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These Apartments are changing the face of hospitality industry in Uganda

The real estate and hospitality sub sectors are going through a bumpy time having to deal with the economic shocks facing the country. These two are playing hard to survive by being responsive to the economic demands. Investment is hard to come by.

However the Ruparelia Group under the direction of Sudhir Ruparelia has managed to maneuver and is spearheading what we will call the ‘apartments revolution’. They are not just erecting structures but erecting modern building responding to the fashionable demands of customers.  

In this feature, we have profiled some of the uptown apartments constructed by one of the country’s richest man in the country Sudhir Ruparelia. These apartments are literally transforming the hospitality industry in the country as they are preferred destination for tourists, expats and classy Ugandans.

Speke Apartments

Speke Apartments specializes in self-catering apartments for corporate, leisure and family travellers in Kampala for short or long term lets. It combins a great location with a secure, quiet, clean, serviced apartment accommodation spread out over five floors. It is located at Plot No 19 - 21, Wampewo Avenue, Kololo, Kampala.

Speke Apartments, boosting of two and three bedroom apartments and penthouses, is the largest and most luxurious apartments in Uganda.  It has a mix of modern contemporary surroundings and a relaxing, laid back environment ensure that Speke Apartments is the finest choice for both business and pleasure accommodation.

Tagore Apartments

Tagore Apartments are fully serviced apartments in the heart of Kampala offering a home environment that is inviting and comfortable, for short and long term stays at very enjoyable experience.

It’s friendly and secure accommodation suits all guests, whether you are the business traveller that requires a standard apartment, travelling leisurely with your partner and require a luxuriously spacious apartment or have even taken the kids along for the ride and require family accommodation.

All Tagore Apartments guests enjoy complimentary membership for the duration of their stay at the luxurious Kabira Country Club which is a 10 minutes’ drive away. They are located at Mawanda Road in Kampala.

Bukoto Heights

Bukoto Heights apartments are fully furnished luxury apartment in the city of Kampala, offering elegance and comfort in a relaxed atmosphere in Kampala's northern suburb of Bukoto.

Bukoto Heights apartments is within close proximity of the Central Business District, with convenient access to all parts of the city, and essential social amenities, like shopping centers, prime residential and international diplomatic neighborhoods, international schools and the golf course in the heart of the city.

With stunning views of the greater Kampala cityscape, Bukoto Heights apartments combine gracious hospitality with contemporary style. The family run nature of the apartments delivers a truly personal service.

Kitante Apartments

Residing at Kitante Apartments comes with a home-like experience. It is a fully furnished with ample Parking Space and 24hrs guarded security.

If you are looking for a fully furnished apartment or accommodation for you, your family, or on an extended family, Kitante Apartments can meet all your long stay accommodation needs. It is beautiful, well maintained and fully furnished apartments for you at the best rates.

Hardware City

Located on plot 13 Entebbe Road, Hardware city is definitely one of the best buildings in Kampala and boasts of having the following first class amenities.

It is a prominent mixed use building with superb links to Kampala’s main arterial routes with excellent branding potential. It is good for setting up business dealing in construction material.

Kampala Boulevard

Kampala Boulevard is located opposite Posta Uganda on plot 22, 24, 26 along Kampala road. The design maximizes use of space, incorporates state of the art digital technology and creates a highly flexible environment that can easily adapt to meet its changing needs. It features apartments, shop and office space.

Avoid Past Mistakes In The Buliisa Ongoing Oil Compensation Processes

This week, during our field visit in Ngwedo Sub county, Buliisa district by the Civic Response on Environment and Development (CRED), I noticed various posters of cut-off date announcements for the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP 1) Industrial Area.

According to the information on the posters, the final cut-off date for the area demarcated for the industrial area was 16th May 2017. The cut-off date is when the eligibility for resettlement and compensation is established and completed. After the cut-off date, any social and economic activities put up in the demarcated industrial area are not eligible for compensation or resettlement. Any new persons that move or settle into the demarcated area will equally not be eligible for compensation or resettlement.

As government and Joint Venture Partners(CNOOC Uganda Ltd, Total E &P Uganda and Tullow Oil Uganda Ltd move in to the development phase that will lead in to the production of oil, one of the facilities to be developed is the Industrial Area. The development of the Industrial Area which includes the Central Processing Facility (CPF), access roads, operational camps and yards will require permanent acquisition of land.

