Losing Of Fragile Systems Of Bugoma Forest To Sugarcane Growing

By Spencer Pedun

Recently, media reported that 405 hectares of Bugoma forest land were cleared by Hoima Sugar limited according to the GPS images in the hands of the Save Bugoma Forest Campaign (SBFC).

Uganda losses about 100,000 hectares of forest cover every year and per USAID’s Uganda Biodiversity and Tropical Forest Assessment report, “approximately 25 million tons of wood are consumed annually in Uganda [with the] majority of that wood [being] used as household firewood (65%), charcoal (16%) and commercial and industrial firewood (14%).”

 Indeed as CSOs on the natural resources survey of 2020, indicated that forest cover loss has now increased to an estimated 200,000 hectares annually.

Forests are said to be the life-givers to human beings. But human beings are not paying any heed to this fact and are cutting them mercilessly and endlessly to satisfy their needs. With our population rising at a tremendous rate, the trees and forests are vanishing faster than the blink of an eye. A time will come when the earth will be devoid of trees.

Deforestation has led to many serious problems such as the depletion of the ozone layer. More pollution means more respiratory disorders, so on and so forth. Therefore, it is our duty to make Uganda a lush green country by planting more trees.

Due to deforestation, the weather conditions have changed abruptly and due to global warming, there is a great increase in temperature. Forests are the shelter of flora and fauna. With the cutting of trees of the forests, flora and fauna have been adversely affected.

Trees prevent soil erosion but the felling of more trees has caused soil erosion. So, each and every place is turning into a barren wasteland. Moreover, floods have become frequent due to the same reason. As brick laying is on the rise, the youths in Manafwa and in Bugishu land have started cutting down trees to seek firewood for burning bricks and also charcoal burning which has greatly led to deforestation.

In conclusion, l call upon the youth to desist from cutting tress and opt to using machines that are used for brick laying which doesn’t necessitate tress cutting

Therefore, we call uponNEMA to review Hoima Sugar’s activities with the view of cancelling the certificate that the authority issued to the company due to non-compliance to the certificate’s conditions.

Failure to do so provide environmental destroyers such as Hoima Sugar with an opportunity todegrade Ugandans’ shared precious natural environment.

For God and My Country

Spencer Pedun

Project Assistant at Environment Governance Institute (EGI)

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