Serving Victoria University As Guild Is Satisfying – Keith Mugabi

Keith Harold Mugabi is the guild president of Victoria University COURTESY PHOTO Keith Harold Mugabi is the guild president of Victoria University


By his own words, Keith Mugabi never intended to come to Victoria University and contest for guild presidency. However the desire grew when he saw that the University needed people like him to serve in different capacities. He choose to go for guild presidency and lead students.

In this interview he explains how satisfying it has been for him at the helm of student leadership. He also mentions the challenges and achievements he has been able to register three months after being elected guild president in December, 2015. Read the full interview below. 

Briefly tell our readers why of all Universities in Uganda you chose to join Victoria University?

The reason I joined Victoria University is because it offered me what I wanted in a university. All the schools I went to, are not upscale, but they offered me quality education. I believe Victoria University has the right facilities, environment and education that I wanted. I believe Victoria University has a lot to offer. As a beginning learning institution, it has its ups and downs but we are trying to build the gap together with administration.

As guild president, what is your typical day like at campus?

Every day my day starts at 6:30am when I wake up to get ready for the day. I say a prayer because we are a strong Christian born again family. I am at campus by 8am and leave campus at about 8pm after doing course works, research and other study related activities. The university offers a good learning environment, I have two lectures a day and I give my education about 22 hours a week. I keep in mind that I am still a student and that I am at university to study.

Why did you join the guild race at Victoria University?

I wanted to serve this Victoria University, I have always wanted to serve people. I felt I could do a good job at. I felt the guild needed some sort of ground work because they were running without a constitution. I felt that was one of the major things we needed as a guild.

We needed to bridge the gap between students and administration. The constitution has been drafted and waiting for approval. I didn’t stand for guild president because of political reasons or ambitions but I felt I had to offer myself to lead this institution, mold the guild office because it’s a vital of the university.

How has it been in last few months you have guild president?

The last months have not been hectic as I thought it would be. I majorly put my effort on my core things that I what I really wanted to achieve as guild president, the administration has been helpful so it has toned down my work. And then having a team you can work with has been helpful because without a team your efforts are going to be fruitless.

There hasn’t been many challenges that I can attest too and frustrated me but of course there are small ups and downs. The students expect a lot from the guild. It being a new university they expect a lot of entertainment, having fun, it’s a challenge to organize all those events without depleting the guild fund. Having a small guild fund has been a bit of a challenge but you have to work out a way to satisfy students. We try to live within our means.

Keith Mugabi takes a selfie photo with other students

On the side of achievements; we have drafted the constitution – having the draft alone is an achievement. We are going to have a cafeteria at campus that help student get a few snacks at the university campus.

How did becoming a guild president change your life?

Being guild president has opened my eyes to new things; number one – leadership – I have always seen leaders and judged them for the decisions they have made but being guild president has opened my eyes not to make decisions on only feelings but also fact and considering other people. I have met people who I can change my life. I feel the joy that I have been to serve as guild president.

What do you like about your job as guild?

The beauty that I can listen to different voices of students and pick out what they want, what they feel the campus should be and take it to administration, I feel it is a landmark. I feel serving Victoria University as guild president has left a landmark in my life that I will never forget. It has given me the opportunity to make friends.

Should we expect you to go for political officer say for MP?

As of now I am trying to find my footing in this world. I am not an old man, I am still young. Yes I have dreams but I have never thought of serving in a higher officer say as a Member of Parliament but being guild president has been a stepping stone in my life. I can’t say if I will stand for those big officers in the future but don’t surprised if an opportunity comes and I take it.

What makes you stand out as a leader?

Well for starters – I think my passion to serve people is what makes me stand out. Many people look at these leadership positions in terms of finances, what will I gain from it but I want to serve this university. Those other things that come with this office are extras. I am also God fearing, a friend to all.


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