Total E&P Uganda and Tullow oil Uganda, assisted by ATACAMA Consulting in association with Synergy Global Limited and Nomad Consulting have identified and completed the  demarcation of the land required for the Industrial Area within Ngwedo Sub county, Buliisa district.

We appreciate the ongoing government’s efforts towards this milestone. This presents a tremendous opportunity for national development.  The processing of oil will generate more revenues which, if well utilized, will enable the government to provide the much needed social and economic services such as employment, quality health and education, clean water, good roads and many other amenities to improve the living standards of Ugandans. However, while the cut-off date for RAP 1 Industrial Area was set, none of the affected people and local leaders I talked too seems to know exactly when the compensations will be paid.

People claim they were told not to build any new houses or grow crops for they will not be considered for compensation. Yet, they have not yet been communicated when they will receive their compensation.

The question is; why do the project implementers find it ok to setting the cut-off date without disclosing when affected people will be compensated?  Which of the two is more important and of interest to the affected people? The residents of Ngwedo would be interested to know when they will get compensated or resettled.

Setting the cut-off date without disclosing to people when they will be compensated is similar to denying them their rights to land. This is because you have restricted them from conducting certain activities on their own land.  That’s stopping people from using their property before compensation which is in contravention of Article 26 of the Ugandan Constitution. 

Article 26 of the Constitution provides that: (1)         Every person has a right to own property, and (2)          No person shall be compulsorily deprived of property or any interest in or right over property of any description except where the following conditions are satisfied (a) the taking of possession or acquisition is necessary for public use, (b) the compulsory taking of possession or acquisition of property is made under a law which makes provision for prompt payment of fair and adequate compensation, prior to the taking of possession or acquisition of the property. 

Experience from Kabaale Hoima, the refinery affected area show that, the project implementers set a cut-off date of 2nd June 2012 upon which any development made on the land was not to be compensated. The government made the announcement for compensation of 29SKM of land (involving 7,118 people) in 2012 and the first phase of the payment was effected in 2014 that is  2 years later which resulted into a lot of grievances.

Since 2012, the 93 families have been waiting for their full resettlement package – an alternative piece of land and a modern house for each household but for now five years, they are still waiting. This is torturing mentally and emotionally as it makes it difficult for the affected people to plan for their families. 

In addition to setting the cut off dates, Project implementers should  give  information regarding when people shall leave, how much they shall be paid as compensation or where they shall be resettled and work towards the set timeframe. This way, affected people will benefit and be certain about their future. These people need to plan for their families but this will be impossible with no knowledge of when they will be compensated and relocated.

Most residents of Buliisa have grass thatched houses which requires one to keep renovating from time to time. If compensation takes longer, people’s houses will collapse on them as they wait to be compensated and resettled. 

The Ngwedo affected residents need assurance that the payment would be timely and fair. Further, Government and companies should appreciate that as third parties, CSOs can play a very big role when it comes to resolution of community development challenges and problems.

They should therefore partner to organize and facilitate discussions with communities, offer capacity building programs to enable communities to have various alternative investment opportunities, verify the payment and payment procedures with the communities, resolve conflicts among others.

Doris Atwijukire
Civic Response on Environment and Development (CRED)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kagadi And Masindi Hospitals Stuck With Expired Drugs

Kagadi and Masindi hospitals in Bunyoro sub region are stuck with expired drugs that have not been disposed of for almost three years. 

The issue of the expired drugs came onto the spotlight in the Auditor General's report of the financial year 2015/2016 which advised the two hospitals to liaise with the National Medical Stores to find ways ofcollecting these expired drugs Parliament's local government accounts Committee last week said that the existence of expired drugs could be harmful to the people.

The committee ordered CAO of Kibaale, the district health officer of Kagadi and the Medical Superintendent of Kagadi hospital to appear before it to explain how they have handled the expired drugs.

Dr. James Olowo, the Medical Superintendent of Kagadi hospital has confirmed to journalists that the expired drugs are still in the hospital but declined to explain what action has so far been taken.

 In Masindi hospital, Dr. George Bateganya, the medical superintendent confirmed that there were drugs and disposables tins that were found dumped in an open place by the auditors. Dan Kimosho, the spokesperson for National Medical Stores says it is not their mandate to collect expired drugs in health facilities.

Bunyoro Minister, Kinyara Sugar Grilled Over Exploitation Of Farmers


By George Busiinge

Kinyara Sugar Factory officials, the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Masindi and the state minister for Bunyoro affairs, Ernest Kiiza, were last week grilled by the district leaders and the sugar cane farmers’ representatives over exploitation of farmers by Kinyara.

