Sudhir’s Meera Sues dfcu, Demands Billions In Rent Arrears

Meera Investments dragged Dfcu Bank to Land Division of the High Court, seeking to reclaim its 46 branches that were allegedly acquired illegally countrywide following the dissolution of Crane Bank by Bank of Uganda.

Meera Investment contends that it’s the rightful owner of the 46 branches formerly trading as Crane Bank and for that matter dfcu must pay rent arrears estimated to be $ 8.6 million. Meera says dfcu is occupying their premises (branches of crane bank) without their consent.

The Commissioner of land registration was sued alongside dfcu and is accused of conniving with the commercial bank to take the land away from Meera. Meera Investments claim it’s the “current registered proprietor of the freehold and Mailo interests in the land,” on which the branches sit.

Meera Investments wants court to direct the commissioner to immediately cancel out Dfcu Bank as being the right full owner of those said properties and reinstate them as the rightful owners. Meera in the suit insists the dfcu is trespassing on their property.

For A Healthy Lifestyle, Exercise Regularly

A regular exercise routine is one of the surest paths to a longer and healthier life, an expert at The City Gym in Kampala has revealed.

James Oketch, an instructor at The City Gym explains that if you're serious about losing weight and getting in better shape, there's no better time to start than right now.

“The longer you put it off, the more excuses you'll come up with and the longer it will take you to see results,” he noted. He adds that there is need for consistency.

The City Gym is located at Kampala road, second floor, Kampala Boulevard building. The gym is fitted with over 100 pieces of Technogym equipment.

“At The City Gym we believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle. So we have made it simple, affordable & convenient for everyone to achieve their personal health goals,” Oketcho elaborated.

“Our team of trainers will also be on hand to provide you with advice and instruction to get the most out of your workout. We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standards creating a fun and friendly atmosphere.”

The City Gym is a vibrant and spacious gym floor, with a modern studio, excellent changing facilities, modern showers, and functional training zones.

Studying Entrepreneurship At VU Has Changed My Life – Student

Many times people realize the value of university education when they have come out of campus and have joined the employment world. However the case is different with Mbikamboli Idu Mikellides, a student at Victoria University Kampala.

In an exclusive interview Mikellides known to his peers as Mike reveals how studying a business course has shaped and changed his life. The second year student of business administration tells of how an entrepreneurship course unit taught him how to start a business.

Mike, a refugee from Bunia in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), would go on to implement what he had learnt in the lecture room to reality. He joined the business world when he opened up a supermarket at the border of Uganda and DRC.

“When I joined Victoria University, I didn’t have any business. I was not a businessman. In my life, I wanted to be a businessman, travel the world and be recognized all over the world, to be rich,” Mike narrates.

“So when I joined Victoria University, there is one course unit, entrepreneurship, which changed my life. It taught me how to start a business, how to take a risk, that is how I started my business.

I had an idea, in Uganda things are cheap and in DRC things are expensive. I said why can’t I buy things here and take them to DRC. Right now, I have twelve employees working for me, in my own company,” he explains how Victoria University shaped his business acumen.

Mike has since opened up a supermarket selling all sorts of things. “It is at the Uganda – DRC border. First thing in business, you need to locate a good place with demand to set your business. In Kampala we have so many supermarkets so I decided to go where there is none. The border area gave me an opportunity to start and grow easily,”

The student, who has secured land in DRC on which he wants to set up a cocoa plantation that will employ hundreds of people, says Victoria University ‘always tries to link you up with big people, to inspire you’, something which exposes students to opportunities.

But juggling business and studies is turning out to be a challenge. “Sometimes I have orders for the supermarket which I need to deliver. That means I have to leave school and go to kikuubo to do shopping, then send to the supermarket.

It can take me about two or three days. In the process, I am missing studies here at the university. But I try to balance my time. When I have an order or invoice to deliver, I call my suppliers, I only go to verify and send to the shop,”

He asked why he chose Victoria University among all universities in Uganda, Mike said: “I went to so many different universities. I tried to know deeply about them. I saw a big difference between Victoria University and other universities.

