What If Wakanda Was Actually Uganda?

Wakanda as seen in Black Panther and the magnifiscent Lake Bunyonyi in western Uganda Wakanda as seen in Black Panther and the magnifiscent Lake Bunyonyi in western Uganda

By Simon Singiza
Student at Victoria University Kampala

Wakanda forever!!To all those relieving themselves from the blank panther hype. As a huge fan of Chadwick Bozeman and the marvel series.I didn’t expect anything less of the movie. What actually took me by storm was the excitement it caused globally not to mention in Kampala streets with cinemas seats fully booked anywhere you turned .

The last time I saw such hype was the time our Lord Jesus Christ received some serious cains in the release of passion of Christ. If I you haven’t watched it run and buy that movie ticket, or you can choose to be patriotic (be Ugandan, buy Ugandan) and wait for the vj junior version to come out.

There so many aspects that made this movie thrilling starting from the cast of African actors, the authentic fight scenes as well as the concept of a technologically advanced Africa. But the real entertainment for me was the effort made by social media to affiliate the movie based kingdom wakanda to Uganda.

Its all starts when the movie points out that the location of the wakanda kingdom was somewhere around East Africa. Then the Mengo lords casting the first stone swore how that name is actually pronounced as Waganda and not Wakanda.

The basoga too were not going to let anyone steal the glory right and so they rushed to lay claim on one of the two Ugandan actors that were part of the Black Panther cast was of Busoga origin. One could hear them affirm how they even sent Daniel Kayunga the kanzu he wore on during the premier of the Black Panther.

What Ifound more interesting was the pictorial evidence the Bakiga revealed of the similarity of the wakanda geographical scenery to Lake Bunyonyi and the Ruwenzori Mountains as they too tried to own the movie. This got me thinking supposing there was some truth in these arguments, how can Uganda and its tourism benefit from this opportunity.

The music and film industry has played a big role in influencing today’s culture, way of life, and general public opinion about certain topics. This is why the business world will not mind paying millions of dollars just so their products can feature in popular movies.

You imagine how much Mercedes Benz had to pay just so batman could be seen driving a Mercedes in the justice league movie. Or how much American car companies have to pay for their vehicles to feature in movies like the transformers or the fast and furious.

I’m quite sure tourism in Madagascar sky rocketed immediately after the release of the famous cartoon animation Madagascar. Not to mention the benefit Kenya and Tanzania tourism has received courtesy from the classical animation the lion king which not only stressed the beauty of the Kilimanjaro Mountain and national parks but also Swahili language phrases like hakunamatata

If businesses and other countries are benefiting from Hollywood, what would be we are not the only African country that is suffering the effect of bad publicity. after all, one of the reasons the blank panther movie is a hit is because this is among the first few movies that has made an attempt to change people’s mindset about Africa and therefore we should grab this opportunity and use this movie to focus that attention further on Uganda’s tourism before some other country does.

The writer is a BBA student at Victoria University Kampala and Head of Marketing Voyager Hotels.

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