The trio was grilled on Wednesday during a stakeholders meeting that was organized by the Resident District Commissioner Masindi, Godfrey Nyakahuma at Kabalega Resort.

Speaker after speaker blamed Kinyara for failing to handle issues which oppress sugar cane farmers which include under paying farmers, delayed harvesting of cane, delayed payment among others.

Cosmas Byaruhanga, the chairperson LCV, Masindi district, accused Kinyara Sugar management for not being transparent noting that as leaders in Masindi have engaged Kinyara over many issues all in vein adding that Kinyara does this because state protects them.

Byraruhanga added that unless Kinyara comes and start protecting the farmers that is when the farmers will be relieved of the tribulations they are going through. He added that what is hurting them is the state to protect the investor at the expense of the farmers saying that the state is a 100% leaning on the side of investors.

Robert Atugonza, the chairperson Masindi district out growers Association, said that if Kinyara doesn’t style up its operations, farmers will cause a demonstration noting that is optimistic that this will cause scarcity of sugar in the country.

Atugonza added that they are going to organize a demonstration because Kinyara is paying cane farmers peanuts adding that when the time for the demonstration reaches, the RDC should grant them permission such that they can show the world the exploitation they are going through.

Jos wamara a sugar cane farmer from Bwijanga Sub County explained that farmers are being exploited because this matter might have not been brought to the attention of the president maintaining that what they want is timely harvesting and payment farmers.

He added that if these issues were addressed to the president, he wouldn’t have issued a directive stopping sugar cane from moving outside Masindi. One of the resolutions which were reached at was the RDC Masindi Godfrey Nyakahuma gave an ultimatum of one week to the haulage manager to have eliminated spillage of cane or be arrested.

Speaking during the same meeting, Visnu, the Finance controller Kinyara also who represented the General Manager accepted to look into the issues which were addressed to him noting that they are going to ensure that they improve where they have not been moving well.

Ernest Kiiza the Bunyoro affairs Minister promised to take up the issues distressing the farmers and also dismissed allegations revealed by Cosmas Byarruhanga the LCV masindi district that the state has done nothing but exploiting them at the expense of the farmers.

Fresh Dairy Launches Yoghurt Campaign To Promote Healthy Lifestyle

Fresh Dairy in collaboration with Uganda National Association of Paediatric and Child Health Nurses (UNAPCHN) have launched a campaign dubbed ‘1-Yoghurt-a-Day’with an aim of encouraging more children and adults in Uganda to consume Yoghurt as an important step towardsmeeting theirdaily milk content requirement.

The campaign will also seek to encourage children and adults to consume yoghurt as a healthy and nutritious snack. Jolly Rubambarama, a senior nurse and Chairperson UNAPCHN noted that the health and nutrition benefits of consuming 1-Yoghurt-a-Day include:

  • CALCIUM: Yoghurt contains calcium which is the main mineral in our bodies. Calcium is beneficial for increasingbone mass in children as well as preventing fractures in adults. This is particularlyimportant for postmenopausal women, who have decreased bone turnover as a consequence of hormonal changes accompanying menopause.
  • Calcium also increases the body’s breakdown of fat and helps preserve one’s metabolism, which in turn helps with weight management. A well-managed weight in turn reduces the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.
  • PROTEIN: Yogurt contains protein which contributes to both the maintenance and growth of muscle mass and normal bones. Proteins cannot be stored in the body which means they need to be part of our daily diets;
  • VITAMIN D: Yoghurt also contains Vitamin D which helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis, which is a medical condition in which the bones become brittle and fragile from loss of  bone tissue;
  • VITAMIN B2 and B12: Yoghurt contains Vitamin B2 and B12 which both contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism, while B2 vitamin also helps maintain normal vision;
  • POTASSIUM: Yoghurt contains Potassium which helps reduce the blood-pressure;
  • Yoghurt can also protect against gastrointestinal infections by suppressing the growth of pathogens that cause intestinal disturbances such as diarrhoea which often comes as a result of infection or over-use of antibiotics.

