Business Dean Sets Priorities At Victoria University

Dr. Omotayo Adegbuyi Dr. Omotayo Adegbuyi

The new dean faculty of business and management at Victoria University Kampala, Dr. Omotayo Adegbuyi, has laid out his work plan that will see him introduce a variety of courses for the time he will be at the Jinja road based learning institution.

In an exclusive interview with Earthfinds, Dr Omotayo, a Nigerian, said he has his workload cut out in the employment contract and he will execute it to perfection. He said his plan is to divide his workload into three categories for easy of implementation.

One, as a dean he is supposed to coordinate academic activities – ensuring lecturers and students are at campus; ensure quality material is taught using the right tools among other administration issues related to academic excellence.

Two, will be adhering to the principle of conducting research because as a faculty at the university they are established to find problems and offer solutions – to be a solution center. Thirdly, Dr Omotayo said his focus will be on community engagement because no organization has lived in isolation.

“We want to look at a situation where the university gives back to the community through corporate social responsibility. We must go out there and identify people’s problems and give them solutions,” Dr. Omotayo said in an interview.

Beyond the administrative tasks, Dr Omotayo and the faculty he heads are working on introducing short courses that can benefit professionals and graduates who are not yet employed. Some of these courses will cover digital marketing and social media, entrepreneurship training among others.

Dr. Omotayo brings to Victoria University Kampala a wealth of experience having worked with one of Nigeria’s top universities, Covenant University. He holds a Phd in Marketing from the same University.

He attained his first degree in marketing from Enugu State University before enrolling at University of Lagos for the masters’ degree, also in marketing. He is an accomplished marketer having worked with some of Nigeria’s top corporation in different capacities.

The faculty of business and management offers courses like Business Administration, Procurement and Logistics, Banking and Finance, Bachelor of International Business (BIB), Science in Oil & Gas Accounting (BScOGA) and diplomas like Diploma Procurement & Logistics.

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