All are universities but there are specific things that drove me here. It is not only the building but their systems, their standards; Victoria University is different from other universities.”

Kampala Parents Celebrates PLE Success In Style

It was party time at Kampala Parents School on Friday when the primary school held a farewell party for its 2017 class seven which remarkably performed well in last year’s primary leaver’s exams.

Kampala Parents’ School was the second best school in Kampala with a 100 percent pass rate. No pupil, of the over 200 pupils who sat for PLE at the school, failed. They all got the required marks to join secondary school education.

And as a thank you, the school organized and invited pupils and their parents to a farewell party. The party which started at 3pm was climaxed by cake cutting shortly after dinner had been served. Pupils and parents were treated to a variety of drinks.

We captured some moments through our lens.

Former pupils of Kampala Parents School arriving for the farewell party
One of the students is served dinner at the farewell party
Pupils receiving gifts from school administrators for performing well in PLE of 2017

Ruparelia Foundation Scholarship Scheme Gets NRM Backing

Ten students in each district stand a chance to benefit from the recently launched Ruparelia Foundation Scholarship Scheme at Victoria University Kampala.

The scholarship scheme is being financed by businessman Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia who is also the proprietor of Victoria University located on Jinja road in Kampala.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) secretary general Justine Kasule Lumumba, in a letter to all district leaders in the country revealed the good development.

“Victoria University is awarding 10 slots to the NRM at every district for the 2018 intake, which commences February/March 2018,” she wrote in a letter to all district leaders.

“The scholarship shall be available once the applicant submits the application forms duly endorsed by the NRM Secretariat.” She further wrote in the letter.

The scholarship covers 50 percent of tuition fees of the students intending to take up degrees and diplomas for the academic year 2017/2018.

Lumumba asked district chairpersons to identify at least 10 deserving students from within the districts who have capacity to pay 50 percent of the tuition fees in addition to other functional and administrative fees as may be required by the university.

The scholarship scheme is intended to make quality of higher education affordable and promote equity in communities by supporting talented students acquire the necessary academic qualification.

Accredited by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) and the Uganda Nurses and Midwifery Council (UNMC), Victoria University has been operational for the last 7 years.

The institution boasts four Faculties (Health Sciences, Science and Technology, Business and Management, Humanities and Social Sciences) and one department (Petroleum and Gas Studies).

These Victoria University Foundation Programmes Will Kick start Your Degree Pursuit

Victoria University Kampala is offering top-quality foundation programmes with the specific aim of preparing prospective students for the intellectual challenges of a university education at university.

Foundation programmes or courses assist prospective students who do not have 'A' level (or did not reach the requisite grades at 'A' level), a Mature-Age Examination Entry Certificate, the IB qualification, or expatriate students from neighboring countries who did not achieve a C++ in the school-leaving examination in their home country to be admitted for a degree or diploma course.

The Victoria University Foundation Programme course is carefully formulated between the support skills needed for academic life and academic subjects needed to sustain university studies, the University’s Vice Chancellor Dr Sharma said.

“The mix of courses offered at Victoria University will set prospective students on a path to achieving their goals of a university education. The university uses a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, small group work, practical lab sessions, and problem-based learning.

The course contents are constantly updated to reflect the fast-changing technologies in the electronic world. This programme is offered as a full-time, one-year intensive programme.

The staff for the Foundation Programme is drawn from lecturers from the East Africa region and beyond and consultants from outside the country. Their wide range of skills, competencies, and strengths will ensure that all students are exposed to a variety of viewpoints, skills, and practical and theoretical knowledge in the pursuit of attaining the knowledge and skills necessary for university admission.

Some of the topics taught by the Programme include Understanding the world today, Study Skills For Academic Life, IT Skills for Academic Study, Foundation Mathematics, Effective Writing & Communication skills and English Language.

The University will grant the University Foundation Programme Certificate to students who, under the conditions laid down in the regulations (University and NCHE), have completed the approved course of study in accordance with the regulations of the University, and have passed the prescribed Foundation Programme examinations of the University.

