceremony on April 7th, 2017 at Kabira Country Club from 7am to 12:30pm, the Jinja Road based University announced in an official press statement. The university however didn’t say how many students will graduate.

The university explained that during the ceremony graduates including local and international students from the four faculties of Health Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Technology and Business and Management will be honoured.

At this occasion the graduates will receive their awards before the university council, University’s promoters, senate, parents, invited guests and staff of the university. The event will be attended by dignitaries including ambassadors, Chief Executive Officers, top businessmen among others.

The day’s highlight shall include the launch of the Alumni association plus awarding of the top student. It will be presided over by the Chancellor Dr. Martin Aliker a distinguished speaker and trained surgeon.

Dr Aliker is a businessman, entrepreneur , community leader, a senior adviser to the President of Uganda and has served on a number of boards for nearly Forty Ugandan companies in different capacities. This year’s graduation theme is “Academic Victory for Social-Economic Transformation”.

As one of the top universities in Uganda, Victoria University stands out as a pivot of academic excellence in the heart of the city offering fresh and an intellectually thriving environment that nurtures critical and progressive thinkers thus pushing the pedagogical boundaries.

The University offers a wide range of programmes that are tailor-made for the market. It fosters and encourages innovation and creativity through research under 4 faculties of Health Sciences, Business and Management, Science and Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Ugandans Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day At Sheraton

Saint Patrick's Day was made an official Christian feast day in the early 17th century and is observed by the Catholic Church, the Anglican Communion (especially the Church of Ireland), the Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Lutheran Church.

The day commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, and celebrates the heritage and culture of the Irish in general. Celebrations generally involve public parades and festivals, and the wearing of green attire or shamrocks (a young spring clover with 3 broad leafs).

Christians also attend church services and the Lenten restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol are lifted for the day, which has encouraged and propagated the holiday's tradition of excessive alcohol consumption.

Sheraton Kampala Hotel last week on Friday celebrated this day with not only its Irish clients but with all its customers who love to experience the finer and different cultures. The night was all lit starting from Paradise restaurant where there was a special menu for the celebrations. The night was concluded in the Equator bar where there was over flowing Guinness.

Although the holiday is relatively new to the us, with a growing international community living in Uganda and not to mention the general trend of globalization we find ourselves also celebrating the occasion in support of the Irish community - it also presents us with a great opportunity to promote our restaurants and bars, partnering with Uganda breweries to offer great deals on beverages.

The celebrations were attended by both the international community and local community who enjoyed themselves to fine food, drink and amazing entertainment from Baxmba Band.

Sheraton Kampala's new Executive Chef, Mr. Vinz Karlsen wasted no time in capturing the spirit of St. Patrick's Day with a special menu dedicated to the occasion... with a generous amount of Guinness!

Victoria University To Host The Second Leavers Plug In

Victoria University is set to host senior four, senior six leavers and parents at the second edition of the “Leavers’ Plug-in. The leavers Plug-in is a program designed by Success Africa to thoroughly equip participants with ‘street-smart’ tools and skills to effectively transition from a student mindset to a creative, problem solving and value adding young adult, ready to step into the world with enthusiasm, hope and a clear purpose.

Ethan Musoloni, the the CEO of Success Africa and lead facilitator of the three day empowerment training, says the world is evolving and there is so much that a young adult needs to know in order to be well equipped to lead and excel. The training will address issues like public speaking, life planning and career options, business and etiquette, the art of networking and financial management.

The week long training starts Monday 30th to 3rd February 2017 from 8.30am to 1:00pm daily.  Musoloni who is the organizer and lead facilitator is a successful success coach, motivational speaker, Uganda’s leading human resource consultant, and author of many motivational books. He possesses a wealth of personal development experience which he has gathered over the years while consulting.

He is also a regular speaker at the Victoria University Career days. Feedback from students and parents that attended was phenomenal. He will  be joined by Samuel Bakutana a leadership consultant, inspirational speaker and personal development author.

Others are Eugenia Criss, an expert in transformational leadership, Lawrence Namale, a Life Coach, author and motivational speaker, Anita Katiti Zikusoka an expert in Human Resource Development and comedian Ken Kimuli known as PABLO.

Victoria University Kampala is one of Uganda’s newest universities accredited by the Uganda National Council for Higher Education (UNCHE). Victoria University stands as an intersection between academic excellence and business, offering a fresh and intellectually thriving environment that nurtures critical and progressive thinkers. The University offers Degree courses, Diplomas and Short Courses, executive programs under Full-Time, Part time, Evening and Weekend program formats.

Victoria University is committed to the advancement of higher education in the E. African region by tailoring programmes to the needs of the Ugandan, regional and International Markets.  The University offers employment-oriented education and aims at conducting foundation programs, creating practical and critical thinking Ugandan Scholars.

Sheraton Hotel To Host Wine Dinner

It’s that time of the year with so many festivities, celebrations and places like bars, restaurants, hotels to mention but a few are getting busier as the year winds up.

Some cultures are truly not part of us and therefore we have simply adopted them to fit the trends since we live in a global village. For lovers of exquisite wine and fine dining, the place to be this Saturday 16th is Sheraton Seven seas restaurant.

Sheraton has organized an amazing array of wines and cuisines to give clients an experience of how to pair food with wines by its highly qualified chefs.

Wine is perfect with food when paired correctly and this weekend anyone can learn this. There will chefs and waiters to help customers achieve this at the Wine Dinner organized by Sheraton.

The sensational Solome Basuuta and other surprise artists will perform some of your favorite jams  as you sip on the wine and eat and chat to a fine dinner.

Dining together is good way of socializing and making new connections.It’s not always just food but also about the awesome conversation that develop from such moments and its encouraged to meet often and dine with other people.

While speaking to the PRO of Sheraton Ms. Jacqueline Nalubega, she said wines have always been part of their menu and food is their passion.

She continued to say that this Saturday theyhave collected the best wines and have meticulously prepared a dinner with a lot of new stuff to try on.

 “I encourage everyone to come and experience the best dining and wines this weekend at Seven seas restaurant. We shall have a band and the talented Solome Basuuta will also be performing to give you the best evening. The wine dinner is open to everyone so come and meet awesome people. She concluded.

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