Eve Mbasabye

Eve Mbasabye

Kick Start Your Accounting Career In The Oil And Gas Industry With This Course

Ugandans will need to acquire the right education if they are going to benefit from the nascent oil and gas industry, experts have repeatedly said however not many high learning institutions are offering courses related to the emerging industry.

Therefore when Victoria University in Kampala introduced the BSc in Oil and Gas Accounting course, it provided an opportunity to many people who have been eying to work in the oil and gas sector, directly or indirectly.

The course, according to University is designed to develop specialist knowledge & skills specifically for a career in the oil and gas industry. The course offers a blend of theory, experience and the practical skills required for effective financial accounting and management within the industry.

“Students develop a critical awareness of the key issues in accounting for upstream oil and gas exploration, development & production activities,” the University said in a statement recently. Graduates can work as Oil & Gas Project Accountant, Oil & Gas Financial Consultant, Certified Oil and Gas Accountant, it explained.

The course will enable students to develop a critical awareness of the key issues in accounting for upstream oil and gas exploration, development and production activities, and is delivered by respected academics with relevant industry experience.

Studies in oil and gas accounting will prepare graduates to measure and analyse the income, costs, sources and uses of funds of oil companies at different levels of the oil and gas value chain on the basis of certain generally accepted principles.

Such measurements and analyses are helpful to those directly responsible for attaining production, marketing and financial objectives along the value chain.



Diploma Courses You Can Study At Victoria University

Admission of students at Victoria University Kampala for August – September intake, the second intake of the  academic year, will ends at end of the month. This means that students seeking post secondary education still have a few days to join the fastest growing private University in the country.

The University located on Jinja road has proved to be the University of Choice for upcoming scholars in Uganda and on the African continent. It recently recruited deans to head the four faculties and a new vice chancellor.

The University offers various courses offered by the Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Faculty of Business and Management. The Vice Chancellor Dr. Krishna N. Sharma recently confirmed new faculties and courses will be introduced in 2018.

In this article we look at the diploma courses which students who have not been fortunate enough to qualify for degree courses can study. The dean faculty of science and technology Dr. Terry Kahuma recently told a meeting attended by secondary school students at the university  that a diploma is as good as a degree.

“Studying a diploma is not a failure. It is as good as a degree therefore there is no reason to seat home because you didn’t qualify for a degree yet you can come here and enroll for a diplima course.” Dr. Kahuma told the teens.

Below we look at some of the diploma courses offered at the magnificent University.

Diploma Procurement & Logistics Programme

The Diploma in Procurement and Logistics Management endeavors to produce graduates with the skills and knowledge required for efficient acquisition and disposal of organization resources.

This program covers a broad spectrum of areas within the field, such as procurement, logistics, transportation, negotiations, inventory management and contract management.

The content is geared to enhance the skills set of those working in supply chain so they can carry out their supply chain activities more confidently and competently.

Diploma in Business Information systems

This is a course dealing with information systems because they play such a critical role in contemporary business organizations. Today’s systems directly affect how managers decide, plan and manage their employees, and increasingly shape what products are to be produced, where, when, and how.

The responsibility of information systems cannot be delegated to information technology gurus only, a manager must own the decision taken at the end of the day. Students who undertake this program will have relatively wider employment opportunities.

After the two year courses graduates can be employed as Business analyst, Internet service provider, Database designer and administrator.

Diploma in Information Technology

Information Technology is a critical component of modern life, and is essential to the communications that support modern society. New applications of information technology are constantly appearing; different applications are linked together forming a complex computing environment.

There is now an urgent demand for highly skilled Information Technology professionals with diverse specializations including business and management processes, the design and development of software systems. This demand is forecast to increase both in Uganda and world over.

The Diploma in Information Technology brings on board new approaches to teaching of Information Technology, combining solid engineering practices with knowledge of management and business processes

Graduates are in demand and may gain employment in a wide variety of roles such as Software engineer assistants, Systems analysts, Technology consultants and Database designers.

Diploma in International Relations & Diplomatic Studies

Diploma in International Relations & Diplomatic Studies DIRDS is an interdisciplinary field of study that focuses on the study of foreign affairs and global issues that affect states within the international system.

Graduates have get great work opportunities in Foreign Affairs, International business firms, Consultancy, Government, NGOs, International Agencies, Multinational firms, Marketing, tourism, Hospitality, Policy Development, Research, Education, Media, Market research, Journalism, Media & Public Affairs coordination & United Nations & and its attendant agencies.

Diploma in Tourism & Hotel Management

The hospitality and tourism industry has grown magnificently around the world. In East Africa alone, there is a humongous rise of Hotels, integrated resorts, Game viewing & game drives, Mountain Climbing, Gorilla Tracking, Bungee Jumping, Bird Watching, Visitors for Flora, Fauna, Lakes & Rivers, Eco-tourism sites etc.

With this diploma, you enjoy a solid foundation in hospitality studies before progressing onto a degree course. The objective of the program is to develop students' professional understanding of how hospitality and tourism organisations integrate business functions and focuses on specific departmental responsibilities as well as cross-functional management skills.