 While launching the 1-Yoghurt-a-Day campaign, Caroline Muchobia, the Health and Nutrition Manager - Fresh Dairy said, ‘One of our key priority areas is Health and Nutrition. We realize that Yoghurt being one of the products we produce is a signature of a healthy diet and lifestyle not only for children but adults. Together with UNAPCHN whose expertise is Pediatrics and Child health, we are driving awareness and disseminating information on the benefits of yoghurt and its contribution towards a healthy lifestyle. It is important to expose children to healthy foods( such as yoghurt , fruit and vegetables ) so that they learn to like them when they are still young and hence build a healthy generation by encouraging better dietary habits later in life.

Muchobia noted that Fresh Dairy is passionate about open and collaborative partnerships such as UNAPCHN through whom the following will be achieved:

  • Promoting healthy nutrition through educational programs and services for both parents and healthcare professionals.
  • Establishing common goals to measure improvement in dietary habits and improvement of short and long term health.
  • Investing in scientific research in the field of nutrition, and working with healthcare professionals to develop innovative solutions to help improve the health of current and future generations.

Muchobia explained that studies have shown that Yoghurt is a nutrient dense food that promotes good metabolic and overall health for both children and adults.

Fresh Dairy currently produces six flavors of Yoghurt namely: Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Mango, Plain and Butter Scotch which can be found countrywide.

Varsity Equips Kamwokya Youths With Skills

One of the challenges of youths in Uganda today is lack of life skills. It is even worse if these youth are in impoverished ghettos. Many of them, uneducated, turn to crime to survive. This puts their lives in danger. Many end up killed or imprisoned.

However there are organizations, companies and individuals who are passing on skills to these youths, especially the girls. Recently, Victoria University Rotaract Club was in Kamwokya, one of Kampala’s resounding ghettos, offering FREE skills training to the community. This was on 6th May, 2017.

Abdu Salaam Kalanzi, the University’s marketing and recruitment specialist, said the equipped youths with skills to make paper bags, bricket (energy saving cooking stoves) making, business and financial management and instilled in them a saving culture.

He said there's also a plan to supply them with free materials to start up small enterprises under the TUPAMBANE Project. “We are planning to role this program throught the country and reach all youths,” he said.

“Victoria University is committed to the principle of equality. Our policies and practices promote equality of opportunity for all who study, work and visit our community. We seek to make the University an inclusive place to work and study and welcome applications from all sections of the community and from people at all stages of their life.” Kalanzi explained.

The University carries out numerous community outright mainly under the faculty of health sciences in different parts of the country. Among the outreaches include the University Health Day where members of the public get free medical checkups especially for HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Syphilis and other reproductive health related infections.

Learners Need To Think Out Of The Box – University Dean

What you study in school can hardly contribute 20% of your success, the rest of the things come from your attitude towards the world, how committed and motivated you are, therefore students need to think out of the box in order to excel in life, a university dean told a regional student camp gathering in Kampala

The advice was recently given by Dr. Krishna Sharma, the Dean Faculty of Health Sciences, Victoria University Kampala, while addressing students from Ugandan Schools and Neighboring Country Schools on success tips during the official opening of the 2017, Reach a Hand Students #GetUpSpeakOut Camp at Hana International School.

“It doesn’t matter if you score 90% in class. It’s not going to determine your future, it’s not going to guarantee success. Don’t go into rat race of marks and percentages, rather than that, focus on the cross pollination of knowledge. Be time conscious – have time management and motivated. Try to be skillful and useful rather than a machine of producing good marks in class.”

“I started early in life, at 18 I published my first book. Trust and have faith in your ideas. Don’t fear to fail. My friends and family had faith in my ideas. One of my book project was rejected by more than 25 publishers and I decided to publish it on my own. This book become my first best seller.

When that book became the best seller, it gave me confidence. If over 25 publishers failed to evaluate my book, it is possible that lecturers can fail to evaluate students. We are producing for the market therefore the best evaluator is the employer,” the academician told students from Uganda to Burundi, Kenya and Rwanda.

The annual youth camp organized by Reach A Hand Uganda is one of the many engagements the University has put in place to ensure they facilitate a smooth transition of students from secondary to University life. They have visited various schools like Vienna College Namugongo, St Peters SS Namugongo, Bishop Cyprian Kihangire and Nalya SS so that they uplift these youngsters.

“This is where our first clients (students) come from. We equip these students with the skills and assist them before leaving secondary school to join university. We give them different competencies and skills. This is what we take to them.” Abdul Kalanzi, marketing and recruitment specialist at Victoria University said in an interview.  


