We Train And Prepare Our Students For Global Job Market – Victoria University

Victoria University Vice Chancellor Dr. Shama and other officials COURTESY PHOTO Victoria University Vice Chancellor Dr. Shama and other officials

Victoria University is preparing their students to be able to compete and get jobs not only in Uganda but also anywhere else in the world, the vice chancellor Dr. Krishnna N. Sharma told secondary school students at the Victoria University Open Day last week.

“In our classes, you can find about eight or ten nationalities so when we are teaching a concept we are not only thinking about Kampala but international scenarios. Our teacher – student ratio is very strong; we have a smaller group so the lecturer knows each and every student,” Dr. Sharma said in his address at the Open Day.

Dr. Sharma reveals that they are collaborating with international universities in India, Pakistan, Mauritius, Canada and Sweden to give their students international experience and global skills.

“We are sending our students to different countries so that they can have international exposure,” he added. He explained that at Victoria University passing on knowledge to students is more prioritized than students passing exams when they have attained no skills and workplace experience.

“Are you going to look for the job only in Kampala, no, we stay in a global village and you should know what is happening elsewhere. We prepare our students for international market,”

Dr. Sharma was recently confirmed as vice chancellor having briefly served as dean faculty of health science. He is an academician and author with medical background with more than hundred publications. He has supervised more than 60 researches.

“I have many dreams for the university as a Vice Chancellor, and I am sure I am going to take the University with the help of my colleagues. My focus still remains on research, innovation, publication and outreach.”

Victoria University located on Jinja road has four functional faculties offering a wide range of practical courses. It has the faculty of humanities and social sciences, faculty of business and management, faculty of science and technology and faculty of health sciences.


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