Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort Emerges Overall Winner at Ruparelia Sports Day

Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort beat off competition from 26 other Ruparelia Group subsdiaries to emerge overall winner at the Group’s annual sports day gala. The gala was held at Kampala International School Uganda (KISU) in BUkoto.

The sack race was thrilling

The five star hotel was followed by flower growers Rosebud Limited and Kabira Country Club in the top three sports. Remarkable performance was recorded from Kampala Parents School which narrowly missed out on the top three spot.

Hundreds of the Group’s employees left the comfort of their desks to put on sports gears to tussle it out with their comrades in sports and games like football, Tag Rugby, Darts, Suduku, Scrabble, Athletics, Wheelbarrow race, Tug of War, Egg and Spoon Race and Sack Race.

While many struggled on field track, many showed glimpses of talent and enthusiasm to give all they could to win something for their teams. Football, tug rugby and athletics were most competitive and gruesome.

Games like sack and egg race were comical but participants put up a brave show by being astute and careful. Team and individual winners won trophies and cash prizes to incentive them. The organizers promised a better show next year.

Rajiv Ruparelia, Ruparelia Group director thanked the organizers for doing a good job and participants for coming to grace the occasion because without them the event ‘wouldn’t happen.’



Improve Your ‘Employability’ With These Short Courses At Victoria University

You probably have a degree from a reputable university in what many consider to be a strong degree but you are finding hard to find a job. This could be the case because you lack a particular complementing skill which your degree course didn’t provide.

This year, Victoria University Kampala is offering a chance to widen your skills knowledge. The University has announced a number of skills based short courses that both job seekers and employees seeking for new skill can undertake to boost their employability.

Digital Marketing

The Internet and Online Customers have moved forward at such a fast pace that if you don’t learn about the digital medium you risk foregoing potential sales, customers, business opportunities as well as have a gap in your future career in Marketing.

The courses offer a deep understanding of marketing and to understand why digital and social media elements of marketing are so critical in business. It also offers you new knowledge and skills in Internet Marketing, help you extend your marketing knowledge, learn how to create an Internet Marketing Plan & Presence and the latest e-marketing strategies about: SEO, PPC Advertising, Social Media, Web Analytics, Blogging, E-mail Marketing and more.

This course is for job seekers and entrepreneurs, marketing managers, communication specialists, webmasters and IT managers or those who would like to a pursue a career in online marketing. It’s a ten-week course and costs shs360,000.

SPSS Statistical Package For Social Science

SPSS is one of the most used statistics programs for collection, organization and analysis of data, and perhaps the most user-friendly program. It is favored by most scholars in the field of social sciences, humanities, health sciences and business among others.

This course module introduces participants to, data entry, management and analysis using the SPSS program. Common Univariate and Bivariate statistical analyses are introduced. The scientific reporting of SPSS results in relation to univariate and bivariate analyses is also introduced.

Each SPSS session is preceded by a theoretical orientation, before applications in SPSS. Scholars and practitioners in the field of social sciences, humanities, health sciences, business among others. The course for 10 weeks and costs shs360,000.

Basic Compute Applications

This course is conducted under the Holiday Makers’ Programme. It provides skills on how to use computer applications when taking on your basic computer use tasks. It provides a full blend on MS-office packages that have become vital in business operations.

The two weeks course at a cost of Shs200, 000 is for Professional, Entrepreneur and Job seekers. It is also for school levers, higher institution graduates and Small business owners. The course will introduce to Computer systems and operating systems, Internet and email applications, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power point, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.

Entrepreneurial Development Studies

Entrepreneurship and Innovation is not just about startups: it is a topic that is rapidly growing in importance in government policy and in the behavior of established firms.

The course is for Professional, Entrepreneur and Job seekers. It is also for school levers, higher institution graduates and Small business owners. This is a ten-week course and costs shs360,000.


Sudhir Offers Cash Rewards To KPS Top Performers

Businessman and philanthropist Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia as in a way of motivating pupils who performed well in the 2017 primary leaving examinations at Kampala Parents School rewarded them with cash rewards.

