Rosebud Prioritizes Environment With New Water Recycling Technology

Rosebud is a leading exporter of cut roses Rosebud is a leading exporter of cut roses

A 2012 report titled The Impacts of the Flower Industry on Environment and People's Livelihood in Uganda conducted by National Association of professional Environmentalists (NAPE) indicated that some of the current practices in the growing flower business are harmful to the workers and to the environment.

The reported pointed out that poor implementation of laws and the inadequate guidance and nurturing of the young flower industry has led to increased risk of pollution and to the numerous negative social and health risks to the workers and communities in surrounding areas to flower firms.

Rosebud has heavily invested in new technology to safeguard the environment

And as law abiding stakeholders, Rosebud Limited, the leading grower of cut roses, alongside its sister company Premier Roses, have put in place the right modern technology to ensure that the environment is health and that their workers are not in danger of any pollution.

“Our farm is equipped with the most modern water recycling equipment's that has helped to reduce land filling, need for conventional waste disposal and emission of greenhouse gases in our farm,” Rosebud revealed to this website in an interview highlighting the investment the company has done to safeuguard the environment.

“We are continually doing research and development to conserve the environment, reduce the use of agrochemicals and improve efficiency in the use of natural resources. Our goal is to continue to co-exist with the natural environment and ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees,” it added.

A Rosebud Limited recycling facility

The cut-flower industry is requires the extensive use of agrochemicals which have a negative effect on the air, soil and water supply. But Rosebud uses an advanced fertigation system. This has greatly reduced on the amount of fertilizers and chemicals used and reduced leaching in the farm.

Rosebud also uses the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to control the pests that may injure rose plants. The firm has been breeding the natural enemies of spider mites and using them to help control the mite population. 

The farm has a fully computerised climatic controlled propagation unit. The farm uses every drop of water by using a watering system and piping system that delivers water to each planter individually.


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