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How Speke Apartments Is Revolutionizing Hospitality Industry

Uganda’s tourism sector is fast picking up with increased numbers of tourists coming into the country. Global broadcaster CNN ranked Uganda as the fifth best destination in the world putting the East African nation in a good position especially now that energies are being directed at marketing the country to the world.

Domestic tourism is also moving into the right direction especially now that middle income earners in Uganda are fast appreciating their country and beginning to explore it even more. All this is creating a demand for better hotels, restaurants, lodges and leisure places that complete the hospitality industry.

Because of this demand service providers like hotels are left with no choice but to put in place high quality facilities to meet demands of customers. This investment is demand driven. The latest addition to Uganda’s hotel industry is the magnificent Speke Apartments located on Wampewo Avenue, Kololo – Kampala.

Drhuv Pathak, marketing manager Speke Apartments says that their customers want a home-like facility. He explains that such facilities should be accessible, technologically equipped and fitted with luxurious services like health centers.

 “A customer should be able to get all amenities in one place. Therefore property developers in this business try to make the customer’s stay comfortable, affordable and memorable,” the marketing manager explained to journalists recently.

The Apartments are ideal for executives and their families who come to Kampala for a short to medium stay. It combines a great location with a secure, quiet, clean, serviced apartment accommodation spread out over five floors.

The apartment has facilities like one, two and three bedroom apartments with furnished kitchen, gadgets required for a home, double glazed aluminum windows, 52'&32 led flat screen TVs, air conditioned, and spacious with internet. Speke Apartment has 2 swimming pools, spa, 8 penthouses and first fusion restaurant in Uganda. It has a total of 82 units.

Pathak says good apartments that are on international standards should have full housekeeping services with cleaning and laundry services completed by standby friendly security personnel.

Kampala is a beautiful city that was originally built on seven hill which have since expanded to other hills. Speke Apartment is a residential facility that comes with a view overseeing the Kampala city and the iconic Lake Victoria.

“This property opens to a stunning living room with gorgeous furniture fitted with soft padded upholstery, high qualities of fixtures, furnishing, appliances, ready to move in. It comes with three bedrooms each with its own bathroom, a balcony and a dining table with six chairs.” Pathak said.

Speke Apartments is a luxurious facility that gives a complete bouquet of services a tourist, traveler of anybody looking to have fun needs. They are set in their own pleasant grounds a few minutes from the city centre, but away from the traffic. In the garden, there are bar and barbeque facilities that guests may use, as well as a small swimming pool, Jacuzzi & sauna.

PHOTOS: When KISU Celebrated Cultural Diversity

Kampala International School Uganda (KISU) in Bukoto wound up their second term on the high when students celebrated the school’s international culture day. The international school is home to students from 55 nationalities; bringing together different cultures. The school director Steve Lang said learners at the school see the cultural diversity as a positive way to learn about other different parts of the world.

“If you can around say at play time or lunch time you will very commonly see different friendship group made of kids from different continents. We are completely color blind and completely inclusive about each other’s cultures,” Lang said in an interview as students mingled and tasted food prepared by their peers from places not their own.

Lang said 12 percent of the student’s body is Ugandan and the 82 percent comes from the rest of the world. “To us it is a source of great joy and richness. We are enriched by these cultures and we learn about each other.” We bring pictures captured as students celebrated international culture day at KISU.


China was well represented 

Kenya has a good presence at KISU
Sweden too was in presence and it was felt
The School Director Steve Lang addressing the congregation at the international culture day
Revelers prousdly having a good time
The ever smiling Koreans
Many students turned up with parents and guardians to celebrate their nationalities
KISU is home to learners from close to 60 nationalities
Many young learners get to learn about other cultures at KISU
Students got to taste food and drinks from other cultures
It was a fun busy day
The learners has a good interactive day
It was also a sporty day









KISU – The Global Village School In Uganda

The culture diversity at Kampala International School Uganda also known as KISU is not one you can find in many places. The school was established in 1993 as Kabira International School with a population less than 70 students is home to students from 55 nationalities. These are students of different age groups.

The school which sits on 14 acres of land can easily pass as the best international school in the country. It has some of the best classroom teaching and learning tools and facilities like science labs, computer labs, practice music rooms, three performance areas, and indoor gym, outdoor basketball court, a 25m eight-lane competition pool, libraries, five acres of playing fields and smart boards in most classrooms.

English national curriculum

The school adopted the English National Curriculum for the Primary School through Year-9 in the Secondary School. After that, the school management says, students study for the internationally recognised Cambridge IGCSE (examined in Y11) and IB Diploma (examined in Y13).

Steve Lang, the school director, says the curriculum ensures that rigorous educational standards are maintained and that progression of educational experience is monitored. The IB Diploma is generally regarded as the university entrance programme of choice often preferred above national requirements. “The curriculum has been adapted to reflect the international diversity of our school community and its location in Uganda,” said Lang.

The school manager note that academic excellence is achieved through high expectations, strong motivation, a challenging curriculum, constant encouragement and excellent teaching. The school offers a friendly and imaginative environment where students are encouraged to discover and develop individual talents, whether they are intellectual, creative or sporting.

Lang reveals that a good education is about far more than what takes place in the classroom explaining that it is about guiding the whole person towards his or her full potential.