“I am proud of all students who sowed so much time and effort and sacrificed so much to achieve this, we want to continue building young leaders of tomorrow. Some of these people will be ministers, presidents, you never know,” Sudhir said in a media interview.

Kampala Parents School Principal, Daphne Kato has applauded school Directors, Management and Teachers for their outstanding role in nurturing children towards academic excellence.

She said, “Kampala Parents’ School now has consecutive years of above average learning gains for a Ugandan pupil. We are delighted that the evidence base for learning is becoming stronger and stronger every year.

Kampala Parents School delivers high quality education at a relative price for parents. Kampala Parents School pupils scored 197 first grades, 58 second grade and only 1 third grade putting them in the top percentile of Uganda pupils.

Kampala Parents Shines In PLE National Exams Again

Kampala Parents’ School has yet again proved that it is a reliable and dependable learning center for primary school pupils when it posted an improved performance in the 2017 national primary leaving examinations (PLE)

The Naguru based school registered 197 first grades out of the 256 candidates who sat for the national primary leaving examinations. Close to 50 pupils scored aggregate four as the school registered no failures. Many other registered an impressive second grades.

“Our teachers worked hard and finished the syllabus in second term so we used the 3rd term to revise. We worked as a team and also carried out continuous assessment meetings to know up with our pupil’s performance trends with several revision classes,” the school principal Daphine Kato told the media.

“We are passionate about helping our children to develop a love for reading. We train them to be proactive and fast thinkers so that they can handle this ever demanding and fast changing world,” she elaborated further on the tactics deployed to ensure the good performance.

“Our Director provided everything that a child needs to study and excel and the teachers are happy because when we compare results with those of last year these ones are better,” the school principal said.

Kampala Parents is owned by Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia under the Ruparelia Group of Companies. Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia has over the years invested heavily in the education sector. He owns other schools like Kampala international School Uganda in Bukoto, Delhi Public International Schoo and Victoria University Kampala.

Rosebud Prioritizes Environment With New Water Recycling Technology

A 2012 report titled The Impacts of the Flower Industry on Environment and People's Livelihood in Uganda conducted by National Association of professional Environmentalists (NAPE) indicated that some of the current practices in the growing flower business are harmful to the workers and to the environment.

The reported pointed out that poor implementation of laws and the inadequate guidance and nurturing of the young flower industry has led to increased risk of pollution and to the numerous negative social and health risks to the workers and communities in surrounding areas to flower firms.

Rosebud has heavily invested in new technology to safeguard the environment

And as law abiding stakeholders, Rosebud Limited, the leading grower of cut roses, alongside its sister company Premier Roses, have put in place the right modern technology to ensure that the environment is health and that their workers are not in danger of any pollution.

“Our farm is equipped with the most modern water recycling equipment's that has helped to reduce land filling, need for conventional waste disposal and emission of greenhouse gases in our farm,” Rosebud revealed to this website in an interview highlighting the investment the company has done to safeuguard the environment.

“We are continually doing research and development to conserve the environment, reduce the use of agrochemicals and improve efficiency in the use of natural resources. Our goal is to continue to co-exist with the natural environment and ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees,” it added.

A Rosebud Limited recycling facility

The cut-flower industry is requires the extensive use of agrochemicals which have a negative effect on the air, soil and water supply. But Rosebud uses an advanced fertigation system. This has greatly reduced on the amount of fertilizers and chemicals used and reduced leaching in the farm.

Rosebud also uses the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to control the pests that may injure rose plants. The firm has been breeding the natural enemies of spider mites and using them to help control the mite population. 

The farm has a fully computerised climatic controlled propagation unit. The farm uses every drop of water by using a watering system and piping system that delivers water to each planter individually.


CBSE Curriculum: Delhi Public School International Excelling In Uganda

When businessman Sudhir Ruparelia acquired Delhi Public School in 2015 and turned it into Delhi Public School International, many Ugandans yearning to take their children to India to get an international education were saved the burden.

