Kayla Namulondo

Kayla Namulondo

Speke Resort Munyonyo Nominated In Ekkula Tourism Awards

Speke Resort Munyonyo has yet again been nominated in the annual Ekkula Pearl of Africa Tourism Awards in the category of Best Service/Luxury Standard Hotel.

The five star hotel now faces a task to defend the accolade they have won in the past three years. They face competition from Imperial Royale, Sheraton Hotel, Speke Resort Munyonyo & Serena Hotel.

Ekkula Tourism Awards recognizes and awards key Stakeholders in Uganda's Tourism Industry. It is the biggest Annual Tourism Event which celebrates the best players in the tourism industry. This is the third year the Awards are being organized in the same spirit.

Ekkula Awards continue to recognize, inspire and motivate key tourism players in the tourism industry. This year’s edition will run under the theme ‘‘Sharing our Cultural Diversity through the Digital Transformation for Bigger Tourism Numbers’’ at Sheraton hotel on 29th March 2019.

Speke Resort Munyonyo offers you the ultimate in luxury accommodation and leisure facilities together with the finest conference and business meeting location in East Africa.

The five stat hotel is located 12 km from the centre of Kampala and offers 10 state-of-the-art conference rooms including a 1,000-seat ballroom and 9 multi-function meeting rooms accommodating groups of 10-300.

Labour Export To Boost Skills Transfer, Improve Household Incomes, Says Premier Recruitment’s Rajiv

The Uganda labour externalisation industry is a vital source of livelihood for both the employees and their families and a major pillar of the economy that ought to be protected by all the stakeholders and bad apples weeded out, Mr. Rajiv Ruparelia, CEO Premier Recruitment has said.

Rajiv also said, beyond direct economic gains, labour externalization had other benefits such skills transfer, mobilization of capital for investment and improving household incomes and standards of living for their dependents back home.

“Uganda has a competitive advantage over a number of African countries because of our good English that we need to leverage just like our neighbours in Kenya. According to the World Bank and IMF Balance of Payments as well as Bank of Uganda data, personal remittances to Uganda have grown by 174.6% from $451.6 million (UGX1.66 trillion) in 2007 to $1.24billion (UGX4.5 trillion) in 2017, but our neighbours, Kenya raked in $1.962 billion (UGX7.2 trillion) in 2017 and $2.5 billion (UGX9.2 trillion) in 2018,” noted Rajiv.

Adding: “Diaspora remittances to Uganda are equivalent to 30% of Uganda’s traditional export earnings- $3.4bn (UGX12.5 trillion) in 2017 and $3.6bn (UGX13.2 trillion) in 2018 and almost 3 times bigger than coffee export receipts- $555.4m (UGX2 trillion) in 2017 and $436.4m (UGX1.6 trillion) in 2018. Protecting and harnessing more value from this vital sector should be the responsibility of everyone.”

The Bank of Uganda, Personal Transfers Survey 2017 indicated that the Middle East was the second biggest source of remittances to Uganda (28.6%) after Africa (29%). Europe (20.7%) and North/South America (18.41%) were third and fourth respectively.

According to the Uganda Association for External Recruitment Agencies, there are 140,000 skilled and semi-skilled Ugandans working in the Middle East as blue-collar professionals as well as technicians, security personnel, porters, drivers, cleaners, housekeepers, catering and hospitality personnel. Domestic workers only account for about 30%.

Last week, Premier Recruitment, which opened its doors to the labour export business last year, sent its first batch of 8 Ugandan ladies to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where they will work as domestic workers on a two year contract, 6 months after it entered the private labour recruitment market.

Kanak Shah, the Premier Recruitment revealed that all company staff have been trained about the relevant labour laws, so as to be able to “deliver a professional recruitment service” but also keep everyone up-to-date and compliant with “any changes and updates within Employment Law, both here and abroad.”

Premier Recruitment Gets License To Recruit For Ugandan Employers

Premier Recruitment announced it has acquired a license from Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development for Internal Recruitment. This means that Ugandan employers can turn to them to help hire new skilled and unskilled employees.

The first license Premier Recruitment, a subsidiary of Ruparelia Group, acquired last November was for labour export. Since then they have been housemaids intending to work in the Arabian Gulf countries like Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

But now with the latest license, local employers can go to them to get able and trained employees. Two human resource experts have been hired and trained to head this new venture.

“If you are an employer looking for a good recruitment agency to find you suitable employees, please get in touch with us today. For candidates looking for work in Uganda/East Africa, please submit your CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..” the agency said in a statement.

Premier Recruitment is a member of Uganda Association of External Recruitment Agencies. Its officials have received numerous training sessions from the association.

Dubai Based Company Writes To Premier Recruitment Demanding For These Workers

White Star Repackaging & Refilling Services LLC, a Dubai based company in United Arab Emirates, has written to Premier Recruitment Limited searching for people who will work as parking helpers and supervisors.

In a demand notice to Premier Recruitment, a Ruparelia Group subsidiary licensed to export labour, White Star is looking to recruit 30 packaging helpers, 15 labour supervisors and 5 warehouse supervisors from Uganda.

They will be earning a salary of Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) 1800, 2500 and 3500 respectively. This is an equivalent of Ushs1.8m, Ushs2.5m and Ushs3.5m. Successful candidates will be given two year contracts and will be expected to work for nine hours per day including one hour for lunch break.

The workers White Star is looking for must be not less than 22 years and not more than 35 years. Their bodies must be well proportioned and fit and must be free of any defects. Also, they must pass the test set by a competent authority.

White Star will provide accommodation, transport to and from work place, uniform and protective gears, and food. Medical insurance if provided as according to UAE labour law. A fully paid probation of six months is mandatory.

White Star will provide employment visas to the lucky ones who will make the trip to Dubai.

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