“A great school helps students to develop qualities as learners and leaders that will serve them well throughout their adult lives such as resilience, empathy, creativity, commitment, adaptability, self-confidence and humility,”

“A great school helps students to acquire transferable skills like teamwork, analysis, problem-solving, effective communication, evaluation, active listening, reflection and research; and it helps students to shape and consolidate their values such as tolerance, integrity, altruism and hard work. KISU is such a school,”

Celebrating culture richness

Asked in an interview if managing hundreds of children from different cultural background is not a hard task, Lang says no, that it is very easy. “If you can move around say at play time or lunch time you will very commonly see different friendship group made of kids from different continents. We are completely color blind and completely inclusive about each other’s cultures,”

Lang, who has been at the school for slightly over a year, says children see the cultural diversity as ‘a positive’ and an opportunity ‘to learn about other different parts of the world’. “And you know we talk of a global village, which better school to go than this one with this kind of cultural richness to prepare you for an experience in a global village,”

One of the programs at the school to harness this cultural diversity is putting in place what they call culture international day were classes are closed and students of different age groups miggle to interact and know about each other’s culture, nationality and make friends.

“This is a day were we celebrate our multiculturalism and tremendous variety that we have. At KISU, we have about 55 nationalities represented in our student body, 12 % of our student body is Ugandan and the rest comes from the rest of the world and to us it is a source of great joy and richness. We are enriched by these cultures and we learn about each other.

So we take off a day were normal lessons are cancelled, it is the last day of second term and we dress the way you are seeing, in our cultural attires (national dress), we bring our national food. We partake in each other’s different cultural activities particularly things that suit children and we enjoy each other.

But with this diversity comes with challenges like language barrier. KISU is a predominantly English speaking school but it has a program where students who come with no knowledge of the English language are trained by professionals called English as a national language teachers up to a level where they can participate in all the learning at the school as soon as possible.

The teaching is cosmopolitan and Lang says most teachers have a teaching background in the UK or with the UK systems. While many teachers come the UK, many are Ugandans, Russians, American, French and from other parts of the world.



HOTEL REVIEW: Forest Cottages Brings Wildlife Experience To Kampala City

One of the reasons millions of people trek to national parks is to come up and close with nature. The green natural scenery, the clean air, the singing birds, animals and the peace that comes with being away from the city hustle is soothing. This kind of environment is the reason the tourism sector flourish across the global.

Yet we all can’t go upcountry to have first hand experience of this beauty for various reasons, Forest Cottages, located at Plot 17/18, Naguru Hill Old Kira Road, Bukoto, Kampala offers a suprisingly similar experience. Nestled in the deliberately planted trees, Forest Cottages is first becoming a hide out for people who love exquisite nature.

Forest Cottages are designed luxury cottages set in a serene, African forest environment. At the hotel, you get to feel the touch of nature in a comfortable and unique environment. The selectively planted smaller trees, bushes, shrubs and flowers make Forest Cottages an inspiring destination for nature lovers and eco tourists alike.

The artistic hotel provides a small sanctuary for forest wildlife such as colored turacoes, hornbills, and an additional 20 bird species. The secluded hotel offers peace and quietness in a natural green setting or the excitement of waking up to humming birds. All this beauty is topped up friendly and courteous and professional staff members.

Sekacwa Brain, a usual quest at the hotel, in one of the only reviews describes Forest Cottages as ‘very quiet and good for relaxation,’ explaining that the Cottages are ‘simply amazing’. “The terraces give you a nice feel of nature. If you have not been there, try it. Trust me the experience is breathtaking,”

He adds “[Forest Cottages] is a good place to chill. Very well planned cottages giving ultimate privacy to guest. Proximity to Kabita country club where the guest can swim free is a wonderful offer. Maybe they can look at improving their own food menu.”

While another online reviewer, Jeremiah Oweka describes the hotel as ‘a nice place for outing with friends and family because of good services’. These and many more positive reviews are testament to what Forest Cottages stands for.


a safari lodge style cottage accommodation in the heart of Kampala city, with individually designed luxurious cottages offering a relaxing and soothing experience. All the cottages are furnished with locally handmade furniture, and equipped with self-catering facilities with all essential amenities to ensure your comfort during your stay.

The Hotel, offers 5 room types from which you can choose. The Standard Single, Standard Double, One Bedroom Cottage, Two Bedroom Cottage and Three Bedroom Cottage which are all ideal for business travellers, tourists, honeymooners and even families on holiday.

A night inside a Standard Single Room goes for $65, Standard Double Room at $72, 1 Bedroom Cottage at $90, $2 Bedroom Cottage at $120 and 3 Bedroom Cottage comes at $165. Half Board per Person $75 (Includes Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner) while full board per Person $85 (Includes Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner).

Corporate events, Meetings

Forest Cottages’ conference and banquet facilities comprise of meeting space the total of 4 separate rooms. These rooms are capable of seating 10 to 200 guests in various sitting styles, and cater to maximum of 150 guests for a reception. The facilities are equipped with Wi-Fi, conference calls, fax facilities, recording devices are available upon request, PA system, stationary and courteous fulltime staff on hand to assist you during your event.

Forest Cottages also provides a venue for weddings. Also airport pickups and drops, safaris, tours around Kampala and day trips to locally made African craft markets can be organized.


At Forest Cottages, one can enjoy unique and posh dining in a setting of your choosing. The Avocado Restaurant has a traditional ambience which leaves you in no doubt that you are dining in Africa. With an extensive assortment of cosmopolitan dishes ranging from exclusively local and International cuisine, our guests will be spoilt for choice.

The decadence you experience while dining in the restaurant is in part due to the competent and capable well-trained staff consisting of diverse experience of chefs. The hotel serves a delicious continental breakfast that you can enjoy in either the dining room or on the open terrace where a fresh breeze cooled by the trees leaves you reinvigorated and ready to face the day.

The Bar is lavishly stocked with all major alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Served in a beautiful recreational atmosphere, you will spend your evenings delightfully during the duration of your stay. You can get a 15% discount off when you make online bookings then you can enjoy Safari lodge services within the city at the most affordable rates.

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