Sudhir who owns a string of investments in the education sector introduced in Uganda the India’s acclaimed Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The CBSE is a Board of Education for public and private schools, under the Union Government of India.

The CBSE is offered in more than 24 countries globally with over 17, 300 affiliated schools. The CBSE closely works with the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), an autonomous organization of the Government of India.

In Uganda, as required by law, the implementation of CBSE is regulated and monitored by the ministry of education and sports.

Delhi Public School International principal says that the curriculum they focus on complete development of students by involving them in both scholastic & co-scholastic activities as suggested by CBSE.

"I am sure this will help our children to realize, understand & explore their talents. In order to do this, the parents and the school authorities must work together to inculcate certain values in the students," he says.

The school has implemented the scheme of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (C.C.E.) in all the classes. The CCE scheme envisages that every learner is to be evaluated over the entire period of learning schedule rather than a one-slot three hour examination at the end of a course of learning.

The C.B.S.E, through C.C.E. is aiming at a system of evaluation which does not just mean measurement of the level of learning outcomes but more so an approach for further improving the system.

The curriculum of all the academic subjects as well as a variety of co-curricular activities encourages creativity, aesthetics and adventure. Pre-primary - Classes Nursery to Prep, Primary - Classes I to V, Secondary - Classes VI to X and Senior Secondary - Classes XI & XII are involved all school activities.

All students study English, Hindi, Mathematics, EVS/Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), Social Studies (History, Civics and Geography) and an optional language (French).

Co-curricular activities include Socially Useful & Productive Work (Art, Music, Dance, Science Club, Eco Club, Astronomy Club, and Literary Club), Physical and Health Education and Computer Education.

"We hope that with the cooperation and support of the parents, we shall be able to make a success of this system which is a path-breaking initiative taken by the C.B.S.E. to aspire for holistic development of the students in a conducive environment."

The main objectives of CBSE are to provide stress free, child centered and holistic education, to collect and analyze feedback from stakeholders, to implement and supervise other agencies, to achieve academic excellence and to boost teacher - student relationships.

Other objectives are to achieve quality benchmarks in school education, to organize capacity building and empowerment programmes, to examine students and to raise the academic standards.

We Are Designed To Guarantee Safety And Safety Of Pupils – Kampala Parents’ School

The physical environment of school buildings and school grounds is a key factor in the overall health and safety of students, staff, and visitors, educationists at Kampala Parents’ School have acknowledged.

“At Kampala Parents’ School, our buildings and grounds are designed to maintain health and safety hazards and also promote learning. We believe that learner's achievements can be affected either positively or negatively by the school environment, the school principal Daphne Kato said.

She added that “policies and protocols are in place to ensure food protection, sanitation, safe water supply, healthy air quality, good lighting, safe playgrounds, violence prevention, and emergency response, among other issues that relate to the physical environment of schools.”  

To help pupils bond with school and be receptive to learning, school faculties need to take time to understand the disconnections pupils experience during the school day. “By talking with learners about how they experience the school, our teachers can work to address problems that might interfere with pupils’ willingness to come to school.”

“In addition, our teachers discuss how school and classroom practices limit students' social integration. However, we ensure a flexible schedule that allows pupils to move into grade-level classes when they are academically prepared for grade-level work.”

Kampala Parents’ School is currently recruiting new pupils for the next academic year. They admit children from the age of two and a half to twelve years of age. Applicants should have birth certificates and valid report cards from their former school.

The principal says the school philosophy is to provide children with the best possible all-round education in a safe caring and loving environment. “We aim to create a culture where thinking and learning flourish. We hope to lay good foundations for future learning so that our children can become full and active members of society.”

The school offers a broad and balanced curriculum which takes into account children’s interests. “We use the National Curriculum to structure the content of what is taught and we enrich pupil’s learning experiences by providing access to stimulating resources and valuable workshops, assemblies and extracurricular clubs and trips.

“Teaching staff have access to high quality training opportunities which place quality first teaching at the core of everything we do. Pupils are regularly assessed and feedback provided to parents informally on a daily basis and during the PTA meetings and class days throughout the course of the year.”

