Role Of Internship Emphasized At Victoria University

Internship can substantially increase the chance of you finding employment after graduation, lecturers at Victoria University Kampala have said. For that matter, the University proactively sources for a range of quality internship opportunities for students and recent graduates.

The opportunities, according to the University vice chancellor Dr. Khrisna N. Varma, On-Campus internship, Opportunities across a range of industries with SMEs for undergraduates and recent graduates, An international internship, which is currently being developed the University’s global network of employers.

All these opportunities are paid and supported by a comprehensive development plan to ensure you get the most from your internship experience. Victoria University aims at providing access to higher education which transcends national boundaries and to develop educational opportunities which conform to the highest international standards.

“The object of Education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives. We at Victoria University understand the importance of a formal education integrated with real life application.

We expect a lot from our students; we have created and continue to invest in an academic environment which will help them succeed. Students benefit directly from a range of learning technologies including our virtual learning environment.”

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