Haruna Enterprises Pledges To Provide Affordable Commercial Rentals

Haruna Enterprises' Nakayiza Market in Kisenyi Haruna Enterprises' Nakayiza Market in Kisenyi

In business circles, most successful people turned other people’s challenges into opportunities. They provided a solution to someone’s need. And as a growing society, Haruna Sentongo says his firm Haruna Enterprises is committed to providing solutions to challenges Ugandan business communities are facing.

Haruna Enterprises has risen to the top as a preferred real estate company providing rental space for small and medium enterprises in Uganda’s capital Kampala. Haruna Towers in Wandegeya, Haruna Shopping Center in Ntinda have been definitive in providing shelter to vital business for these communities.

“The future of Real Estates in Uganda is very bright considering the huge endowment of natural resources, the abundant pool of skilled work force and the enormous market potential the Country offers to investors,” Sentongo says.

“Haruna Enterprises is well poised to harness these opportunities with relentless drive & commitment it has taken to become the leading player in our various markets,” he says, stating that Haruna Enterprises continues to grow its vision of becoming the leading provider of integrated prime world class commercial offering, across the region.

Nakayiza Market

Haruna Enterprise owns Nakayiza Market in Mengo Kisenyi. This is the only market in Kampala selling agro produce. Traders go to the village buy farm produce and bring it Kampala for resale to local and international consumers. “Some of these traders bring these farm producer from the village and add value at the milling companies and bring it here because Nakayiza market is known market for agro produce,” Isaac Newton, the property manager at Nakayiza Market.

Some of the largest food and beverage producers depend on Nakayiza Market for input supplies.  From Nakayiza they get millet, sorghum, maize, cassava flour, fruits, vegetables, cereals, rice and sugar among others. The busy market with over 600 shops gets exporters from outside Uganda making it also an international market.

The market is fully furnished with electricity, water, parking, toilets, a bank, mobile money agents and private security supervised by Uganda Police among other amenities that make running a business easy.

Segawa Market

Just a stone throw away from Nakayiza Market sits an expansive Segawa Market which unlike Nakayiza is specialized in selling spare parts for bicycles, motorcycles, motorcars and other small machinery.  It boosts of 300 spacious shops, many of them still available. 

Isaac Newton, the property manager of Segawa Market said that they are offering three promotional free months to new tenants because they understand that when starting, business can be hard and challenging. He also reveals that landlord at Segawa Market fully pays for utility bills without asking for a penny from the tenant.

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