Make Your Brain Sharper With These Physical Exercises

Physical exercises are proven methods of reigniting the brain to normality however, James Okech, a trainer at The City Gym says for proper results, the exercises must be well planned and scheduled.

He says jogging and working out in the morning before eating anything has far more reaching benefits. He says working out in the morning guarantees a longer, stronger and fitter life with better mobility. “The brain will feel sharper after working out in the morning because you have exercised your mind,” Okech says.

He quells fears that after working out in the morning on an empty stomach, one would consume a lot of food which might leave him or her with a lot of fats or calories. He says, when you crave for food, you get all nutrients digested, which is a good thing.

Eating natural foods is another choice that will bring good results and a health life. “Eat the right portions – don’t eat too much and don’t under feed. Be moderate,” he explained. The City Gym, located on Kampala Boulevard building on Kampala road, is regarded as a premier health and wellness facility in Kampala City.

The gym which boasts of state of the art equipment offers various services including yoga, zumba, sauna, a kick boxing & mixed martial arts, dance fitness and all that you need in a gym. “Regular exercise can help improve your strength, balance and coordination. Exercise helps to stimulate the sections of your brain that control memory, so you might also find it easier to remember things!

It also reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases. Exercises can improve your appearance and delay the aging process.”

“A written workout plan not only provides a layout for the day, but it also sets up the big picture for weeks or months to come. In other words, an established plan dictates the work that must be done in order to reach the goal.


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