Kenj Nabirye

Kenj Nabirye

Sudhir Wants Government To Fast Track Oil And Gas Production

The private sector is becoming impatient waiting for the promised oil and gas opportunities to open up. Entrepreneurs who have strategically positioned themselves to tap into these opportunities are calling on government to fast track these possibilities.

The latest to voice his frustration at the delays being experienced in the oil and gas sector is businessman Sudhir Ruparelia who has asked government to close the deals that are causing the delays for the development and production of the country’s oil.

“I would like to urge government to work towards closing the long awaited oil and gas opportunities. Many investors have made projections and investments based on that opportunity, the longer it takes to materialize, the more these investors will be hard pressed,” Sudhir told CEO East Africa in an exclusive interview.

Uganda and the international oil companies are expected to announce a Final Investment Decision (FID) in June. The FID will give guidance and explain how the oil companies will invest their money.

Once the oil companies decide where and how to invest, key contracts will be announced and awarded to qualifying contractors many of whom are expected to be local companies especially in the service industry.

While conducting Havana prayer for Kingdom Kampala mall on Sunday, Rajiv Ruparelia, also of Ruparelia Group, said the multibillion complex providing office space is targeting the oil and gas sector.

“The opening of this property has come at a strategic time when we are trying to target the oil and gas sector as well as any other sectors that require office space,” Rajiv told journalists.

“We are trying to get new people who would be investing in the oil and gas. We hope the oil and gas deals are signed this year as we have been told. Once that takes off there will be extremely good economic movement in Uganda.” He added.

The Ruparelia Group through Speke Group of Hotels has had a taste of oil money. The Group’s hotels like Speke Resort Munyonyo and Kabira Country Club has been the preferred facilities for local and international oil and gas meetings.

In April this year, Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum hosted the country’s leading oil and gas convention at Speke Resort. The ministry of energy and mineral development has also hosted the energy sector review meetings there.

Youth Group Wants Irene Mulyagonja Fired From Her IGG Job

Uganda Poor Youth Movement, a youth pressure group, has petitioned President Yoweri Museveni asking him to fire the Inspector General of Government (IGG) Irene Mulyagonja for failing to execute her mandate.

The Group also alleges that there is public resentment towards the institution of Inspectorate of Government due to Mulyagonja's incompetence.

The petition signed off by the Groups spokesperson Zahid Sempala and addressed to President Museveni said the IGG is discriminatory and her office is tainted with corruption, favoritism and selective justice.

"Your Excellency, the office of the Inspector General of Government has on several occasions shunned away from investigating and prosecuting some public officers when where there is glaring evidence and public outcry to have the said person prosecuted.

Where her office chooses to investigate, these people come out scot free at the end of investigations which has prompted the public to perceive the office of the Inspector General of Government as one that is constituted on paper but rather toothless, a joke and dummy in actual sense," the petition reads in part.

The petition has come at a time when the president has also lost trust in Mulyagonja and has publically rebuked the IGG for failing at her job. The president even set up a parallel anti-corruption agency headed by Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema.

The president said the IGG office has been infiltrated by bad elements. "I think she (Mulyagonja) was infiltrated, slowly by some groups. That is why I appointed a watchman to watch over the watchman," he said. "What happened to the IGG? Why don't the victims of corruption report those incidences of corruption to the IGG?" he asked again.

Nakalema has in the recent past since her appointment made several arrests of heads of government institutions that have been reported to be corrupt leaving Mulyagonja egg faced.

Recently, a leaked shortlist of people who have applied for the job of Court of Appeal (Constitutional Court) bares the name of Mulyagonja, the current IGG. This is an indication that she is preparing for life after the Inspectorate of Government.

Music, Art & Good Food Reign At Kabira Easter Carnival

Easter came early for revelers who turned up for this year’s Kabira Easter Carnival at Kabira Country Club on Saturday. Indeed it is was no ordinary Easter weekend at Kabira Country Club in Bukoto.

It is was artistic, magical and engaging. This year, Kabira Country Club is promising and it delivered – from kids to adults, one found something interesting. And the live band was always on the cords entertaining revelers.

Fun activities like egg painting, delicatessen, food and bar, magician, kids playground, egg hunting, artisan market, break dance, jumping castles, swings, comedy among others made the day worthy its billing.

The carnival was colorful with exhibitors showcasing their best – the artisan market was iconic, with artists putting on display great art pieces and fabrics. Fashion, especially the wearables, was on point – the sandals, hats, jewelry, dresses, t-shirt prints all stood out.

The food and drinks all was also on point. The culinary prowess was showcased and yumminess was all over the place. The kids’ area was busy as the young ones made the best of the day.

Celebrate Easter Sunday With This Rich Brunch Menu At Speke Resort Munyonyo

Easter holidays, like Christmas holidays, are meant to be celebrated together with family and friends. This year, Speke Resort Munyonyo and Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort are giving you a deep reason to celebrate.

Every celebration is complete with an assortment of local and exotic food of all types prepared in a manner that glorifies the occasion. Fruits and drinks of all sorts come handy to match with the occasion.

And this Easter, Speke Resort Munyonyo has arranged a special brunch (breakfast & lunch) this Easter Sunday with a rich menu. From drinks, bread, buffet, fruits and a kids corner.

Speke Resort Munyonyo wants your Easter Sunday (21st April, 2019, starting 11:30am to 4pm), at Nyanja Restaurant, to be perfect and memorable.

The brunch menu

 The menu has been categorized into sections – a cold bar, cold beveragesm bread counter, egg station, sandwich and slider station, pasta station, hot Buffet, fresh fruit cuts and a section for the kids.

Cold Bar

The cold bar will have various cold cuts, various cheeses, avocado & tomato lettuce, stuffed eggs canape, roasted beet root & coconut salad, garden fresh mix lettuce, garden peas & sweet corn salad, carious dressings, dips & condiments.

Cold Beverages

This section will have purified water, fresh cocktail juice, packed apple juice and strawberry milkshake.

Bread Counter

The bread counter section will have chocolate croissants, plain muffins, chocolate brownies, cookies, cherry Danish, banana cake, raisin cinnamon bread, black olives bread, vegetables pie and chicken pie.

Egg Station

This will have all types of omelet and condiments.  

Sandwich & Slider Station

This will have the focaccia bread, brown bread, white bread, panini bread, slice beef steak, chicken mixture, fresh lettuce, tomato slice, onion slice, cucumber slice, gherkin, olives, sundried tomato, mayonnaise & tomato sauce.

Pasta Station

The pasta station will have chicken, beef, vegetables, penne pasta, spaghetti pasta, macaroni pasta, cheese sauce, tomato sauce & bolognaise sauce.

Hot Buffet

The hot buffet area will have vegetables pilau rice, farmed fresh, chicken breast, black pepper, crusted beef medallion, fish orly, beans katogo and oven roasted oriented potatoes.

Fresh Fruit Cuts

This will contain mango, water melon, pineapples, papaya, passion and bananas.

Kids Corner

This will have potatoes finger chips, chicken lollipop, mini pizzas.

Pancake, Donuts & Cookie Counter

This will contain pancake stuffed with caramelized banana and caramelized applee, varieties of donuts, red velvet pastry, chocolate mud cake, mango cheese cake, vanilla & strawberry cake, tropical fruit cuts.

The brunch will come at a cost of only Shs95, 000 per person and includes a glass of sparkling wine or house wine with live music.

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