Parliament Embraces Victoria University Security App Nisaidie

The speaker of Parliament of Uganda has expressed interest in the work Victoria University Kampala students in the faculty of ICT are doing specifically a mobile app that address the security concerns in the country.

Rebecca Kadaga, the speaker of Parliament of Uganda, expressed her interest in the works of Victoria University when she visited the University’s stall at the Parliament’s week exhibition.

The speaker asked the University to work with Parliament’s ICT department to see how they can work to together so that the innovation can be use to the country in promoting safety and security in the country.

The creation of the mobile app is premised on the many and increasing crimes that remain unreported due to lack of swift access to security and emergency service providers, Mathew Okema, one of the seven students who designed the app, said in a previous interview with this website.

He explained that Uganda has about 100, 000 emergency service providers but people only know or use the Uganda Police Force. He said the app aims to assist in efficient deployment of emergency services.

“The aim here is to connect mobile phone end user, the person who needs the services, to the service provider. This app creates security awareness.” Okema said, noting that the problem with police is that they don’t have enough resources to investigate in real time.

The app has a simple and user friendly menu since it is made to be used during emergencies, a period a user might not have time to maneuver complicated menus. Its menu consists of categories, account button, chat room button, audio recorder and access to phone camera. Developers are looking into adding video recording option.

“We disabled that camera flash because it would alert the attacker. What we are working on is replacing still photos with a video recording system,” Okema says. It has access to GPS and Google maps.

The app has been made to bring comfort to the user – knowing that at any one time, you can call for help and there are people to have my back – and it improves flexibility – with this app, you don’t have to call service providers, they come to you.

How the app works

For starters, you will need a smartphone operating on an Android OS with internet connectivity. Plans are underway to have the app on other OSs. Download and install the app on your smartphone and create an account using your Gmail email and mobile phone number.

Peter Isiko, another of the app developers, says that your phone and app are verified by sending a verification code on your mobile number. Once you are done with installing and registering, in case of an emergency, you can ‘launch the app by tapping on its icon on your phone menu’.

“When you launch the app, you will see the ‘N’ symbol which we refer to as the panic button. That is exactly what you press in case of an emergency situation,” Peter Isiko, the former Guild President and one of the makers of the app, explains.

“When you click the panic button, you phone will start doing a couple of things including recording audio of whatever is happening in your environment and taking pictures using the front and back cameras instantaneously,” he adds.

The app currently has three categories of emergencies. These are accidents, robbery and fire. “When you click on any of the emergency category, the app will send an SMS to your emergency service provider or contact as you customized the app. Then they can take action,”

One of the major dependencies of the app is that you must have internet connection much as you will and can send an SMS to an offline contact, but to maintain relevance of the app, you must be online, Isiko elaborates.

In an interview on the sidelines of the expo, Okema revealed that the app is constantly registering your GPS location with 80 percent accuracy even when you have switched off your GPS locator.

“When the GPS is switched off, it switches to offline mode that is how offline maps are generated,” says Okema. “Because of good offline Google maps, we have been able to incorporate that in the app. We incorporated the coding of Google maps into out app,” he adds.

“If you shift location, let’s say from Kampala to Mbarara, the app will detect that you are in a new area and advise you to download a map for that area,”

“It waits for the new location to be pinged for more than five minutes – which means that you are going to be in that area for long – then it asks if you should download the map for that area.”

When the audio and photos are recorded, the app keeps them on the phone and cloud because of privacy issues. They are available only in case death happens or when police wants to carry out criminal investigations.

25 Photos Taken At Ruparelia Sports Day That Will Excite You

All employees working for the Ruparelia Group of Companies converged at Kampala International School Uganda to take part in the Group’s annual sports day gala.

Hundreds of employees flocked the expansive playground of KISU as early as 8am ready to compete against their comrades. They competed in games like football, Tag Rugby, Darts, Suduku, Scrabble, Athletics, Wheelbarrow race, Tug of War, Egg and Spoon Race and Sack Race.

The overall winner after scoring the highest points was Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort, followed by Rosebud Limited and Kabira Country Club. Some employees won individual prizes for emerging winners in different individual sports disciplines like athletics, sack race and others.

