COVID 19: God Punishing Man For Destroying Environment

Cyrus Kabaale, the author COURTESY PHOTO Cyrus Kabaale, the author

By Cyrus Kabaale

To date, over 145,551 innocent lives have been lost and other over 2 Million people are infected worldwide with COVID 19, a virus that remains with no cure despite great technology by man.

In response, almost every country in the world has closed its borders and internal road, air and water transport. It’s the biggest global crisis of our generation.

Most of us are rightly scared that the increasing calamities including COVID 19, the landslides, underwater earthquakes and others are a clear sign that God is unhappy with MAN.

That man has failed his duty of protecting the world and instead succeeded in destroying nature and yet, nature has its own regulations and defensive mechanisms.

When in 2016, the global community put in place the Paris agreement on climate change, there was relief that for the first time, humans came consensus to protect the environment.

Unfortunately, the agreement has not stopped environmental destruction due to human greed and ego by the mighty countries. As a result, the destruction of nature in form of forests, wetlands, lakes, rivers, seas, oceans, wildlife and many others by man activities.

What are consequences of these challenges? May it’s the COVID 19 and other calamities? We must respect nature or else we shall perish.

The current COVID 19 worldwide challenge clearly shows the limitations of MAN’s intelligence. Yes, man has the technology to go to the moon and beyond, has nuclear weapons and other advances in many other aspects of life. But can man order the COVID 19 to stop its impacts?

It should be noted that the previous corona virus outbreaks such as Mars, Sars and others did not reach Africa perhaps due to differences in climate but within a short time, COVID 19 has covered almost the entire world including Africa. 

Why, unlike previous corona viruses, has COVID 19 crossed to Africa? Why has it caused misery to the world than before at a time when the technology is at its best? May be and may be not, God and nature are angry with humanity.

In future, we may learn that the current challenges are as a result of a polluted and degraded world where forests, wetlands and national parks and game reserves, and others have been turned into oil fields, mining sites, sugar cane plantations while lakes, rivers, seas and oceans are being covered by plastics. All these impacts are a result of man failing to respect the environment within which he lives.

Let us work together to fight COVID 19 and to restore the integrity of nature. This requires sacrifice. We must stop activities such as oil that destroy nature irrespective of the billions of dollars expected in revenues. To date, those billions have failed to stop the impacts of COVID 19 on the world. Let us stop greed and be humble, and call upon God to save us.

As we call upon God to save the world, I call upon fellow Ugandans and all people across the global to respect the measures being undertaken to prevent the COVID 19 including washing hands, social distancing, respiratory hygiene, avoid touching your (eyes, nose and mouth) and stay at home as advised by the governments and professionals. Together we shall overcome COVID 19 and its social, economic and political impacts.

For God and My country

Cyrus Kabaale

Extractives Programme’s Officer, Africa Institute for Energy Governance (AFIEGO)


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