Regular Exercises Are Part Of A Health Living – Fitness Experts

Exercising your body regularly must be part of your health lifestyle as the year comes to an end and prepare to start another, fitness experts at The City Gym in Kampala have with emphasis advised.

“Regular exercise is a big part of a healthy lifestyle and you should commit to it for a longer life,” James Oketch, the manager and lead trainer at the City Gym said. He added: “Working out with consistency is important for achieving fitness results,”

He explains that creating a workout plan will help you to achieve greater consistency. “Commitment to a regular workout routine will increase your fitness level, improve your health and generate a greater sense of mental wellbeing,” he pointed out.

The City Gym offers gym services like Kick Boxing & Mixed Martial Arts, Dance Fitness, Zumba Classes, Body Pump, Yoga, Sauna and a fruit bar using state of the art equipment from Italy. It is located on Kampala Boulevard building on Kampala road.

Oketch further explains that a written workout plan not only provides a layout for the day ‘but it also sets up the big picture for weeks or months to come,” “In other words, an established plan dictates the work that must be done in order to reach the goal,”

“If you're serious about losing weight and getting in better shape, there's no better time to start than right now. The longer you put it off, the more excuses you'll come up with and the longer it will take you to see results” the trainer says.

If you have a hectic schedule and full-time job that doesn’t leave you with a lot of time for yourself, you can always talk to your gym instructor so that a suitable schedule can be drawn to fit your lifestyle.

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