An essential aspect of early learning is the use of play to teach children about the world and to achieve this, Kampala Parents’ School has employed digital learning. Digital learning allows children to expand their mind by encouraging exploration through technology. Desktop games, such as Millie's Math House, can teach about shapes, sorting and classification, while Kid Pix can teach them to paint just like Picasso.

“At Kampala Parents’ School, we believe that since classrooms are leaning towards the integration of technological learning, exposing pupils to electronic readers helps to develop a stronger relationship with books.”

Steaming Improves Your Breathing, Removes Impurities From Skin

Sometimes we get so busy we forget about the little things that can improve the health of our lives like visiting a steam or sauna room. This ignorable activity can save you numerous trip to a health facility.

According to experts at Kampala’s premium gym, The City Gym, located at Kampala Boulevard building on Kampala road, a visit to the steam room helps to open up airways which improves your breathing and alleviates congestion.

The steam also helps to clear out any impurities from the skin which is especially good for those who have acne and you will leave feeling good and fresh, James Oketch, The City Gym instructs elaborates.

However, keep in mind that sweat released through your pores is actually water, so sitting in a sauna or steam room for too long can dehydrate your skin. This means that you must regulate the time you spend inside any of the rooms, Oketch notes. The sweat also helps to remove toxins and cleanses the body, he says.

The benefits of using the Steam Rooms, according to various sources, are relieving stress and relaxing muscles, increasing body metabolism, cleansing the skin, eliminating toxins and boosting immune system.

The steam room causes you to sweat, which means that your body is losing water. As water makes up a large part of your body weight, the emission of the sweat will cause you to lose a few pounds. The sweat also helps to remove toxins and cleanses the body.

The wet heat from the steam room thins and opens the mucous membranes in the body, which helps to relieve pressure. This is highly beneficial for those that suffer from asthma and bronchitis, as it helps with sinus relief.

Regular exercising

Multiple trainers at The City Gym say regular exercising is a big part of a healthy lifestyle for a longer life. “At The City Gym we believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle. So we have made it simple, affordable & convenient for everyone to achieve their personal health goals.

Our gym is fitted with over 100 pieces of Technogym equipment to cover all of your fitness requirements. Our team of trainers will also be on hand to provide you with advice and instruction to get the most out of your workout.

Inside The City Gym you will find a vibrant and spacious gym floor, modern studio, excellent changing facilities, modern showers and functional training zones. “We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standards creating a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Apartments In Kampala Where You Can Spend Christmas Holidays

Christmas season gives travelers and tourists a perfect chance to get out of their homes and go out to see the world. For domestic and international travelers, accommodation is a high priority. Travelers want to stay in a place more likely better than their homes.

And since Christmas holiday are usually longer travelers want more than bed and breakfast which are primary services hotels offer. They usually want a package that gives them comfort and variety since many travel with their families, including children.

Many travelers and tourists prefer an upscale apartment which they can rent for a certain period of time. The feel of an apartment compensates for what their homes offer – space, sense of belonging and privacy.

In this article we compile some of the upscale apartments where holiday makers can stay this Christmas season. You can check their individual website and social media pages (as interlinked) to get rates and what offers they have for the season.

Speke Apartments

Speke Apartments specializes in self-catering apartments for corporate, leisure and family travelers in Kampala for short or long term lets. It combines a great location with a secure, quiet, clean, serviced apartment accommodation spread out over five floors. It is located at Plot No 19 - 21, Wampewo Avenue, Kololo, Kampala.

Speke Apartments, boosting of two and three bedroom apartments and penthouses, is the largest and most luxurious apartments in Uganda. It has a mix of modern contemporary surroundings and a relaxing, laid back environment ensure that Speke Apartments is the finest choice for both business and pleasure accommodation. (See here)

Tagore Apartments

Tagore Apartments are fully serviced apartments in the heart of Kampala offering a home environment that is inviting and comfortable, for short and long term stays at very enjoyable experience.

It’s friendly and secure accommodation suits all guests, whether you are the business traveler that requires a standard apartment, travelling leisurely with your partner and require a luxuriously spacious apartment or have even taken the kids along for the ride and require family accommodation.