Speaking to the employees, Rajiv Ruparelia, a director of Ruparelia Group applauded employees for honoring the event and rallied them to continue with the team work exhibited at the sports gala. Below are 25 iconic images captured during the day.

The Ruparelia family led by Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia attended the event and participated in the day's activities
Bukoto Heights employees lift their goal keeper for saving a penalty in the football final defeating Kabira Country club
The winner of the egg race showed high level risky running precision
Not even the sack could stop her leap to the finish line
Ruparelia Group directors speaks to the employees
Rajiv Ruparelia hands a prize to a winning team
These sporty ladies were rewarded for their victories
Her sprint got her to the podium
Hundreds of Ruparelia Group employees turned up to cheer their workmates
Rajiv rewards another team that excelled
Sheena Ruparelia and husband Jay Sankaria of Goldstar Insurance reward a winner
Rajiv and wife participated facing off with Sheena and Jay
The Ruparelia Group managers Jay, Sheena, Rajiv and wife ready to hand over prizes to winners
A footballer scores a goal in the penalty shootout
Athletics was on card. And it was fun seeing unfit corporate dsh to the finish line

Rajiv Ruparelia Tips Employees On Team Work

For a big conglomerate like Ruparelia Group of Companies, it is essential that employers not only share the vision of the founders and investors but work towards achieving and sustaining it.

This requires that employees and management work in unison to achieve this sustainability. The point of unity is what Rajiv Ruparelia, a Ruparelia Group director, emphasized when he addressed hundred of Ruparelia Group employers during this year’s sports gala.

According to Rajiv Ruparelia working as a team yields more positive results that what you can achieve individually. “It’s worthwhile when you work as a team. What you can take from today is team work,” he said referring to the unity employees exhibited by the company teams.

He added: “You can work as an individual and succeed but when you work as a team you out-succeed every company. Work together with your management, share ideas and build on that.”

Rajiv particpates in the days activities

The Ruparelia Group under their chairman Sudhir Ruparelia has invested heavily in some of the leading sectors in the country. Ruparelia Group has invested in sectors like banking, insurance, hospitality, conventions and leisure centres, education, real estate and agriculture.

In the hospitality sector, the group established Kabira Country Club, Speke Hotel, Speke Apartments, Speke Resort and Conference Centre, Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort, Dolphin Suites, Tourist Hotel, Forest Cottages and Speke Resort Bujagali Falls.

In the education sector, the group invested in KISU, Kampala Parent’s School, Delhi Public International School and Victoria University Kampala. The group owns Sanyu Fm, a pioneer local radio station, own two of the leading flower farmers and exporters in the country, Rosebud and Premier Roses.

Under Meera Investments and Crane Management, the group has established some of the country’s iconic arcades, hotels, apartments and real estate establishments. In the financial sector, the group owns Goldstar insurance, forex bureaus and a commercial bank.


Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort Emerges Overall Winner at Ruparelia Sports Day

Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort beat off competition from 26 other Ruparelia Group subsdiaries to emerge overall winner at the Group’s annual sports day gala. The gala was held at Kampala International School Uganda (KISU) in BUkoto.

The sack race was thrilling

The five star hotel was followed by flower growers Rosebud Limited and Kabira Country Club in the top three sports. Remarkable performance was recorded from Kampala Parents School which narrowly missed out on the top three spot.

Hundreds of the Group’s employees left the comfort of their desks to put on sports gears to tussle it out with their comrades in sports and games like football, Tag Rugby, Darts, Suduku, Scrabble, Athletics, Wheelbarrow race, Tug of War, Egg and Spoon Race and Sack Race.

While many struggled on field track, many showed glimpses of talent and enthusiasm to give all they could to win something for their teams. Football, tug rugby and athletics were most competitive and gruesome.

Games like sack and egg race were comical but participants put up a brave show by being astute and careful. Team and individual winners won trophies and cash prizes to incentive them. The organizers promised a better show next year.

Rajiv Ruparelia, Ruparelia Group director thanked the organizers for doing a good job and participants for coming to grace the occasion because without them the event ‘wouldn’t happen.’



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