Diploma In Journalism And Media Studies

This course recognises the growing importance of Journalism, Public Relations and Media Management in Uganda. The course seeks to give students the opportunity to develop skills essential for working in the world of Media and Communications.

The course provides students with the opportunity to understand the role of media and communications in Uganda and other parts of the world. As well as examining contemporary media structures and developments, the course provides historical context for these developments.

Students who undertake this program will have relatively wider employment opportunities and can comfortably work as Journalists, Media officers and Communication Officers.

Human Resources Management

Human Resource Management is a strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization’s most valued assets, the people working in organizations, individually and collectively to contribute to the achievement of organizational goals. Application of competencies in Human Resource Management is essential for survival of any organizations.

The Diploma in Human Resources Management enables learners to acquire competencies in attracting and selecting the best employees at the right time in the right place, motivating, and monitoring their performance for effective competitiveness to the organization.

Diploma In Banking And Finance

The Diploma Banking and Finance Program is a two-year full time programme that focuses on developing understanding of Banking and Finance Environment both locally and globally.

This prepares students for a career in Finance, Banking sector and Accountancy. It aims to provide sound knowledge to handle the operational and financial aspects in banking and finance.

The course will equip you with comprehensive knowledge and skills to enable preparation and analysis of the financial statements of the banks/companies, give insight into the concepts of cost accounting and management accounting, provide understanding of marketing concepts and activities related to the banking industry, and understand banking sector specific regulatory requirements.

Business Administration

The Diploma in Business Administration Program (DBBA) is another two-year program, with three flexible study modes — Day, Evening, and Weekend, to allow students to either further their education while maintaining current employment or study full- time.

This program is mainly targeting secondary school leavers and certificate level holders, who seek either a higher level qualification in order the enhance their employment prospects, or who need a strong foundation qualification in business and management to prepare them for University studies in the business and management programmes.

Venture Oil Companies To Launch FEED Studies

Joint venture companies Total, CNOOC and Tullow will be launching the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) studies for the Buliisa Upstream projecton Tuesday February 14th, 2016.

In a brief statement, the JV partners said that during FEED, all necessary technical definition, cost and schedule estimates will be developed to allow the Joint Venture Partners to make a recommendation for a Final Investment Decision (FID).

This, they said, will lead to the project execution and construction phase for the upstream facilities, required to produce Uganda’s Oil targeted for end 2020.

Sudhir, Parents Agree On Future Of Kampala Parents School

In an assessment meeting with parents of Kampala Parents School, a primary school based in Naguru, renowned businessman Sudhir Ruparelia, the owner of the school, said the school is focused on maintaining and improving on its performance and is not being swayed by malicious rumors on social media platforms that the school is going to close.

Unverified news on different social media suggested that Sudhir Ruparelia, whose bank, Crane Bank, was sold to dfcu after Bank of Uganda took it over last year, was selling the school due to financial hardships. The businessman in the same meeting told parents that “social media doesn’t run the school” and asked them to only trust “formal memos” from school management.

The businessman who owns Kampala Parents School, Delhi International Public School, Kampala International School and Victoria University Kampala explained that the primary school is managed independently and is in sound health. He asked parents to stop listening and fueling rumors.

“It will go on for many years to come; parents should not be alarmed,” the businessman assured parents whose were concerned that the school is closing at a time when the first term of the year was just commencing. The businessman assured parents that everything is being done to maintain and improve the school academic performance.

How Sudhir acquired Kampala Parents School

Kampala Parents School was the first private school in Uganda according to KasoleBwerere the man who started the school on Namirembe road, Old Kampala. Bwerere started the school in 1975 during the tumultuous days of President Idi Amin. He many years later sold the now prospering and famous school to Sudhir Ruparelia in 2004.

The manner in which Sudhir Ruparelia acquired the school has been questioned over the years with many people suggesting that Ruparelia grabbed the vibrant school when Bwerere failed to pay a loan he had acquired in Crane Bank.

But Bwerere in an interview with EagleOnline explains that it was a mutual transaction for which he was paid fully and in cash.  He denied ever talking to journalists or anybody complaining that Sudhir Ruparelia stole or grabbed his school. He says that he was a willing seller to a willing buyer.

“I went out as a willing seller and Mr. Sudhir (Ruparelia) came out as a willing buyer. Among the three possible buyers, Sudhir had the best offer. He was to pay all the money at once unlike the other two who wanted to complete payment after years; possibly from the fees from my pupils. We sat down (myself and Sudhir) and agreed on terms. He paid me cash… cash down. So all these saying that Sudhir grabbed my school I just don’t have any idea of where they are getting that from.

I never had any loan with Sudhir nor did I own any account in his bank at the time. I only got to know Sudhir through Kasagga who brought him to me as a buyer of the school and he fully paid me. Unfortunately the key witness (the late Zzimwe) is no longer around. However, his friends; Kirumira (Godffrey), Mudunga is close friends are all aware. I don’t demand anything from him. In fact he saved me because I had loans that I had failed to pay the loans.” Bwerere said clearing the air surrounding the transaction.

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