All Tagore Apartments guests enjoy complimentary membership for the duration of their stay at the luxurious Kabira Country Club which is a 10 minutes’ drive away. They are located at Mawanda Road in Kampala. (See Here)

Bukoto Heights

Bukoto Heights apartments are fully furnished luxury apartment in the city of Kampala, offering elegance and comfort in a relaxed atmosphere in Kampala's northern suburb of Bukoto.

Bukoto Heights apartments is within close proximity of the Central Business District, with convenient access to all parts of the city, and essential social amenities, like shopping centers, prime residential and international diplomatic neighborhoods, international schools and the golf course in the heart of the city.

With stunning views of the greater Kampala cityscape, Bukoto Heights apartments combine gracious hospitality with contemporary style. The family run nature of the apartments delivers a truly personal service. (See here)

Kitante Apartments

Residing at Kitante Apartments comes with a home-like experience. It is a fully furnished with ample Parking Space and 24hrs guarded security.


If you are looking for a fully furnished apartment or accommodation for you, your family, or on an extended family, Kitante Apartments can meet all your long stay accommodation needs. It is beautiful, well maintained and fully furnished apartments for you at the best rates. (See Here)

Kampala Boulevard

Kampala Boulevard is located opposite Posta Uganda on plot 22, 24, 26 along Kampala road. The design maximizes use of space, incorporates state of the art digital technology and creates a highly flexible environment that can easily adapt to meet its changing needs. It features apartments, shop and office space. (See Here)

African Leader's Change The Narrative During RPF 30TH Anniversary In Rwanda

By Malise Otoo

Kigali, Rwanda - Scores of people trooped to the RPF-Inkotanyi Conference Center for the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Rwandan Patriotic Front with a hope to change the narrative about liberation and economic transformation in Africa.

Speaking during the conference, H.E Benjamin Mkapa, Former President, Tanzania reiterated the need for African leaders to reassure their people of true self-reliance and identity while thriving together to change the narrative.
He said," I'm hoping the ambition  of relocating to Europe will be replaced by an aspiration to relocating to Africa". 
However, he admitted that the Developed countries Architecture do not allow for Regional Integration.
He was similarly emphatic that a serious livestock market policy was important in the East African bloc especially to control free movement of animals and border control. 
H.E. Benjamin Mkapa recognized that in other for Africa to move away from the narrative of being poor it was necessary to have clear nationalities, saying that the thing that produces results is identity and people of dignity. 
On his part, Andrew Mwenda, Journalist and Managing Director, Independent Magazine, Uganda stressed that public institutions perform better in Rwanda even than in Kenya or Uganda. 
"Self-reliance, identity and self-discipline are pillars which I believe can make Africa grow, transform and develop". 
Furthermore, Dr.Jendayi Frazer, former US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs,Bureau of African Affairs argued that it's it's extremely important that we distinguish between growth and transformation. 
According to her, Africans development must move with changes in global trends and Affairs.
"Accountability, good governance and inclusion is what Africa needs to develop", she said. 
In a sharp contrast, Dr. Frazer identified certain challenges that she forsee may hinder such progress including the question of state building, question of inclusion, question of overcoming trade barriers, among others."The question of idealization must be put at the back burner", she pointed. 
Self awareness, self-determination and hoe Africa can use global changes to advance it's course are clear ways to unify the continent. 
It has therefore become obvious that countries must be prepared to reduce aid and that aid if necessary must be connected to a collective self-realization. 
Africa according to her has a challenge of inequality in the world, challenge of sound cohesion and ecological sustainability and these must be addressed by African leaders. 
Lastly, James Mwangi, Executive Director, Dalberg Group, Kenya also stipulated the need to for Africa to embrace technology and innovation saying, "you cannot solve your immediate challenges with 14th century solutions". 
He stated that African leaders must lower the barriers of thinking big. 
The conference was under the theme, "Liberalization and transformation: Realizing a dignified and prosperous Africa". 
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