School Facilities Play Big Role In Child Development

School infrastructure can have a big impact on students, educationists at Delhi Public International School have said, explaining that the classroom environment in which kids learn should reflect what the public expects of them.

"In other words, if we want kids to succeed, then we must provide them with the necessary infrastructure to do so," the school said in a statement.

Delhi Public School International boasts of world class learning facilities that include and are not limited to; ICT Labs, Smart boards, Library, Swimming Pool, Rest Rooms for early years, from Pre-Primary School to Grade 12, School Clinic, Indoor and Outdoor Play area, Yoga room, State of Art football pitch, State of the Art amenities for basketball, cricket and gymnastics, Dinning Facility, Multi Purpose Recreational rooms and Science and Home Economics Lab. 

"We believe that high-quality facilities together with clean, quiet, safe, comfortable and healthy environments are an important component of successful teaching and learning,"

The school has a well equippped library which equips students with the skills necessary to collect, critically analyze and organize information, troubleshoot problems and communicate their understandings.

The DPS, International library promotes literacy, fosters a love of reading, and helps students and staff use ideas, information, and technology effectively. It is well stocked with thousands of books on various topics.

By providing a well-equipped library, we aim to develop and sustain in students the habit and enjoyment of reading for pleasure and to enrich their intellectual, aesthetic, cultural and emotional growth.

It is a well organised library; well-spaced and well set. The book shelves are side-by-side, of an expansive, well lit and organised room at the top most floor of the building. This offers a quiet environment, away from any destruction.

All Classrooms at DPSI are equipped with smart boards to make learning sessions more interesting and beneficial to both the students and teachers.



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