Rajiv Ruparelia Tips Employees On Team Work

Rajiv inspecting football lineups Rajiv inspecting football lineups

For a big conglomerate like Ruparelia Group of Companies, it is essential that employers not only share the vision of the founders and investors but work towards achieving and sustaining it.

This requires that employees and management work in unison to achieve this sustainability. The point of unity is what Rajiv Ruparelia, a Ruparelia Group director, emphasized when he addressed hundred of Ruparelia Group employers during this year’s sports gala.

According to Rajiv Ruparelia working as a team yields more positive results that what you can achieve individually. “It’s worthwhile when you work as a team. What you can take from today is team work,” he said referring to the unity employees exhibited by the company teams.

He added: “You can work as an individual and succeed but when you work as a team you out-succeed every company. Work together with your management, share ideas and build on that.”

Rajiv particpates in the days activities

The Ruparelia Group under their chairman Sudhir Ruparelia has invested heavily in some of the leading sectors in the country. Ruparelia Group has invested in sectors like banking, insurance, hospitality, conventions and leisure centres, education, real estate and agriculture.

In the hospitality sector, the group established Kabira Country Club, Speke Hotel, Speke Apartments, Speke Resort and Conference Centre, Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort, Dolphin Suites, Tourist Hotel, Forest Cottages and Speke Resort Bujagali Falls.

In the education sector, the group invested in KISU, Kampala Parent’s School, Delhi Public International School and Victoria University Kampala. The group owns Sanyu Fm, a pioneer local radio station, own two of the leading flower farmers and exporters in the country, Rosebud and Premier Roses.

Under Meera Investments and Crane Management, the group has established some of the country’s iconic arcades, hotels, apartments and real estate establishments. In the financial sector, the group owns Goldstar insurance, forex bureaus and a commercial bank.


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