Five Victoria University Trainees Get Google Certification

Five Students selected by Victoria University and Kafeero Foundation from St Lawrence Schools have been recognized as  Google Certified trainees at Victoria University. The 4 days training involved online marketing fundamentals, Business management model and Basic online transactions. The objective of this initiative is to identify ambassadors in High schools capable of nurturing their own colleagues in similar skills.

On the same occasion, the Ruparelia Foundation awarded the 5 students scholarship to study at Victoria University when they complete their secondary Education. All finalists have been awarded certificates of completion by Kafeero Foundation and Victoria University issued by the Ag Vice Chancellor Mr.Joseph Nyakana and Executive Director of the foundation Mr. Newton Bayo.

Dr Krishna N Sharma Dean Faculty of Health Science and Dr.Terry Kahuma Dean Faculty of Science and Technology advised the ambassadors to explore and utilize all chances of acquiring knowledge and using it for the good of the community.

Mr.Kafeero Aziiz the Founder of Kafeero Foundation thanked VU for blessing this kind of partnership and promised to come up with many students’ based Initiatives in as many secondary schools in Uganda and East Africa.

A Special Mother's Day To- Do List For This Week

It is not a hidden fact that mothers are beautiful creatures that we can almost compare to Angels, but can’t because we know they are way above that. They were sent in our lives to always make everything better. She birthed you, nursed you to health when you fell sick, taught you how to talk and even how to use the potty.

How can you not want to celebrate this special person every possible day? Mother’s day is this Sunday, meaning we have from now till then to do small wonderful things to remind our Mothers how important they are in our lives.


If you work from home or still not working, you can make her breakfast in bed. Surprise her with a delicious meal. Or order her a wonderful breakfast off Jumia Food and have it delivered at home or her workplace; with technology everything has been made easy. You can also have a card with words of appreciation sent to her alongside the breakfast just so she knows.

Gift Basket

Some days all a girl needs are some flowers to brighten her day. Your mother is no different. What are her favourite flowers? Or does she like fruit baskets instead? Maybe a basket full of bathroom products. Whatever tickles her fancy, get it. It is her day after all.


How about picking your Mum up from work/ home or wherever she is and take her for a lunch about town. Take her to her favourite restaurant, so many of them will even have Mother’s Day specials on the menu.


Bring on the happy waterworks and take her for band, dedicate a special song to her. Many bands around Kampala take special requests during their shows. In fact they will even give you the microphone and you sing for her. What could be more special?


Celebrate her in a special way and take your Mama for a well set photoshoot. Freeze the moments of her smile and beauty in time. Over the years, photography has grown beyond the mediocre, you will be surprised at how happy she will be being treated like a model.


Your mother deserves the finer things in life, so why not take her shopping? What are those wonderful things she has been wanting to buy but doesn’t seem to get time? Well, use this week to take around the malls and surprise her by paying for them. Mother deserves the best.

Spa Day

A Queen deserves some tender loving care, book a spa day for her. A massage, manicure and pedicure session and a hair day for her at the spa. She will leave feeling refreshed and worth a million bucks.


Top the week off with a dinner for Mama. Many hotels around town will be doing mother’s day dinner specials, so look through sites and see what you can get.  It is always important to celebrate the special people in your life everyday, you do not need one day in a year to do so.

Credit: travel.jumia.com


Victoria University Dean Releases Book Tackling Depression

Record setting bestselling writer and Dean- Faculty of Health Sciences at Victoria University, Kampala - Dr. Krishna N. Sharma has his quasquicentennial book out, "Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Depression," which has just been available on leading webstore and bookstores.

The renowned academician and researcher, who travels across the globe to teach, has made 3 records in writing and penned 22 bestselling books.

"I can’t resist myself spreading the knowledge," said Dr. Sharma. "We have got a very short life; let’s make the most out of it. Do whatever you want to do because nobody other than you has guts to stop you." Although he has already become the youngest prolific author, Dr. Sharma is still looking forward to write many more books.

It is notable that after years of his experience and supervising more than 60 researches, he recently developed his own therapeutic manual therapy techniques- “Krishna’s Kinetikinetic Manual Therapy (KKMT)” which has already become part of national curriculum by the ministry of higher education, Cameroon and is being taught in several countries.

“I dream to witness the Victoria University with many researches, patents and initiatives useful to the community. I want us to be relevant. I don’t want my students to be a grade and marks scoring machine but an influential and successful citizen of this global village.” says Dr. Krishna.


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